100+ Happy 21st Birthday Messages, Wishes and Quotes

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For most people, getting their special happy 21st birthday is an important event. The milestone marks the beginning of twenties, which might turn into the best years in their life. The celebration of the wonderful day wouldn’t be complete without getting some of the best 21st birthday wishes from loved ones and closest persons.

Turning into 21 years old means that the person acquires several legal statuses – which may vary according to where they live. According to the data by World Bank, 21-year-old people make up about 4-5% of the population. It also, in some ways, represents the last birthday landmark in someone’s life. Many of the countries across the world have special way to celebrate this prestigious milestone, in order to welcome a new fellow to the adult society.

If someone you know is going to turn into 21 years old soon, here are some tips on what to say on their 21st birthday card:

  • Sweet and short birthday greetings – Congrats the person on turning 21. The greetings are usually short instead of lengthy.
  • Complement and appreciation – Write words of praises and admiration for the birthday boy or girl, according to their positive traits and character.
  • Heartfelt messages – If you are close with them, you may write about how much they mean to you or your favorite shared memories.
  • Sprinkle of jokes – Don’t be hesitant to throw in some fun and include funny 21st birthday quotes to make them laugh.

Birthday messages can sound repetitive, as you see the same wishes being sent all over again. Sometimes the well-intended words may lose their meaning and impact. That’s why, the lists of 21st birthday quotes provide you with some of the most unique and creative messages to write on the birthday card.

The following quote also work not only on the card, but also if you want to use them to share on social media. You may use these 21st birthday captions to post along with the birthday person’s image. Whichever way that you choose, these special messages can help to convey your sincerest feelings.

Best 21st Birthday Message

Best 21st Birthday Message

Whether it is a family member or friends who turn into 21 years old, you want to send them the well-wishes and congratulation to achieve the age milestone. Here are some of the best handpicked happy 21st birthday funny, sweet, and sentimental messages that you can use to wish the celebrating person.

Happy 21st birthday, to a sweet, kind, beautiful soul. Every day that I’ve known you has been a gift.

As each year goes by, I’m more amazed by the wonderful person you’ve become. Happy 21st birthday, to a truly beautiful and talented soul.

Happy 21st birthday, to the person who always has a kind word to say, a shoulder to cry on, and a voice of reason. You are so many things to so many people.

May all of your wishes come true today and always. Happy 21st birthday, to one of the most thoughtful, caring, wonderful people I’ve ever been blessed to know.

Happy, happy 21st birthday! Someone as wonderful as you deserves all the best this year has to offer. May this year be filled with new blessings for you.

It’s your big day, and that means big celebrations, big cakes, big hugs, and a great big birthday cheer! Happy 21st birthday! albert-einstein-birthday-quote-image

Happy 21st birthday, to the person who always knows just what to say. We are so blessed and thankful to have you in our lives.

Here’s to another great year! May your 21st year be filled with dreams realized, friends made, and happiness aplenty. Happy birthday!

Every day spent with you is a treasure. May your special day be filled with laughter and lasting memories. Happy 21st birthday.

Blow out the candles, make a wish, and may all good things come true for you. Happy 21st birthday to someone very special.

May your birthday be every bit as magical, beautiful, and sweet as you. Happy 21st birthday.

Here’s to all the great memories we’ve shared, and to all the great ones yet to come. Happy 21st birthday! ben-franklin-birthday-quote

It’s time to celebrate…21 years of friendship. 21 years of joy. 21 years of laughter. 21 years of YOU! Happy birthday.

It’s been such an honor knowing a person as caring and beautiful and smart as you. Happy 21st birthday.

Happy 21st birthday. May you continue to be blessed the way that your presence blesses others. We love you so much.

Happy 21st birthday, to a caring and compassionate soul. We are so impressed with the person you’ve become, and look forward to seeing all of the great things you’ll do in life.

Today as you turn 21, may you look back on how far you’ve come, and look forward to all you will achieve. Happy birthday! I’m so proud of you.

May all of your birthday wishes come true today. You deserve only the best life has to offer. Happy 21st birthday.

Every day, we’re so impressed with the person you’ve become. It’s a joy to have you in our lives. Happy 21st birthday.

Happy 21st birthday, to the most thoughtful, caring, loving person we have ever been blessed to know. May your day be filled with all of the love you give to others each day.

Happy 21st Birthday, to our newest adult! We’re so proud of you, and can’t wait to see all the places you go.

Happy 21st Birthday! Be kind to yourself as you grow, practice patience in decision-making, and have faith that you’re on the path meant for you. Have a wonderful day.

You’re waking up an adult today, but don’t worry you have your whole life to figure out how exactly to be one. Happy Birthday!

Your 21st birthday is an exciting time. Lots to learn, lots to reflect on, and lots to celebrate. Have a wonderful day, Happy Birthday!

People say your 20s are the best time of your life. Go out there and prove them right! Happy 21st Birthday!

You are 21! The world has been waiting for you, give it all you got! Happy Birthday!

You’ve always been wise beyond your years. Maybe now you can show us adults a thing or two. Happy 21st Birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday, to an old soul. It’s your time to shine!

As you enter the most exciting and turbulent decade of your life remember to enjoy the ride. Life is what happens between the milestones. Happy 21st Birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday! May it be full of guilty pleasures and lots of love. Enjoy your day!

As you enter your new stage of life always remember your one secret weapon that’s forever on your side, me! I can’t wait to see all the adventures you get into. Happy 21st Birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday! Congrats on meeting this milestone with so much power and grace. Great things are in store!

They say that every journey begins with a single step. I hope you get a running start on this new life chapter. Happy 21st Birthday!

Welcome to your new life chapter. May you fall in love with ideas, and places and people, and yourself all decade long. Happy 21st Birthday!

May this new life chapter be fruitful and fulfilling and lots of fun! Happy 21st Birthday!

Don’t leave a single stone unturned this decade. The world is yours for the taking. Happy 21st Birthday!

Happy 21st, to an impressive young person. We are so proud of you and all that you do. Cheers to a new life chapter!

I hope you have a wonderful 21st Birthday! Embrace this new life chapter with all that you’ve got. The world is yours for the taking!

Very few years in your life are as sweet as the 21st. Enjoy it! Happy Birthday!

There is a sense of freedom that comes with turning 21. Enjoy it before being an adult kicks in! Happy Birthday!

Your drive and determination have always been so inspiring to see. I can’t wait to watch you set adulthood ablaze. Happy 21st Birthday!

I hope you have a night you can’t forget…and please call me at any time if you need help or a ride! Stay safe and enjoy your special day! Happy 21st Birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday, to the most impressive young adult. Wishing you so much luck in your new chapter.

I hope you get showered in gifts and champagne today! Nothing less will do. Happy 21st Birthday!

Being an adult may seem intimidating, but all you need to know is that if you’re happy, you’re doing it right! Happy 21st Birthday!

We celebrate you every day, the only difference today is that you get to cheers with us. Happy 21st Birthday!

May you live each day of your 20s with the full awareness that these are some of the best days of your life. May they live up to the expectation. Happy 21st Birthday!

May luck be at your feet as you embark on this new chapter, and may it follow you all through the decade. Happy 21st Birthday!

Hope your celebration is fantastic! Have a wonderful day. Happy 21st Birthday!

This new chapter will bring you a lot of firsts. May they all be great! Happy 21st Birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday! You’re now an adult everywhere in the world. Cheers to an exciting time!

You are an adult now. I couldn’t be more proud of you! Happy 21st Birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday! You have so much to look forward to in this new life chapter. Let your self exercise it all!

Happy 21st Birthday! You make me so proud. I hope this new life chapter brings you all the joys that you deserve.

Happy 21st Birthday! I hope you enjoy each day and each new lesson it brings.

Welcome to a new life chapter and a decade of curiosity. Follow your heart, smell the roses, and be unapologetically you. Happy 21st Birthday!

Your 20s are the most fun time of your life. Soak it all up! Happy 21st Birthday!

Happy 21st birthday, to the sweetest young adult. The world is your oyster, and I know you’ll do such great things. Have a wonderful day!

Welcome to 21! May it be all the joy, pleasure, and fulfillment you’re hoping for. Happy Birthday!

You have endless potential, I cannot wait to see what you do with it all! Happy 21st Birthday!

You’ve always been a wild child and I hope you stay that way forever. Happy 21st Birthday!

You are such an impressive young person, I can’t wait to see all that you do as you enter adulthood. Happy 21st Birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday and welcome to adulthood. We’re allowed to have wine and make decisions. It’s weird here, you’ll like it. Cheers!

Today is your time to be selfish and do only the things you want, all decade long. Happy 21st Birthday!

You’ve always had such drive and such focus. I hope you keep that up in your new life chapter and watch all of life’s doors fly open for you. What an exciting time! Happy 21st Birthday!

As you enter this new life chapter I could not be more proud of who you are. You are a star and I will always be here to cheer you on. Happy 21st Birthday!

On your 21st Birthday you’re finding yourself on the starting line of your destiny. You can do anything you set your mind to. Dream Big! Happy Birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday! I hope you get all the gifts you’re wishing for, and hope you shower yourself with self-love all decade long! Enjoy your day!

The day you turn 21 is such a unique time in your life. It’s a threshold between adulthood and everything that came before it. I hope you take the time to reflect on all the moments that built you into the person that you are today. You are about to start the rest of your life. You were born for this. Happy Birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes

Here is my amazing advice which you can’t hear from everyone. The last twenty years passed so fast and- wait for it- the next twenty years, also your whole life will pass same fast. Don’t care troubles, Laugh how much you wanted. End. Thank you so much. Happy 21st birthday!

Hello dear, have a birthday as wonderful as you are. Enjoy the time with your closest friend and your family. Smile everyone because you are very beautiful when you are smiling. Happy 21st birthday dear, always be happy.

You should turn around yourself for 21 times and you should shout everyone that today is your birthday. You should always keep this moment in your mind and never forget it. Because that action is so hard thing for make one more time. Say goodbye to your amazing childhood and say hello your great adult. Happy 21st birthday!

You’ve finally walked into the world of real adulthood. I hope you enjoy every beautiful thing that resides in that fabulously exciting world. Happy 21st birthday son!

Congratulations dear, today is your another high point. Goodbye childhood, say hello to your great future with amazing opportunities. Good luck on your new ride. Happy 21st birthday, have a wonderful day as you want.

I always remember the excitement that I felt mix feeling when turning 21, actually each age felt me same when turn it. Some concern but so much happiness. Anyways 21 is great ages, you lives fun. Happy 21st birthday sister!

You’ve been warned. Your life is about to pick up speed and take you on an exhilarating ride. Make sure that your seat-belt is on because it’s going to get crazy. Expect plenty of twists and turns and highs and lows. Hold on tight and don’t let go. Make sure that you also enjoy every second of the journey! Happy 21st birthday to my little brother!

You are now one step into your 20s. This is the time for you to figure out what you want to do in life, But at the same time, it’s the time for you to make mistakes to learn from. Don’t waste this decade. Be young, be wild, and be free, but learn how to be responsible as well. Happy 21st birthday to my sister!

Growing old, doesn’t mean that you should lose your hobbies and fun moments! Chase your dreams and never become too serious. I love you buddy! Happy 21st birthday!

Welcome to age 21 – the most fun age in the universe! Happy 21st birthday!

Happy 21st birthday! Has it really been 21 years already? Time has really flown by. I wish you nothing but the best things in life. You know that I will always be here for you for anything. You will always have a friend in me. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday celebration today. Let the good times roll!

May your next 21 years will be just as awesome as the first was; just take your time to enjoy everything. Happy 21st birthday darling!

I’m proud of the person you’ve become. So responsible and wise beyond your years. I hope your 21st birthday inspires you to make the most out of life.

Wishing you all the joy and blessings your world can contain as you mark your 21st birthday. Have a great one!

I know that you will be rocking your twenties because you slayed your teenage years. This is the decade of your life where you will learn a lot of things through experience. Don’t be afraid to try. Don’t be afraid to go after your heart and chase after your dreams. I will always be here to guide you. I love you, kiddo. Happy 21st birthday for a great sister!

Congratulations to you, for your birthday. Remember that it is not just another year that we are celebrating, but we are being grateful for the gift that God gave to our family and friends 21 years ago.

21st birthday, may it let the girlish-self abandon her life by giving you the way to the femininity. Keep being this good girl and become what you desire to be in future. Always know that you can count on your parents & we are always here to help whenever you need. Happy Birthday our baby girl (you’ll always be).

21st birthday, such an important date especially for a woman. Today is your day, and you have been a special, wonderful sister. Congratulations, beautiful sister!

On your 21st Birthday we would just like to let you know how proud we are of the amazing person that you’ve become. May you be fruitful in whatever endeavors you pursue. Happy Birthday for a friend!

Wasn’t it just yesterday that you were at least a year younger? Time does fly fast! It seems like yesterday you were just a clueless kid, And now you’ve entered adulthood. I hope you find the right path in life and may this year top the last. Happy 21st birthday to darling!

You look as beautiful as ever on this wonderful occasion. I hope your 21st birthday brings you many amazing memories.

I thought all day long what to write in this card. I wanted something meaningful, something that would make you understand how special this birthday truly is. However, I was lost for words! Cheers to your 21st birthday!

No matter how old you are growing up, I will always lookin you with full of love. I will remember our times that we shared. Today your new birthday and I am looking forward our new adventures. Happy 21st birthday dear little brother.

Starting today you are 21 and you will be more age. Don’t upset, come to me and I tell you the advantage of 21 ages. First you can enter a club that always you wanted, you can vote to your favorite party or this is more important than others, you can live alone and you can drink how much you want beer, wine or others. Now, there is a amazing future on your ahead. Live smart and have a fun. Happy 21st birthday, I love you so much.

I think, you should not spend the unforgettable day with boring birthday party. Call your the closest friends, go to where you want and enjoy the day until you tired. Happy 21st birthday daughter!

Time flies when you’re young and having fun. Enjoy your twenties. Before you know it… you’ll be knocking on thirty. Happy 21st birthday to you, buddy!

Happy 21st birthday to my sweet daughter! Wishing you the best on your special day. May happiness and sunshine follow you wherever your path in life may lead.

You are a special person and I’m very happy to see you reaching 21. May your 21st birthday be the start of a special life!

Happy 21st birthday to my lovely son! Today is considered as a special day for you, But actually, every day for the past 21 years has been special, because you exist in this world. Enjoy your day as much as everyone enjoys life with you in it.

Happy 21st Birthday Quotes – Inspirational Birthday Quotes for 21st Years Old

Happy 21st Birthday Quotes - Inspirational Birthday Quotes for 21st Years Old

The moment where you turn 21 is a big deal, as you start to welcome responsibility and enter the adulthood phase. It might seem scary at first, but also an exciting experience. Send the best messages using these birthday sayings for your loved ones who’s tuning into 21 years old.

I can’t believe that you are twenty-one, the time pass how fast. Don’t forget buddy, the time is always different everywhere. When you are having fun, the time pass faster other moments so you win new memories. Don’t care of your age, always have fun. Happy 21st birthday!

God bless you always, bestow such a good health, so many money and peace on you. For this you should pray to God with pure heart. Have a blessed and unforgettable birthday. Take care of yourself. Happy 21st birthday.

21 is some weird age because the amazing childhood is on one side of the line, also the some worrying adult is on one side of the line. But you had proved how to pass from childhood to adult already. You have already done because everyone call you responsible, loving, clever. you are like a hero on their eyes. Happy 21st birthday hero!! Good luck to such bad enemies.

Today twenty age end and there are new beginnings on your ahead. The most important part for you is starting. Use the chance very good. Happy 21st birthday!

Happy Birthday my dear. I guess that you are some happy and worrying now. I want you to know I understand you. The 21st year is same weird but open to new opportunities. The big responsibility and the amazing love walk with each other. You must to balance these otherwise that effects to your twenty year. Don’t miss opportunities but live your life with very happy. Happy 21st birthday!

On your 21st birthday, I want to wish you have a wonderful life and the things you wanted. But don’t forget the life happen beautiful as long as you work for it. Do something magnificent works that the people will remember until forever. Imagine the life like a build. In your childhood you brought material of the build. In the your next twenty years you will build infrastructure. Because of this your built will stay until you die but if you built sturdy. Happy 21st Birthday dear, have a very beautiful life.

You only turn 21 once! Seize this moment and enjoy the experience. It’s worth every moment. Happy 21st birthday son!

Happy 21st birthday! It’s been an amazing 21 years while watching you grow, learn, and laugh as you chase your dreams with the power to achieve anything.

On the roller coaster of life, your 21st birthday is like being at the top of the first giant hill with your hands in the air and no lap bar. – Greg Tamblyn

At twenty years of age, the will reigns; at thirty, the wit; and at forty, the judgment. – Benjamin Franklin

From the time I was 16 to really up until turning 21, the roles were really, really few and far between. I had people say that I just wasn’t a good singer. They didn’t know what to do with me; I would never fit in any markets. I almost quit acting altogether. – Naya Rivera

Just wanted to wish you a very special happy 21st birthday. May you find faithful friends, precious memories, and happiness wherever life may lead you.

You are legal to do so many things starting today, but don’t forget that big freedom comes big responsibility, and use this with clever. Getting too drinking or drugs is the most big cause of unforgettable shame. Have a wonderful birthday and always keep balance.

What I put here is a sentence of wisdom that everyone knew. The great freedom that you always wanted comes with the great responsibility. The life has two big thing, it is work and fun. Always keep balance. Happy 21st birthday daughter!

When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years. – Mark Twain

May your 21st birthday be even more wonderful than you ever expected. If there’s anyone who deserves a truly special day, it’s someone as special as you.

Now that you’re 21, nobody can tell you want to do, unless of course, you’re married. – Melanie White

Live as long as you may. The first twenty years are the longest half of your life. – Robert Southey

Here is a word of wisdom for your 21st birthday: Great freedom comes with plenty of responsibility. Have fun and live smart.

Finding a perfect gift for a young-adult who’s going to celebrate their birthday is difficult, but so does finding the right words to accompany the gift. Feel free to use the lists above that have been compiled to give you great happy 21st birthday messages inspiration for your dearest person.

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