100 Funniest Fish Puns, Jokes, and One-Liners That Don’t Get Any Betta Than This

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Looking at beautiful fishes with various colors and shapes may make you want to tell smile-inducing fish puns. The world of fish can be hilarious as well, especially if you took a liking to fishing, owned an aquarium at home, or are fishermen. Below, you can read a list of funny fish puns for yourself or to share with others.

There are so many fish puns and jokes to tell – partly because it is a popular species of animal and there are really a lot of different kinds of them. Do you know that the fish groups make up for over a half of vertebrate species? According to the research data collected in 2006, there were close to 28,000 known species, which consisted of bony fish, sharks, chimeras, rays, lampreys, and hagfish. The expected total of fish species is predicted to be more than 32,500. Every year, there are new species that are found and described scientifically.

If you are fascinated by this particular type of animal, then you may want to read several fun facts about fish in the following:

  • Fish eggs – Majority of fish reproduce through laying eggs. However, there are some fish like great white sharks that give birth to their newborn.
  • Fish sound – Fish generate different types of low-pitched sounds to communicate with each other. That being said, they don’t have vocal cord. Instead, different body parts are used to create noises, like pulsating their muscles against swim bladder.
  • Saltwater fish have to drink more water compared to freshwater fish – The liquids stored inside the body of fish has less amount of salt compared to seawater, so the water inside their body is flowing out continuously. That’s why they need to drink in order to replace the lost water, or else they’d dry up.
  • Fish might drown in water – It might sound impossible, but fish requires oxygen just like human. They may suffocate if there is not enough amount of oxygen in the water that they live in.

Now, it is time to read some of the funniest and most clever fish puns below. You are guaranteed to love these jokes, whether you are a fisherman, fish owner, or fish lover.

Funniest Fish Puns Ideas

Funniest Fish Puns Ideas

Thousands of fish species exist out there, so they indeed can be a huge inspiration and ideas for fresh puns or jokes. Read some of the best fishy jokes available on the internet that are provided in the below list.

Brilliant/Brill-iant_ Brill are a type of fish, any word with brill in it makes a brilliant fish pun.

Certainly/Sardinely_ This is most sardinely the best fish pun ever!

Caffeine/Cafin_ I need my daily cafin!

**_Could/Cod_ Similarly, any word with ‘cod’ or similar sound can be made into a pun. E.g. Acod

Dab_ Too much, just a dabwill do!

Cuddle/Cuttle_ I like cuttling you!

Dive_ Our relationships taken a bit of a dive.

Debate/Debait_ It’s only a friendly debait.

Fan/Fin_ Words starting with fan can be changed to fin. E.g. fintastic, fin.

El/Eel_ Any word starting will el, can be turned into a pun. E.g. Eel.

Fi/Fin_ Any word with the word fin is an easy fish pun. E.g. coffin, infin.

Fun/Fin_ We’ll have so much fin.

Gil/Gill_ Any word with the sound gil can be turned into a pun. E.g. gillty.

Headache/Haddock_ Stop talking, I have a haddock!

Ill/Gill_ Any word with ill in it can be replaced with gill. E.g. gill.

Okay/Hoki_ Hoki, if you say so!

Re/Reel_ Words starting with re can be turned into fish puns. E.g. reel.

Place/Plaice_ Your plaice or mine?

Nemesis/Nemo-sis_ He will always be my arch nemo-sis.

Reef_ Any word with the sound reef in it can be used as a pun. E.g. greef.

School_ You just got schooled!

Scale_ I think we should scaleback, or, these puns are off the scale!

Se/See/Sea_ Words starting with se, see and sea can be turned into puns. E.g. sea.

Sole/Shoal_ I’ve broken the shoal of my shoe.

Struggle/Flounder_ He started to flounder.

Thank/Tank_ Tanks for coming.

Thin/Fin_ You’re skating on fin.

Thing/Fin_ I’ve got no fin left to give.

I’m waiting for someone else to mussel in on this now.

Cod I borrow you for a few minutes?

Thank cod you’re here.

This is a big issue a-monk fishermen.

Oh for cod’s hake, leave me alone!

Any fin is possible is you believe it!

I will be with you for a krill-ion years.

Please, stop with those fishcious rumors.

We whaley need to be serious now.

The way they handled that is a-trout-cious.

Best fishes on your anniversary!

I had so much fin while scuba diving!

I’m in love with salmon else.

DJs know how to drop that bass.

Stop sharking your responsibilities and get the job done.

I’m waiting for someone else to Mussel in on this game.

Keep your friends close and your Anemones closer.

Damn, you’re so so-Fish-ticated!

I’m in a hard Plaice.

You don’t have to be a brain Sturgeon to figure it out.

I am a pacifisht, I don’t believe in war.

This is sardinely an excellent job. Congratulations!

Can’t believe I met you. I’m your biggest fin!

A friendly wrassetle is always good fun.

Oh, for heaven’s hake!

Fish better have my money!

You should know betta.

Let minnow if you need some help.

I really believe that to the bottom of my sole.

Thought/Trout_ I was deep in trout for a moment.

Fish Puns

Fish Puns

Just like the tunafish sandwich said, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in cans-us anymore.

Sure, but fishing for compliments is never becoming.

Tuna in next time for the funniest animal memes.

If you’re going for roe-mance, then you’ll want to consider the caviar.

Paci-fish-ts don’t believe in the notion of man o’ war.

I would make him walk the plankton for that.

When jellyfish act catty, it’s only because they’re jelly.

Perch-ance, is this seat taken?

You can’t expect a squid to answer a tough question without inking about it first.

When I grow up, I want to a bass-tro-physicist.

That’s the thing about squids…they ink too much.

This isn’t a consensus a-monk the group

My dad was a fisherman, but he quit because his net income wasn’t high enough

When your fish boss is watching, you’d better look e-fish-ent.

You’re blushing like a catfish that’s just seen the bottom of the ocean.

The first book of the fish bible is called Craytion.

Isn’t it a bit misleading to call thinly sliced raw beef carp-accio?

It’s funny how fish never seem to know what you’re talking aboat.

Never try to talk to a fish before they’ve caf-fin-ated.

Fish children should piscine and not heard.

These days they let pretty much anyone o-fish-iate at weddings, as long as they have a certificate from the net.

That scientist is gilliant!

DJ’s aren’t allowed to work at fish markets because they’re always dropping the bass

Holy carp we’re only halfway through the week

What is this aquarium website we’ve all been herring all about?

Puns without licenses are never to be trusted. They are uno-fish-al.

The fish needed to undergo an operation. He went to see a sturgeon.

Make sure that you come up with your own fish puns. Do not depend on salmon else.

I wish we could avoid that turtle disaster.

I have not been able to come up with a suitable pun about fish yet. I need some time to mullet over.

I am sure I could make make fish puns betta than this.

My carping friends never appreciate even one of my fish puns.

I used to make my living through fishing. However, I quit as the net income was very low.

I think I will have to go to a nice plaice for thinking about some good fish puns.

The matter became a-trout-cious pretty soon.

I am hooked to the act of making puns.

I think we could use the help of some mussel in this matter.

Salmon or the other would have definitely pointed out your mistakes.

Any person who can make good fish puns will be my sole mate.

I am not sure about who will be the sole survivor after the battle of fish puns is over.

You betta stop making all these stupid puns about fishes.

Please cod you help me with this fish pun I am trying to make?

You don’t like fish puns? You are kraken me up.

Most Hilarious Fish Jokes

Most Hilarious Fish Jokes

Searching for fishing puns or fish-related jokes to share with your family members or friends? Here are some the funniest fish jokes and puns to brighten your day and anyone you tell them to. These can be shared in-person, via text messages, or be used as captions on your social media account.

Why should you never fight an octopus? Because he’s too well armed.

Where did Noah keep all of the fish? In the multi-story carp ark.

What did the fish say when his relationship started to flounder? Halibut we chat about it?

Why is a fisherman so stingy? Because his work made him sell-fish.

What does a fish wear to keep warm? A shoal!

Why are fish so smart? They live in schools.

What did the romantic fisherman want? A gill-friend.

Who do fish pray to? Cod Almighty.

Why did the fish blush? Because the sea-weed!

Why are fish so smart? They live in schools.

What fish travels 100 mph? A motor pike.

Why do fish swim in schools? Because they can’t walk.

What’s the laziest fish in the world? A Kipper.

Why is it so easy to weigh a fish? Because they have their own scales.

Why will fish never take responsibility? Because it’s always salmon else’s fault.

Where do fish store their money? In a river bank.

Why did the shopkeeper through the clams out? They were past their shell-by-date.

What type of instrument do fish love to play? A bass drum.

Why did the fish start a charity? He was reely good at findraising.

What did the fish take to work? A b-reef-case.

What makes fish terrible journalists? They always spread hake news.

Why don’t fish go into business together They are always sole traders.

What did Dorothy the fish say? There’s no plaice like home.

Why are fish so lucky? They seize every oppor-tuna-ty.

What does grandma fish teach to its grandchildren? The end of a hook is the point of no return.

What is the most famous quote in the ocean? Keep your friends close and your anemones closer.

What grade did the fish took on his literature class? A sea plus.

What’s the fastest transport mean on the ocean? A seahorse.

What kind of family gatherings do fish usually have? BBQ gills.

What did the fish astronomer say? The universe is in-fin-ite.

Why do fish live in salt water? Because pepper makes them sneeze!

Why was the dolphin feeling so disgruntled? He couldn’t find his porpoise.

Where do fish go to borrow money? A loan-shark.

Why was the fish embarrassed? Because he saw the boat’s bottom.

What do fish use when they are going deaf? A herring aid.

Where do fish deposit their cash? In a river bank.

What do fish say when they are about to get married? It’s oh – fish – ial.

How do you make a goldfish age? Take out the G and Fish!

What did the dentist say to the super-anxious shark? Jaws relax.

What did the krill say to his gill-friend? There’s some-fin special about you!

How do fish encourage their college kids? Any fin is possible, just don’t trout yourself!

Why do fish love the lottery? Because it’s a great oppor-tuna-ty!

Why do fish not go to war, Because they are paci-fish-ts.

How do you become an entrepreneur in the ocean? You start on a small scale!

There is no better way to share your admiration or enthusiasm for the fish world with other person rather than sharing good fish puns. Feel free to copy and use the jokes above in this post in any way that you want.

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