Top 9 Event Planning Companies Around The World

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Are you planning an event? If you are, you need event planning companies to take over if you want it to succeed. Whether it’s a small or big event, it requires managing stuff, and things can go wrong if it’s not planned well. So if you haven’t heard of it, perfect! Here’s all the information you need about eventing companies to get started.

Who are event planners?

So who are the event planners? Event planners are trained professionals who take care of all the coordinating meetings and events. So it could be anything from weddings, office meetings, fundraisers, corporate meetings, special ceremonies and even parties. They take care of all the budget management, event dates, locations, and accommodation for guests and transportation.

The event planners also meet their clients and try to understand what the event is about. Once they get the idea, they try to meet the client’s expectations first. After that, they will inspect the places, plan the cost, and employ people to help with the work and so on.

How big is the events industry?

The events industry is a billion dollar industry (Events industry Market size was valued at USD 886.99 Billion in 2020) and projected to reach an estimated $2,190 billion by 2028. So it’s a huge industry and if you are interested, it’s a fantastic business venture!

Why do you need an event planner?

 If you ever plan on organizing an event, approaching an event planner is an excellent start. They are an integral part of determining the event’s success, but there are so many factors why you should hire one.

Not everyone can manage an event, and even if you do it yourself, it’s going to take a lot! That’s why event consulting is crucial. So here are five good reasons why hiring an event planner is crucial.

  1. Hiring a professional event planner will save you money plus time! They will provide the best with minimal spending and faster than you would complete a task.
  2. They will pay attention to all the details to ensure that everything is perfect and ready for the day.
  3. Event planners and event planning companies have ready supplies to take care of the event. So that saves the trouble of you spending more money just to get the supplies for the event.
  4. Trained event planners know how to organize everything. So they are systematic meticulous in what they do.
  5. And finally, knowing that trained professionals will take care of all the event management gives you peace of mind! So you are relieved of all the stress, and you can happily enjoy the event.

How to get in touch with an event planner?

Now that you know what an event planner does, the next step is to get in touch with one. You can get in touch with an event consultant and share your vision and ideas, and the rest will follow. There are many event management companies, so it’s easy to contact one.

However, you must contact those companies near you and can be available for a meeting. You can do that with a simple Google search. You can type ‘event planning companies near me’ or ‘event coordinators near me,’ and you will get a list of all the available options. So you can pick one and start the conversation.

Types of planners

There are different event planning companies that can take care of all the management. But there are some niche areas where people hire planners the most. So here are the most hired types of planners hired across the world. 

Corporate event planners

For any type of corporate event, corporate event planners take care of things. A corporate event planner will make sure that all your requests and requirements are met, keep everything ready on time, make sure that the visiting officials are taken care of well and so on. Company event planning is a huge task, and that’s why you need expertise.

Corporate meetings are pretty common, and it’s a wonderful avenue for anyone looking to get into corporate event planning. Big corporate event companies also hire corporate event managers with a handsome salary package, so if you are passionate about it, you will love the job!

Wedding planners

Another niche area where event planners get hired is a wedding. Wedding events planners are lifesavers for many people getting married because it’s a special day and everything has to be perfect. A wedding planner can make the day even more special with added inputs and ideas for the wedding, which is excellent.

Irrespective of the size of the wedding, a wedding planner will ensure that everything is in place, including the service arrangements, handling and welcoming the guests, order of the wedding ceremony, finding the perfect location, setting up a theme and many more!

Planning a wedding is a stressful job, and that’s why it’s always the best option to get in touch with a wedding planning company for advice and help. But if you want to become a wedding planner, it’s also a fantastic idea! It’s a great avenue, and you can even start your own wedding company!

Party event planners

Party event planners are the most hired people in the event management scene. People love parties, and they want it better than their last one! So a party organizer makes sure that they deliver what the people want by getting in touch with party event planners.

Starting a party planning company is also a fantastic business avenue because you could be planning your favorite celebrity’s party next, too! So if you love the idea, you can become a party planner and get hired for a gig!

The best event planning companies in the world

Different events keep happening everywhere, and event planning companies ensure that they deliver the client’s vision. It’s not an easy job and could be stressful for many people in the business. But as long as you love it, it’s a rewarding job. So in no particular order, here are some of the best events planning companies in the world to get you inspired!

Colin Cowie

Colin Cowie is a well-known designer, book author and celebrity. But what he is best known for is the extravagant events that he manages. So whether it’s a celebrity’s wedding or party, Colin Cowie is one of the most hired in the business. He runs his event planning company and has built a name for himself in the business.

Where’s it located?

Colin Cowie is currently in Los Angeles, New York, and Las Vegas.

What are they good for?

They are fantastic for any type of wedding, corporate event or private event.

Some famous work affiliates

Colin Cowie has worked for some big names like Oprah Winfrey, Kim Kardashian, Hard Rock Hotels, Jennifer Aniston, Cosmopolitan Magazine and Elton John, to name a few.

Bassett Events, Inc.

Bassett Events, Inc. is a famous event planning company most known for organizing and managing high-profile events. Jennifer Bassett is the owner and founder of the company, and one of their specialties is throwing a surprise. So if you hire them, you can expect a surprise that will make the event memorable.

Where’s it located?

Bassett Events, Inc. is currently located in Canada and Toronto.

What are they good for?

They are excellent for any type of charitable events, weddings and high-profile events.

Some famous work affiliates

Over the years, Bassett Events, Inc. has worked with famous celebrities like John Legend, Jeremy Piven and Carrie Underwood, Toronto Zoo and Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, to name a few.

David Tutera

David Tutera is best known as a TV host and wedding dress designer. But he has an event planning company where he caters to the requirements of some of the biggest celebrities and companies. If you have a crazy idea for an event, he is the perfect planner for you!

Where’s it located?

Currently, David Tutera works from Loa Angeles.

What are they good for?

He plans and manages any type of special events, weddings and non-profit events.

Some famous work affiliates

Over the years, David Tutera has worked for people like Prince Charles, Mathew McConaughey, Jennifer Lopez, The White House, Make A Wish Foundation and many more.

Rafanelli Events

Rafanelli is a famous celebrity wedding planner. He came into the limelight in 2010 when he organized Chelsea Clinton’s Top-Secret. His company aims to try and tell a story in every event they get hired, which makes them stand out.

Where’s it located?

Rafanelli’s company is currently based in Palm Beach, Boston and New York.

What are they good for?

They are fantastic for weddings, private events, corporate events and any type of non-profit gala event.

Some famous work affiliates

Some of the famous people he has worked with include Matt Damon, Allison William, Barrack & Michell Obama and Chelsea Clinton.


MKG is all about spectacular product launches. So if you run a product company and have a new product unveiling event, MKG is the perfect planner. They have a knack for making the event special, extravagant and spectacular which is perfect. That’s why some of the biggest brands hire them.

Where’s it located?

MKG currently works from Los Angeles and New York City.

What are they good for?

They are excellent for product launching events, and they aim to provide an immersive brand experience.

Some famous work affiliates

MKG has worked for Audi, BarkBox, Delta Air Lines, Google and ShopBop, to name a few.

A Perfect Event

Debi Lilly founded A Perfect Event, and the company aims to help clients escape from reality with their creative event designs. That’s what they do best, and their services of event management are unparalleled, and that’s why most of her clients are high-profile.

Where’s it located?

A Perfect Event currently works from Chicago.

What are they good for?

They are excellent for corporate events, weddings, galas, private events and even birthday parties.

Some famous work affiliates

Their high-profile clients include Kendra Scott, Oprah Winfrey, Dom Perignon, Louis Vuitton and many more.


Wonderland is famous for its creative approaches to events. They love to experiment with stuffs, so the events are generally modern, upbeat, young and vibrant. So if you love creativity and want a modern touch to your event, Wonderland is the perfect event planning company.

Where’s it located?

Wonderland is based in New York City, London, and Miami.

What are they good for?

They can handle a wide range of events like experimental marketing, any type of social events and brand launches or product launches, to name a few.

Some famous work affiliates

Wonderland has worked with brands like Topshop, ASOS and celebrities like Ariana Grande and Haagen-Dazs.


Eventive is another excellent planning company that focuses on brand promotion and management. So they are perfect for anyone in the corporate world looking for marketing and management of their launches. They bring life to different brands through their events, making them unique.

Where’s it located?

Eventive is based in New York City.

What are they good for?

They are perfect for any type of brand marketing, brand promotion or product promotion.

Some famous work affiliates

Their famous clients are NFL, Purina, Kellogg’s Welch, and Rihanna’s.

Oren Co

Yifat Oren founded Oren Co, and they are all about luxurious events. That’s why they are one of the most significant event planning companies that manage A-list events. Most of their clients are high-profile individuals, so they cater to private events.

Where’s it located?

Oren Co functions from two cities; Loa Angeles and New York City.

What are they good for?

They are excellent for private weddings and any type of private celebrity event.

Some famous work affiliates

Their high-profile clients include Adam Lavine, Reese Witherspoon, Jason Bateman, Natalie Portman and many more.


So these are the things that event production companies take care of, and you can see why even high-profile individuals hire them. There is also an event decoration company specifically for decoration, so as you can see, event planning is diverse.

So the next time you have an event in mind, you know what to do. You can type ‘event planning companies near me’, contact them, share your vision of the event including the budget and then proceed with the other stuffs.

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