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Are you looking for free event listing websites? Get your event listed on Virtual Edge and we will promote events for free with bunch of benefits you will love.

If you are going to have an event, whether it is virtual or in-person event, or you have already had your event then you have no idea how your event can be seen by people, free event listing websites are your best option to have.

Event listing is a process to advertise an event in a website which provides event calendar, so that people will found it easy to see what events that will be held in the next week or next month.

You might ask where to promote events for free.

Our website will answer your doubt. We promote event for free with easy and enjoyable step.

Send You Event Details to this email: [email protected]

Why is it important to post your event in free event listing websites?

  • First, listing your event in a website will give a higher chance for your event to be seen by the attendees
  • Second, free event listing websites, implicitly, provide you with free marketing strategy. Isn’t it interesting?
  • Third, if you’re looking for free webinar listing sites or conference listing sites, this website will help you to minimize your expense in promoting your event
  • Free event listing website will be your bridge to thousands of people who are looking for events

Our website will also help you to achieve the benefits above.

List your event sites with us and get these following benefits:

Free Listing

Minimize your promotion budget with us. Listing on our website won’t charge any cent!

Free Promotion

Simplify your marketing planning and get it freely. We help spreading your event through social media, such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Get More Engagement

Optimise your event engagement easily by posting it on Virtual Edge.

Get More Views

Give your event more chance to be seen by people from all around the world.

Easy Registration

To join our event calendar, all you have to do is clicking the registration link mentioned in this page then fill some information about your event.

Get a Reminder for Your Event

We provide a reminder of your event and it will be directed to our website visitor through email.

Banner Advertising

Your event will be appeared as a banner ads in our article, so that our visitors are able to see your event while they are enjoying the article.

Free Discussion and Consultation

You can get a free discussion and consultation section with us through Telegram. Whether you want to change details or to postpone your event, communicate it with us.

Improving Communication with Your Audience

We provide a platform for you and your audience to communicate and interact closely.

Saving Your Time

Believing in us to promote your event will save your time. Just post your event and we will handle it well.

Before you jump to the registration button, please get to know the events that are acceptable in our website

What events can be listed on our website?

We don’t want to set specific boundaries between your event and us, but we only post event with no harassment, racism, and violence content involved.

It’s best for you who want to promote your virtual event and in-person event such as to promote charity event, business event, cultural event, fundraising event, networking event, running event, school event, webinar event, conference event, and other events.

Here are some tips in how to promote an event online for free and make it noticeable and interesting:

  • Make bullet points to highlight your event or make it short but sharp.
  • Put the best illustration of your event through eye catching and informative picture so that audience can be attracted.
  • Make a clear description of time and place of your event. Give detail about your venue information
  • Add contact person, so that your audience can reach you easily.
  • Attach the ticket link so that the audience can visit your site and sign up directly.

If you have any further question about our event calendar, please click this link below

Ready to experience a great event listing process?

List your event sites and let’s orbit together!

Send You Event Details to this email: [email protected]

Use this format to make it easier for us to post your event:

Event Title:

The date the event starts and when does the event end:

Place of event (virtual or physical event):

Event website page (optional if available):

Ticket price:

Event pictures (featured image):

Event description:

Send You Event Details to this email: [email protected]