How to Create an Event Highlights Video That Will Attract Attendees

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All organizations have some events in their annual itinerary. Planning the event, arranging vendors, scheduling the promotions, and chalking the press releases are all labor-extensive jobs.  Through resource allocation and proper planning are needed to make such an event a success. As an organization, you will be keen to maximize the results of all your event planning efforts. Leveraging videos to come up with event highlights teasers will improve the reach of your event and encourage more people into participating in the event.

Decide on the Type of Highlight Video

Event highlight videos can be broadly categorized into two types.

Highlight Recap Videos

These videos are created after an event to give viewers a glimpse of the impactful moments from the events. For recurring or annual events, such videos create a buzz and encourage more people to participate in the upcoming seasons. These videos capture the best moments from the event and showcase that to a larger audience.

Highlight Teaser

The highlight teaser is prepared before the event and provides a glimpse of the things in store. These are used to entice potential attendees by talking about the interesting elements of the event.

Knowing the type of events video to prepare will help you plan your event highlights video in a befitting manner.

Preparing Events Highlight Videos

These days, there are thousands of events organized physically and virtually. You need to create out-of-the-box videos to attract people into attending the one that you are organizing. Merely creating a highlight video will not suffice, and you need to plan it well.

Use High-Quality Clips

Most event videos are shorter than two minutes, and using poor clips will compromise the reach of your video. While filming, ensure that you have ample b-roll footages to run the show. During postproduction, you can do away with shaky footages, ones with inaudible audio or minimal lighting.

For example, ample b-roll footage from your successful event will let you create time-lapse footage of the venue filling up. Such a video is simple to create and is handy in highlighting the scale of the event. Multiple Online video editor tools will allow you to create such a video in minutes.

Collate Testimonials from Real People

Testimonials help add credibility to a video and are useful for event teasers. Try to reach out to people who have attended the past seasons of your event and request a short testimonial clip. When prospective attendees see such glowing reviews, they get convinced that the event is worth their time.

Considering that 90% of buyers admit that positive customer success stories influence their buying decisions, this will be a welcome addition to your events video. Alternatively, you can capture close-up shots of engaging faces from your events and use them in the teaser content of the upcoming sessions.

Focus on Key Information

While creating an events video make sure that your focus is on numbers. Talk about the length of your event, the number of speakers and charities, the percentage of last year’s attendees who came back, etc. If you are organizing a charity event, talk about the money that you raised or the total number of sponsors.

These details help to establish that your event was a success and show the magnitude to the audience. Ideally, you should add these details as textual content to your video. When the text is in sync with the props and your branding, it makes you come off as professional.

Add Eye-Catching Visuals and Animations

The average internet user has a 3-second attention span, and brands are on a rat race to capture their viewer’s attention. As a brand that is organizing an event, you can make the most of it by using eye-catching visuals.

Appropriate music, textual content, and motion graphics further contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your highlight videos. Since the highlight videos are significantly shorter, adding animations help in making them more attractive.

Highlight the Big Names

Several people attend events to listen to the sessions by industry experts. Unless you highlight these names on your video, people will not know the things that they are losing out on. It is a general human tendency to want to share spaces with influencers. The chance to network with big names will attract people to your event.

For a post-event highlight, you can use footage of the influencers speaking on stage or interacting with the audience. For the teaser videos, you can include interviews with the key speakers where they talk about the expectations from the event.

Use Appropriate Music

The choice of music for your event’s video will depend on the demographics of the target audience and a host of other factors. For example, upbeat tracks appeal to millennials whereas older people would prefer songs with zero profanities. While adding music, ensure that you do not use any copyright-protected music.

You can also use snippets of speeches by keynote speakers, and voiceovers in such highlight videos. Try to use a lapel mic to record such audio so that you capture crisp and clear sound. These proactive measures help to improve the impact of your events highlights video.

Chalk Out the Script

Irrespective of whether the event in the past or one in the future, try to plan a script. That way, your text will be concise, and you can make the most of the short duration. While drafting the script, you should focus on the benefits and not the features of the event.

Highlighting one of the key panel discussions or debates will generate curiosity among the viewers. The video could start with a leading question that you answer in the content. The question should be framed in such a way that tempts users into watching the content.

As a content creator, you need to realize that video is the future. Already, video constitutes more than 80% of the internet traffic, and we expect the figures to rise in the coming days. Brands that are missing out on video are giving up on a plethora of connection opportunities.

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