6 Types of Virtual Events You Need to Know for 2022

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With virtual events becoming a significant part of business all over the globe, it is right to question the different types of virtual events. In many instances, all types of events that are hosted online get clubbed together as a virtual event.

If you are not familiar with these unconventional events, they might all seem the same. However, there are different types of virtual events, and we elaborate on them in this post.


This is a type of virtual event where videos of a conference or an event are live-streamed. Webcasts are designed to reach a large number of audiences from all across the globe. It literally means broadcasting on the web.

An instance of Apple introducing the iPhone X during a special event from Steve Jobs Theater in California is a webcast. It was watched by millions of spectators across the globe, which led to preorders selling out within 24 hours!

6 Types of Virtual Events You Need to Know for 2020


Webinars are single seminars where audiences listen and have limited interaction with the host. This type of virtual event is designed for a smaller-scale audience, such as a workshop or a seminar.

Some of the best webinars platforms are FlowEverWebinar, and WebinarJam, among others.

Virtual conferences.

It is similar to a traditional conference; only it is hosted and executed online. Through a virtual conference, participants can attend meetings and participate in other events from a remote computer. It can range from participating in discussion forums as well as networking opportunities.

Virtual conferences are subdivided into three categories. These are teleconference, video conference and web conference. They are typically executed by using conferencing tools such as Zoom or Skype.

Virtual trade shows

This type of virtual event is where businesses and investors exhibit their products and innovations. Through this trade show, visitors can connect with the companies and exhibitors without actually interacting in person.

Among the most popular trade shows that are scheduled for virtual events include Augmented World Expo 2020 and BIO Digital 2020.

Virtual open houses

Through this type of virtual events, real estate and property agents bring potential clients to view properties and homes. According to Redfin, a real estate firm, the percentage of people asking for video tours increased by 30% in March 2020. This is a stark contrast to 0.2% at the beginning of the year.

Virtual Career fairs

This type of virtual event allows employers and job seekers to connect. Among the most notable ones is the Google virtual career fair and Microsoft’s Alumni Virtual Career Fair.