How to Choose the Best Mobile Event Apps in 2022

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Event organizers are often in a jiffy when deciding what mobile event app to select! You are not alone. Are you looking for an appropriate event app, but don’t know how to choose? Worry not, we bring you a step-by-step guide to help you choose a perfect app for hosting events virtually!

Tips for Choosing Best Mobile Event App Provider

Technology is extremely dynamic. Additionally, technology is also driven by experiences. So, if the mobile event app is scoring poor user experience, it might be best not to consider that application.

Let’s see some things you should keep in mind before selecting an event app provider:

List down your needs and the features of the mobile event app

Listing your event objectives and goals is necessary. It will make it easier for you to judge the features of various event apps based on your needs. Additional services you can look out for are behavioral data of attendees. Select a mobile event app provider who is aligned with your strategy and organizational missions.

Choose a mobile event app which has good networking potential

Did you know networking is the main attraction for getting attendees to your event, according to Event Manager Blog? So, choosing the right mobile event app provider who can deliver a full list of attendees, chat, exporting contacts, the ability for attendees to make connections and add people to their networks is important.

Check if the event app offers a website and mobile platform

A cross-platform event application gives the user flexibility to select their mode of attendance. Once the attendees get hooked onto the features, they are more likely to download the app to explore more services. According to Swapcard, over three-fifths of attendees start their experience on the web before using the application on mobile.

Check the user interface of the mobile event app

Download the mobile event app and check the features. The backend of the app might be great, but the user interface needs to be impeccable. Try out all the features like attendee profile, registration, networking, chat, inks, and banners in the app. This will help you create a better event for your virtual attendees!

Check time-saving features which will take care of minute details

Checking if the app reduces your effort by smart solutions for problems like exceeding room capacity is important. Look for every exception that could occur and how the event app would handle it. Investigating these aspects, you can know how easy the app will perform!

Investigate revenue-generating services of the mobile event app

Hosting an event is mainly for increasing networks. So, look for in-app features like quality lead capturing, which can help you build relations post-event. Also, check if the mobile event app offers exclusive visibility to sponsors. Try out such features to see how the attendees would perceive them!

To Sum It Up!

Mobile event app technology moves fast. With huge competition in the market, it’s all the more important for you to be perceptive. Choose the right mobile event app according to your needs and goals from these tips!