YouTube Marketing To Promote Virtual Events: Promote Your Event On YouTube

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How To Promote Your Event On YouTube – YouTube ranks 2nd in the top search engines list, right after Google. In fact, video content has started attracting consumers on a wider range. Thereby increasing marketing potential for brands.

Additionally, statistics suggest that consumers are 75% more attracted to a brand after watching its videos. Keeping this in mind, companies grow a higher and faster revenue if they use videos to sell their brand.

To promote a virtual event, providing visual aids such as past event footage will potentially entice the viewers to attend it. Because of this, when viewers watch the videos, they get to know what they are going to experience first-hand.

Ways to use YouTube for marketing events

Here are the best ways in which you can use YouTube for marketing events:

Engage your audience

Engaging the audience in a video is the key factor in attracting them to your online event. To create an engaging video, ask yourself that will the audience be willing to spend their time watching your video?

This is a factor that Facebook uses to its advantage as they entertain its viewers with videos on relevant issues. But, in a fun and exciting manner. Their main emphasis now is on creating videos that have an interactive tone for their audience.

Apple started a trend of opening their promotional videos through a film like narration. Not only did it get the existing Apple customers more excited, but it also helped them stand out and attract brand-new consumers!

Have a personal touch

A good example would be to look at the marketing strategies of SAS on YouTube. They represent different countries like Mexico and  Turkey that use their software in their videos. Also, to give it a more intimate touch, they include customer stories, their experiences with them, as well as short clips of their webinars.

Thus, make sure that your video speaks about your virtual event through the views of people who have already had an experience with you. This encourages your viewers to attend your event.

Optimize your videos for SEO

One thing to always keep in mind is that YouTube videos attract a majority of consumer traffic in the world. Therefore, using the right SEO related keywords is essential to have successful marketing run through YouTube.

To incorporate keywords in your videos, you first need to compile a list of niche topics that are related to your event. Once you have figured out the keywords, then you can include them in your channel, and most importantly, on your video title. Also, include them in the video description and tags to alert YouTube’s search engine and direct the right audience your way.

The usage of SEO stands as one of IBM’s biggest marketing triumphs when it comes to YouTube marketing. In fact, they also have blogs that suggest different video promotion strategies on their website.

To Sum It Up

YouTube attracts the most organic traffic that will allow you to promote your virtual event in an engaging way. Just follow inbound marketing techniques and create captivating content with some relevant knowledge to get the most out of this platform. Also, remember to tell your viewers a story.

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