4 Hybrid Events Ideas: Driving Growth with Hybrid Events

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Hosting hybrid events has been around for some time. However, they are not as mainstream as virtual events. But with the world grappling with coronavirus pandemic, it is a great time to introduce hybrid events to keep business running.

For the uninitiated, a hybrid event is where you combine live streaming using technology with in-person attendance. Some of the top companies that have been hosting hybrid events include AppleGoogle, and Adobe, just to name a few.

Below we share some hybrid events ideas and how to make it more successful and fun.

Consider a virtual expo. 

If you can get a number of credible sponsors, a virtual expo can be a fantastic opportunity. With each sponsor and participating company setting up virtual booths, attendees can visit them in person.

Through this hybrid medium, attendees can interact with the head of the companies. They can also talk to investors, get to know the current business trends, and, of course, how businesses are weathering the storm of COVID-19.

4 Hybrid Events Ideas: Driving Growth with Hybrid Events

Provide eNetworking opportunities. 

With a growing number of companies resorting to virtual events, everyone is hungry for opportunities to expand their horizon. Just because people are locked inside their homes doesn’t mean their networking opportunities should suffer.

Schedule industry experts to share their insights with your clients and connect with them inside your homes. Such type of hybrid events where attendees don’t have to pay anything to attend it can be even more helpful.

Add opportunities for fun.

When you host a hybrid event, it can be quite challenging to keep the attendees motivated. A fantastic way to keep everyone engaged and motivated is to incorporate a game or a competition.

A simple setup where attendees earn badges or stamps for attending the most number of virtual booths or sessions for a grand prize can keep them motivated. Apart from the engagement and motivation, it adds a lot of fun to the event as well.

Make the event relevant.

If you plan to host a hybrid event, it is an excellent opportunity to address the most relevant and pressing issues at hand. You can include topics and seminars on how businesses are tackling the coronavirus pandemic, how to take advantage of remote working opportunities, and how to rebound from the pandemic and many more.

Attendees come to events and conferences to learn and have access to new information. So make their time and effort worth it, and you will keep them hooked even after the hybrid event is over.

Hybrid events ideas are gaining popularity in becoming one of the biggest trends in this generation. Virtual events combine traditional live, face-to-face events with virtual online elements.

If you are hosting an event, you will want people to attend the event and participate. But not every person on your invitation list will be able to make it. It may be due to conflicting timeframes, cost of traveling, or limitations to many things, but there are tons of people who will want to engage with your brand. But if you wish to expand your events or your brand presence to a broader audience, you need ways to reach the people.

In a hybrid event, there will be a live, face-to-face event where you offer your audience virtual components, allowing them to engage, participate, and learn. These events solely happen in virtual space in the form of web conferences and video streaming. Some of the most prominent events like Apple Special EventsAdobe MAX, and Google I/O are becoming highlights of the hybrid event arena.

Here are some hybrid events ideas that can make your event more engaging and successful.

Showcase Real Experiences

There is no other better way to connect with your audience than through real-life experiences. Provide your audience with footage of the hybrid events which you have held in the past. By doing this, you are showcasing your versatility. Real experiences also attract the target audience by giving them a glimpse of what to expect from your brand. The best way to promote your event is by showing the real footage of happy clients.

Acknowledge your Online Audience

One of the biggest mistakes during your hybrid event is not addressing the online audience. In your introduction, take a few moments to look into the camera. Then, welcome your virtual audience and be physically present in the room. While doing so, you have to realize that the online audience make up a big part of the audience. You can also disclose how many online participants are present or which organization they represent if that is applicable.

Speculate Specifically from an Online Perspective

When you plan an event, you will always make a point to let your audience feel included and experience a satisfactory event. Implement this same process for your online audience. Plan your event carefully so that it remains consistent. Never let your online audience experience blank moments. Engage with them via interviews, feedbacks, and more even when the session is on a break.

Utilize Social Media

Social media platforms are great mediums to connect with your audience and facilitate conversations or feedbacks. Ensure that you have an efficient and interactive communication strategy so that people can directly communicate with you.

The reason why hybrid events are becoming highly valuable is that we live in a fast-moving, tech-savvy world where everything is on the move. Virtual events allow individuals or organizations to their host events in a broader way by reaching a greater mass. If you were to host an important event in a particular venue, it is a fact that not every person will be able to physically attend it. But if you were to stream the event live on a given online platform, then a majority of your audience will be present.