Choosing the Right Payment Gateway for Events: The Beginner’s Guide

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How to Choose the Right Payment Gateway for Events – Are you hosting an event that involves the attendees paying you for the service they have availed? Or are you unhappy with your current service provider and want to find the right one? In both of these cases, you need to find the right payment gateway for events. People should be able to make their payments without any hassle.

There are several options in the market from which you can choose. However, you must keep certain things in mind while you make your choice. Make the right choice with these crucial tips.

Available Payment Gateways Used By the Organization

Many established companies already have an available payment gateway provider. You have to find out if the provider offers both the payment gateway as well as the merchant account. The latter is necessary to make the final transaction.

If your company is happy with the existing provider, then there is no point in changing it. It can be a very complex and time-consuming process to get the gateway provider sanctioned. There are several payment gateway for events for you to choose from, though. Find the one which matches your requirements and serves the purpose.

Checking For International Payments

While choosing the right payment gateway for events, you need to ensure that the provider offers international payment providers. If you have attendees who stay abroad and need to make payments for the event tickets or any other service in the event, then they would be unable to do so if the option for international payment is unavailable.

Companies such as Apple, IBM, and Cisco, etc. have high-end payment gateway processors. Therefore, it is ideal to choose a universal payment gateway which will make the process simpler.

The Right Payment Method

Along with choosing the right payment gateway for events, it must support the different payment methods. Customers would want a range of payment options. Moreover, it would be good for you to have a provider that offers different kinds of payment methods. Opt for a payment gateway that provides debit/credit card options, e-wallet, UPI, NEFT/RTGS transfers, etc. Having these options will enable a smooth payment transfer from your attendees. This would certainly help in providing better customer service.

Easy Flow of Payment

No customer likes spending the majority of their time during payments. In such cases, they will be inclined to cancel the payment mid-way. A time consuming payment gateway can also impact the user experience. Also, most of the payments in today’s time are made from mobile devices. Therefore, it is important to have an easy checkout process, which helps the attendees make payments from mobile devices quickly.


There are certainly other factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing a payment gateway for events. These include transaction limits, transaction fees, etc. After understanding each of these factors and noting your requirements, you will be able to decide upon the payment gateway that would be the right fit for your event.

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