How to Hold a Successful Zoom Meeting

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A successful virtual meeting has to be backed up by a good virtual app and great invitation tactics. When using zoom as your virtual meeting app, there are two main ways which you can use to invite participants. These methods apply for both one time and recurring meeting.

Zoom Invitation Options

You can use the zoom in built invitation options to invite your participants to the scheduled meeting.  There are various options in this app.

  1. When in the zoom app, you can simply tap the ‘invite via email’ option. Once you tap on this tab you will be able to put in the participant’s email and automatically send an email which will have the meeting details, meaning that the email will send details of the day and the time and code of the meeting to the participant.
  2. The host can also enter the participant email in the ‘TO:’ field and if you need to invite several participants, you can separate the different emails with comma.
  3. In the zoom app there is also ‘click send invitation’ tab. This will allow you to send an invitation to the participants
  4. The last option is that the host can simply invite the participant while the meeting is going on. Here the host will just tap on the ‘tap invite’ tab on the app.

All these are options that are in built in the zoom app but according to many zoom users these options are good for office work but not for public meeting like a prayer meeting. Others tend to rally behind using the social media for invitation especially for public meeting.

How to Hold a Successful Zoom Meeting

Zoom Invitation via Social Media

With the recent challenges brought about by the global pandemic of Corona Virus, there have been many public meetings held using the zoom virtual meeting app. The invitations are sent via social media

  • Facebook – This continues to be one of the top options when it comes to using social media as an invitation platform. There are many people especially public speakers who continue to use facebook as the best way to send invites to targeted participants. This has proved successful and there have been many public meetings and events which have taken place successfully after invitations were sent out using facebook.
  • Whatsapp – This is a smartphone app which has taken the world by storm; it is used worldwide and therefore very effective when it comes to inviting people to the zoom meeting. It is very affordable and used by a large number of people, this makes it an ideal platform to invite participants to the virtual meeting.
  • Instagram – Many people continue to join this relatively new social media app and it is also another platform that is used by virtual meeting hosts to invite participants

These are just the top three social media platforms that are mainly used, but there are others that are also used, though may not be as effective as these.  On facebook there are many prayer meetings which get as many as 800 people attend the meeting. The invite includes day, time and code used to sign in to the meeting.  This means that these invitations become successful especially if they are sent at least every day for week before the meeting, or at least three consecutive days before the meeting. So if you are thinking of holding a zoom meeting, then you can pick from any of the two options or make use of both options.