55 Wholesome Pasta Puns and Jokes

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Have you ever read pasta puns? Or, have you used it too? As we know, pasta is one of the typical Italian foods that are well known in various parts of the world. You can process pasta in various ways, such as boiled, grilled, used as a side dish, the main dish, or eaten with any sauce. If you do not know how to prepare pasta but enjoy eating it, you can order it from a restaurant. You must snap photographs of your plate when you receive it. These food photos are all the rage on Instagram right now.

Use pasta puns to share these images on social media. Did you know this food can also be turned into pasta puns? Well, usually many use these puns as a caption for the photos or moments they upload to Instagram. Several types of pasta used as puns also vary from lasagna, penne, spaghetti, ravioli, and others.

For your information, puns are jokes that use words, such as objects or other things that we can meet in everyday life. Like the other jokes, pasta puns are often used to make other people laugh. The puns for pasta is also often used for funny memes. In one of his studies, Simon said puns often appear in some of 9GAG’s memes. If you take a look at some of memes, you surely find some tummy tingling puns.

You can also make your own funny pasta puns. There are some tips that can help you a bit if you want to make your own puns. Here they are.

  • Choose the right word – If you want to make a puns, choose the right word that can replace another word which is more ridiculous or interesting.
  • Adjust to the moment – After getting your moment, you can start to make your caption first. After that, make sure you change one of the words to be different, but still in accordance with your moment.

Funny Pasta Puns that Tickle Your Stomach

Funny Pasta Puns that Tickle Your Stomach

Life is all about tasting new kinds of pasta. That way you can explore new pasta-bilities.

Eating green sauce as a side with pasta is the pesto way to enjoy it.

If the Terminator would be Italian, he would say, “Pasta la vista, baby.”

Here’s a penne for your thoughts.

I cannoli shake my head and admire this amazing bowl of pasta.

I would like you to see how much olive you.

An impasta usually makes a dish of faked ziti.

Raviolis never get invited to hang out because they are a little square.

When someone cries over a bowl of vegetarian spaghetti, it becomes a meat bawl.

At haunted pasta houses, they usually serve fettuccini afraido.

A scary plate of pasta is called Creepypasta.

The smallest type of pasta is a length of about a centimeter orzo.

Upon going for dinner at my favorite restaurant and inquiring about Alfredo, the pasta chef, I was told that he pasta way.

Fake spaghetti should be called impasta instead.

I asked the waiter how long my spaghetti would be. He said he didn’t know but would measure it.

When you cross a pasta and a dog, you end up with a labranoodle.

All spaghetti usually go dancing meat balls.

The Pope’s favorite type of pasta is Holy macaroni!

The kind of pasta that always sticks to everything is called clinguine.

I do not want to make a parmigiana, so ricotta make the lasagna.

The police solved the case of the missing marinara sauce when they caught the pasta thief red-handed.

Most pasta makers follow in his family’s footsteps because the apple doesn’t farfalle from the tree.

A pasta dish made with both alfredo and marinara sauce is the pasta of both worlds.

I cut all my pasta in half before eating them to cut some carbs.

Hope you gnocchi how great this pasta is.

This bowl of spaghetti is pasta-tively amazing.

A pasta lover’s favorite song is ‘Come and spaghet it’ by Selena Gomez.

All pasta names should be recorded for pasta-terity.

The pasta meal was tortellini amazing.

We went pasta big roundabout, then all of a sudden, we were lost.

The pasta-bilities are endless.

Absolutely, pasta-tively.

I went pasta nice play area on my way here today.

That spider was creeping pasta and she didn’t even see it!

I pasta-p extra TV time because I wanted to play outside.

I was looking for her for a while, and didn’t realise I’d already walked pasta!

I pasta-p the opportunity to go to the arcade because I had to go to a birthday party.

This is pastably the best thing I’ve ever eaten!

Now that we’re so early, how will we pasta time?

My idea of the entire day meal is quite simple: pasta-fast, pasta-unch, and past-inner. As simple as that.

Raviolis never get invited to hang out because they are a little square.

When pasta and cooking water get married together, their relationship eventually gets strained.

Why wouldn’t the woman eat at the pasta restaurant? The food cost a pretty penne!

Why did everyone think the spaghetti was flirting? It was just a little too saucy!

My wife thinks I’m an idiot because I’m building my own car out of spaghetti, macaroni and fusili. She won’t be laughing when I drove pasta!

A pasta chef was caught stuffing the ballot boxes at a big Broadway awards show. Apparently, he was trying to rig a Tony.

What do you call pasta with a cold? Macaroni and sneeze

What’s the difference between an unusual undercooked pasta, and the easing of tensions between a famous parody artist and the singers he parodies? One is a weird al dente, and the other is a “Weird Al” detente.

Mafia have boiled a man to death in an industrial pasta cooker. Police are still trying to al dentefy the victim

Tired of boiling water every time you make pasta? Boil some at the beginning of the week and freeze it for later.

In an Italian restaurant, if you saved any amount of pipe shaped pasta, you could take it home. Each penne saved was a penne earned.

I was choking on some alphabet pasta when a lady asked if I needed help. She took the words right out of my mouth.

My brother said his pasta tasted weak and brittle. It seems to have a bad case of sauceteoporosis.

My flatmates said I wasted my money buying a kilo of pasta.. ..but I say it was worth every penne.

“That made me laugh so hard I’m ravioling on the floor.”

I used here are to spend most of my time around pasta hotel.

Extremly apologize, I know your birthday gift is pasta pending.

There are uncountable pasta-bilities!

That delicious pre-pasta-rous, one of my favourite dishes.

A superb food, tortellini merely amazing!

Do you know how much olive I feel about you.

Hope our connection will be like spaghetti; it will always stick with each other.

The ultimate goal of every human being should be exploring pasta-bilities to make the life yummilicious.

Well, puns are used to indicate the funny things. People are often used it as the puzzles and word games. Now, you can also use puns for Instagram captions. If you look around, you may find many kinds of puns. Some use the type of animal, object, to the name of the food. Surely, one of the Italian food puns that often used is pasta. In addition, there are many types of pasta which can be used to make funny puns.

Best Pasta Jokes

Best Pasta Jokes

The pasta maker could not get into his apartment because he had gnocchi.

A pasta lover’s favorite part of ‘The Divine Comedy’ is ‘Aldente’s Inferno.’

Forest Gump’s favorite pasta is Penne.

The aspect of a pasta that permits it to stab someone is called the penne trait

The climate activist who was eating pasta out of a colored leather bowl was eating carb on dyed ox hide.

The pasta maker got fired from his job because he had made a fusilli mistakes.

The pasta maker’s car made out of pasta got into an accident, and now it is al dente.

I hate being around spaghetti because they are too saucy.

Our local pasta maker is also a master painter. She penne-ted a bowl of pasta yesterday.

A type of pasta that is best eaten alone is a Ravi-lonely.

“I pasta-p the opportunity because it would interfere with my studies.” and “I pasta-p the chance for a promotion.”

“This is pastably the worst pasta pun ever.” and “The pastabilities are endless!”

“It cost a pretty penne.” and “A penne saved is a penne earned.” and “A penne for your thoughts” and “If I had a penne for every time …” and “Pennes on the dollar” (Penne is a cylindrical type of pasta)

Penetrate -> Pennetrate: As in “We cannot pennetrate their armour.” and “We need to do pennetration tests before laying the concrete.”

“Risoni” is another name for “orzo”. You might use this pun like: “The the risoni-ng behind your decision?”

“Fiori” is a type of decorative pasta. Examples: “Hell has no fiori like a woman scorned.” and “He was completely fiorious about his phone being stolen.”

“He’s a bit of a noodle (silly person).” and “Use your noodle (head)! This is an easy question.” and “There were noodles (lots and lots) of them!” – Each of these examples uses a different slang meaning of “noodle” indicated in parentheses.

“She has the hair of an angel.” and “Will you get out of my angel hair?” and “Let your (angel) hair down and relax.”

Anelli refers to small ring-shaped pasta. Examples: As in “Anelli fell off my chair when I heard the new.” and “Anelli jumped out of my skin!”

Most types of pasta are extruded from special presses. Example: “It’s not nice when you extrude people from the discussion like that.”

“Be careful! It conchiglie if you don’t follow the instructions carefully.” and “It is said that saying or writing too many pasta puns conchiglie.”

Ribbon: Many common pastas are ribbon-shaped, so you may be able to make a pasta pun by sneakily using “ribbon” in your communication: “You definitely get the blue ribbon – you’ve out-pasta-punned me”

The term “fresca” is simply the Italian word for “fresh”, but it’s commonly used in describing pasta that has been made fresh (“pasta fresca”). Examples: “A breath of fresca air.” and “A fresca pair of eyes” and “Make a fresca start” and “Fresca off the boat” and “Fresca as a daisy” and “I’m fresca out of pasta puns!”

One Liner Pasta Jokes

One Liner Pasta Jokes

Life is about exploring pasta-bilities.

(Pesto) This is my idea of going green.

[Spaghetti and meatballs] I’m having a ball.

I cannoli shake my head and marvel at how fantastic you are.

[Olive Garden] Just a little something to show you how much olive you.

Did you hear that Sally ate three bowls of spaghetti? No, but I wouldn’t put it pasta!

Like unrinsed spaghetti noodles, good friends stick together.

Why didn’t the ravioli get invited to hang out with the cool pastas? Because he was a little square!

What do you call it when someone cries because their spaghetti is vegetarian? A meat bawl!

Did you hear about the pasta maker who followed in his father’s footsteps? It just goes to show that the apple doesn’t farfalle from the tree!

How did the police solve the case of the stolen marinara sauce? They caught the theif red-handed!

Should Ric make the chicken parmigiana? No, ricotta make the lasagna!

A friend didn’t believe me when I said I was making a car out of noodles. Then she saw me drive pasta.

Always wonder if mixing pasta and antipasto is like mixing matter and anti-matter.

Went to a party and saw people giving each other bits of ravioli. Apparently they were playing pasta

Pasta Puns to Make the Atmosphere More Cheerful

Pasta Puns to Make the Atmosphere More Cheerful

Posh people usually eat at cheap restaurants because the food only costs a penne.

The most hilarious kind of pasta is called a chortellini.

The usual dress code at any pasta convention usually includes a bowtie.

A pasta lover’s favorite Hollywood movie to watch with a bowl of pasta is ‘Mission Impastable.’

When I couldn’t reach for the pasta, I asked my dad to pasta bowl for me.

When you come across a sad pasta, just tell it to be pasta-tive in life.

When you are going through a rough patch, just have a bowl of pasta. Your troubles will all pasta way.

I am a very old soul because I like to surround myself with pasta people.

I still do not understand the risoni-ng behind why my mom over-boiled my pasta.

When I forgot to send a gift to my pasta-loving best friend, I told her, “I am sorry your gift is pasta due.”

When a pasta gets sick, it ends up being a Mac n’ sneeze.

The muscular pasta maker who could not lift four tons of pasta sauce was not stroganoff.

I asked my mother how much water is needed to make pasta. She said about a cup orzo.

When you read the puns that you think funny, you will immediately laugh, right? Of course, it is because those puns give the jokes by using unusual sentences. Even if you cannot cook pasta, you can make it as any puns you like. In addition, your photo captions will be more interesting with the puns. By reading the caption about your pasta pun, many people may get entertained. Surely, the right puns can make the other people’s lives more cheerful.

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