How to Throw a Virtual Party [Guide]

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How to Throw a Virtual Party – At a time when social distancing is the need of the hour, virtual parties can be your only way for celebrations. But who said virtual parties couldn’t be as fun as the usual way of partying! Whether you want to host birthday parties, engagements, or corporate events, you can host any kind of event on virtual party platforms.

You just need to make sure you’re headed in the right direction with your party preparations. So, here are some simple and easy tips to help you throw a fun-filled virtual party for you and your guests.

Plan! Plan! Plan!

The first step towards any successful in-person or virtual party is to have a proper plan. So, start by planing for the virtual party like you normally would for a physical one. Discuss with your attendees and pick a date and time that is convenient for everyone.

Always remember the reason behind the party and stick to the theme. Once you have set the date and time, you can make your virtual party invitations and send them online.

For creating virtual invitations, you can use tools like Smilebox and Evite.

Choose a suitable Virtual Party Platform

There are several excellent virtual party platforms out there. Thus, you can pick the one that caters to your party’s needs. Most virtual party platforms offer a wide range of party features such as party themes, games, emojis, stickers, music, chat, and many more. So, picking the right party platform usually depends on the number of attendees.

If you have a large group of attendees, you can throw your virtual party on Zoom, which has a capacity of up to 100 guests. Other platforms like Skype and  Facebook Messenger can conveniently accommodate up to 50 people.

On the other hand, if you are hosting a closed event with a few guests, you can opt for platforms like HousepartyGoogle Hangouts, etc.

Send the virtual party links to your guess

Once you have picked your virtual party platform and built your party/ conference room, make sure to send the links to all your attendees before the actual party. Also, since everyone is not technology-sound, you might want to explain to your guests how to join the virtual party platforms.

Make sure all your guests are well-informed and prepared to join the virtual party. This way, you can avoid any miscommunications at the time of the party.

Pick a party theme and activities

Whether you are throwing a virtual birthday party or a corporate event, it is always fun to stick to a theme and dress up accordingly. This will give your guests something exciting to look forward to.

Parties with no games are super boring. So come up with some fun activities and games that involve all your attendees. There are tons of virtual party games you can choose from – Game Pigeon, MinecraftJackbox GamesRoblox, and lots more. Or, you can even opt for a virtual movie night with NetflixParty.

Set the entry and exit time

Just like anything else, if your party gets too stretched, guests may get bored. This is why you should fix not only the start time but also the party’s end time. This way, there is a better chance that your guests will stick around until the end time instead of dropping out.

Follow all these super easy virtual party tips mentioned above and embrace yourself for a great time!

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