Best Ways to Boost Digital Marketing for Your Virtual Event

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Advancements in technology and social media have opened new channels for the digital marketing. Virtual events are now becoming even more popular. Brands across the globe are encouraging these types of events for their inclusivity and cost-effectiveness.

Even corporate giants such as Cisco and IBM are shifting to digital marketing and making efforts to switch to online webinars, digital meetups, and other virtual events for promotions.

With a number of old and new social media platforms, engagement groups, websites, etc., there are multiple ways in which the audience interacts with a brand online.

How to boost the digital marketing for your virtual events?

Here are the most common and effective ways to help you with it:

Make use of appropriate branding techniques

Branding is the first and foremost thing that attracts a potential attendee. So, make sure the branding of your virtual event is on point with your product brand. For example, consider McDonald’s or Burger King, renowned food industry companies. The brands use red color as a part of their digital marketing creatives too. This is because the red color is proven to evoke hunger and appetite.

Effective email marketing

Email marketing goes a long way in boosting your virtual event. Make sure you include “Add to Calendar” button. This will sync your event with Outlook, Google, Apple, and other digital calendars. You can also send follow-up emails regarding workshops, online vendors, and other details. This will help to entice your audience.

You may also send e-mails with countdowns for your event. This is one of the most effective ways to boost your virtual event through digital marketing.

Engage with your audience

Ascertain precisely what your audience wants out of your virtual event. Conduct surveys and research your target audience in the days leading to your event. The data you collect will be key to boosting digital marketing for your virtual event. Furthermore, you can use a chat interface to keep your attendees engaged during the virtual event. Interaction with the audience, as well as intra-audience interaction, is key to long term promotion of your virtual event.

Create a website for your virtual event

A website dedicated to your virtual event will act as a landing page for potential attendees. This will, in turn, help with generating leads digitally. This move will provide structure to your digital campaign and help your audience keep track of all the details and schedule of your virtual event. Having a website devoted to your virtual event looks professional, and may even bring in sponsors for your event.

Use the power of social media

Promotions on social media platforms have become crucial for effective digital marketing. There are multiple platforms for such promotions, each with its own type of audience and interactions. Paying attention to hashtags and social media trends can boost your digital marketing. You can also sponsor giveaways to target a bigger audience for your virtual event.


These tips to boost digital marketing will guarantee the success of your virtual event. In this age of technology, you do not need to cancel your event just because you cannot hold a gathering physically. Go digital with these cost-efficient tips for digital marketing of your virtual event!

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