55+ Funniest Thanksgiving Puns and One-Liner Jokes That Will Activate Your Feast Mode

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Sharing some clever and funny Thanksgiving puns during the celebration of this holiday may be able to add some joy to the people around you. These Thanksgiving Puns also make a great caption or text postings to social media. Thanksgiving is celebrated every year in US, on the 4th Thursday of November. This is the time where family members and friends gather together, and the day marks as the fall season’s unofficial end.

According to the research conducted by psychology professor at University of California, Davis, gathering together during Thanksgiving around the table, can benefit your life span. This is because you practice gratitude during the time, and grateful acts and mind lead to huge advantages in life, such as wellness, wholeness, and health.

Aside from doing the gathering, eating the feast, or sharing the funny jokes on Thanksgiving, there are also several other ways to help you embrace true spirit of this holiday. Here are some ideas on great things to do on Thanksgiving:

  • Share precious favorite memories – You may bring the gratitude expression to the next level by asking family member and friends to tell their favorite stories or memories together. Reminiscing past days warmly and expressing them out loud, you will discover a way to show thankfulness in deeper state.
  • Do volunteer to help other people who are less fortunate than you – Volunteering during Thanksgiving is a great way to take the best benefits of this old tradition. Other than that, you must have heard the saying that giving is better than receiving.
  • Give donation – An essential part of expressing gratitude is by sharing with other people, and this can be achieved through donation. Organizations are not looking just for cash donation; they also often receive clothes and home goods as well.

Thanksgiving Puns

Thanksgiving Puns

“We suddenly found my brother’s missing from the Thanksgiving get together. I went upstairs to the terrace to check and I found that boiled beans were not the only green stuff that they needed that night.

“I like the way he proposed. He said that Will you go hogging food with me?

“Do you want to go to my place and stuff?

“I am all drooling over your gravy.

“Try and try and you’ll dig in some turkey.

“She looked in my eyes and said to me with all the love that you are the pecan to my pie.

“I invited her to my place asking if she wanted to Netflix and Turkey.

“It is thanksgiving, you must forget your football for some time and focus on the butterball that is in kitchen.

“After thanksgiving, all I think is I wish I would have counted my carbs one by one because now I can see what butter has done.

“We sat by the fire and talked about the good old days and childhood memories. My uncle started making fun of my sibling. That night it was not just turkey that was roasted.

“I found my brother’s back in the garden and realized that it was not just Turkey which was getting baked.

“We were having Thanksgiving dinner at our place after many years due to family discord. That night Tur-key unlocked our hearts and brought back the same love.

“Family gatherings are weird. Even though there was Turkey on the table my uncle could not stop being jerkey on the table.

“It was Thanksgiving and there was so much to do. Turkey and my wife both need to be dressed.

“My uncle asked where was the pumpkin when he came for Thanksgiving. My mom told him that it was in the kitchen. Uncle went to kitchen looking for my dad.

“When we go to my grandmother on Thanksgiving, she makes sure that everyone is extra stuffed, even the Turkey.

Hilarious Puns about Thanksgiving to Send Via Text Message

Hilarious Puns about Thanksgiving to Send Via Text Message

Sometimes sweet, long, and sentimental messages can be really touching. However, sharing out funny Thanksgiving puns is also a great way to communicate during these days too. You can find the funniest puns about Thanksgiving, with jokes and one-liners to make the moments are filled with heartfelt laughs and make them more memorable.

“Feelin’ in the attitude for gratitude.

“Hey, you can’t spell Gratitude without attitude….

“This Thanksgiving, I’m both grateful and gravy-ful.

“I wanted to avoid cheesiness this thanksgiving, but I just want to say how Grate-ful I am for everyone in my life.

“Thankly speaking, I have the best friends and family in the universe.

“I gotta give thanks this year because life is gourd.

“I love everyone in my life so much, but if I thank about it too much, I cry, so let’s keep this brief!

“What kind of key can’t unlock any doors? A tur-Key.

“My guests wanted a fancy soup for Thanksgiving so I made them something with……. 24 carrots.

“Which instrument did the chef play in his rock band? He was the Baste player.

“Why were the cranberries so red? … Because they saw the salad dressing.

“What did Remy the mouse make for Thanksgiving dinner? Gratitouille.

Funny Puns about Thanksgiving to Use as Instagram Captions

Funny Puns about Thanksgiving to Use as Instagram Captions

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to snap some beautiful pictures and upload them to Instagram – and what’s the best caption to put with these images? Of course, none other than pun jokes to put a smile on your followers’ face or even to make them laugh aloud. These might also make you rake with comments and likes.

“Thanksgiving motto: I’m too blessed and my turkey is too dressed for me to be stressed.

“This Thanksgiving, I’m dressing up as Tom Thanks.

“Good food and wonderful company are the gifts that keep on Thanks-giving.

“Thankful and Thank-FULL. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, everyone!

“I know Thanksgiving is all about thankfulness but I’m most concerned with the fullness part…

“This Thanksgiving, may your hearts be full and your plates even fuller.

“It’s Thanksgiving, so tonight our family will become a famil-eat.

“I was going to avoid cheesy wordplay this Thanksgiving, but I’m sorry – it’s impossible. I’ve already Thanksgiven it my best shot.

“Let’s get BASTED tonight!

“I’m usually pretty into fitness around Thanksgiving time… fitness this entire turkey in my mouth.

“Roast assured, tonight’s Thanksgiving meal is going to be epic.

“Thanksgiving was a bit of a clusterPluck this year, not gonna lie…

“Oh Thanksgiving turkey, I fowl under your spell every year…

“Thankly my dear, I don’t Thanks-give a Yam.

“I wasn’t planning on overindulging this Thanksgiving, but I guess in the spirit of the season, I might as well Thanks-give in.

“Grateful for bountiful Thanksgiving feasts & wonderful people to spend it with… now, who’s going to be Thanksgivin’ me a ride home after my food coma?

Silly Jokes and Puns about Thanksgiving to Tell on Dinner Table

Silly Jokes and Puns about Thanksgiving to Tell on Dinner Table

This holiday is all about gratitude, but that doesn’t mean you cannot be whimsical and funny. Bring some humor to the table by sharing amusing puns and jokes during the happy gatherings. You’ll be able to lighten up the mood with these jokes, and you probably are going to make your cranky aunt smile with these funny one-liners and puns.

“Thinner before Thanksgiving dinner

This is so good I cran-berrily believe it!

You aint seen stuffing yet!

Crumb on and jam!

50 shades of gravy

You can’t just quit Thanksgiving cold turkey!

Yes we pe-can!

Dear gourd, I’m stuffed.

You’re the apple of my pie

Let the gourd times roll

Don’t be corny

If you don’t like Merlot I don’t want to hear any Wine-ing!

Time to activate feast mode

Well now I’m thank-FULL

The Feast and the Furious

Roast assured, this Turkey is going to be good.

Oh Turkey, I’m fowling for you

When it comes to pie, I’m quite crustworthy

When it comes to potatoes, I’m a bit of a mash-ter

This dinner really struck a gourd with me

You’re my baste friend

Oops I just walked in on the salad dressing!

I how this Turkey doesn’t return as a poultry-geist

(In an Austin Powers accent) Gravy baby, yeah!

I love it when you talk Turkey to me!

I hear Turkeys drink their wine in Gobble-its!

Cleaning up after dinner sure is a crumby job!

Halloween has passed yet I still see so many Gobble-ins!

I think I’m about to fowl asleep!

Tonight I’m working the gravy-yard shift

Feast your pies on this!

Taters gonna Tate

Oh Turkey, I’m fowling for you

You’re the apple of my pie

“If a turkey runs away, does that make it a chicken?

“Leggings, leaves, and lattes

“WTF = Wine, Thanksgiving, and Family

“Happy Fall, Y’all!

“Roast, roast, roast your bones… a-long with the turkey. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrilly, life is but a dream

“What do you call a small cup at Thanksgiving A Gobble-let

“What’s a turkey’s favorite Thanksgiving food? Nothing, they’re already stuffed.

“Why did the police arrest the turkey?” They suspected it of foul play!”

“Hey what does a turkey like to drink out of? A gobble-t.

“What happened after everyone finished their Thanksgiving turkey? They all Fowl asleep.

“Why did the chef have to stop shredding cheese for Thanksgiving dinner? He was grate full.

“Why couldn’t the Dad stop telling bad Thanksgiving jokes? He wasn’t able to quit cold turkey.

To help you deliver some joy on the blessed holiday, use the thanksgiving puns for Instagram, text messages, or verbal jokes above. Whether it is for the social media or dinner table, they won’t fail to make other people feel a bit more delightful.

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