Virtual Event Definitions

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What is the definition of a Virtual Event? Everything below…and maybe more but here is the official definition of a virtual event: A virtual event is an occurrence of people gathering together where some or all of the attendees are not physically in the same location but are connected in a common environment. The common environment might be one of many types but is usually enabled through the use of computers and the Internet.


A Webcast is a transmission of an audio or visual or a combination of audio-visual media file either live or on demand over the internet. Webcasts generally use the streaming media technology, which broadcasts the content from a single source to multiple viewers or listeners simultaneously. Do I need any extra hardware? A Webcast will require a headset or speakers to listen to the audio script or the version as a part of media file streamed on internet. It does not require any extra high-end hardware other than your PC speakers.


Slidecast is a set of slides broadcasted on internet with the synchronization of video and audio effects. Slidecast will facilitate the multiple viewers to see the deck of slides simultaneously in a multimedia presentation format, uploaded on a single source.

Virtual Trade Show/Online Trade Show

A Virtual Trade Show is a combination of some of the most successful elements of a live trade show collected and translated into a multimedia file format and broadcasted or transmitted on the Internet. Virtual trade shows allow the exhibitors and sponsors to reach their target audience round the clock. Some are run over a short time period (1-3 days usually) and others are open for months.

Virtual Expo/Online Expo

A Virtual Expo is an online virtual exposition hall accessible over Internet. It is a multimedia format that gives the real-time experience of visiting and moving (in 2 or 3-d) around in the virtual exposition hall and booths using arrow keys on your keyboard. Available to visitors online, round the clock though there are usually specific times that the exhibitors are present in their booth and you can chat with them.

Virtual Job Fair/Online Job Fair

Virtual Job Fair is an online job fair, that gives the potential employers and employees access to up-to-date job openings and company profiles through online booths/stalls that attendees can visit similar to the Virtual Exposition. This can be one of the most cost effective techniques used to attract employees–saving time and travel costs.


A Webinar is a transmission of an audio and visual media file scheduled at a particular time or on demand over the Internet. The content comes from a single source to multiple viewers simultaneously. A Webcast will require a headset or speakers to listen to the audio.

Virtual Meeting

A live event or meeting that is done using a virtual platform generally available from one of the virtual event platform companies, custom built or hosted on a virtual world like Second Life (SL) perhaps in a virtual conference center.


Bannercast is an on-demand or live video broadcasted in an in-banner ad using streaming technology. Bannercasts generally provided an optional registration to initiate the interaction between the customer and the advertiser. Bannercast is one of the most effective advertising media on internet, which can often attract the target audience better than a standard banner ads.

Audiocast/Audio Conference

An Audiocast or audio conference is a telephone based conference consisting of a presentation that will usually include an audio based question and answer session.

On-Demand vs Live

On-Demand services/sessions are the content items available online that can be accessed as and when demanded or required by the viewer or listener. Live services (or exclusively live) are online services that usually cannot be replayed as the broadcaster will transmit the program content or service at a fixed interval and once the broadcaster stops live service the viewer or listener cannot access the content.

Live Simulated

Prerecorded activities/sessions that are generally available to run at a specific time and date and are not publicized as being prerecorded and usually have a live post-presentation Q&A period.

Virtual World

A virtual world, such as the popular Second Life, is a computer-based simulated environment intended for its users to inhabit and interact via avatars (animated figures). These avatars are usually depicted as textual, two-dimensional, or three-dimensional graphical representations, although other forms are possible.

Hybrid Event

A hybrid event involves a mixture of a physical events with elements of a virtual event usually running simultaneously and with overlapping content and interactive elements.