Best Online Event Registration Platforms Worth Considering in 2022

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Are you tired of all the hassles of complicated online event registration? Do you want something more convenient and hassle-free for your next event? If yes, then this article is exactly what you need.

Here are some of the best online event registration platforms worth considering in 2021. These virtual event registration platforms are not only convenient but also completely reliable.

Top 5 Online Event Registration Softwares and Platforms:


Eventbrite is one of the most popular event registration platforms out there. It is suitable for all kinds of events; big or small. Whether you want to throw a virtual party or host corporate events, Eventbrite can work well for you.

Attendees can access the event registration platform on both the Eventbrite mobile app or the web. Eventbrite also features ticketing, general registration, and everything related to event management. Thus, you can consider Eventbrite as one of the most versatile and functional platforms out there.

You can either use Eventbrite for free or opt for the paid event plan.


If your virtual event deals with selling of tickets, you might want to consider Accelevents. This platform offers a user-friendly interface. Thus, event planners can enjoy a quick, hassle-free setup and begin selling their tickets quicker.

Accelevents also features a dedicated URL and allows you to customize your event’s page.


The next event registration platform on this list is Brushfire. This platform is particularly designed for nonprofit virtual events like charity or church events. Brushfire offers great event management tools, such as price control, advertising, fees, and communication.

You can also use the customizing features on this platform, such as event branding, registration forms, event page, seating arrangements, etc.

Brushfire charges no fee for free events. However, if you go for the paid event plan, it may cost around $1, along with 1% of the ticket price per guest.

Cvent Event Management

Cvent Event Management is another popular and versatile event registration platform. It is a cloud-based company. Cvent company has an impressive number of about 4,000 employees and more than 300,000 users. With such a massive user base, there is no doubt that Cvent caters to almost any kind of event.

Both event planners and marketers can benefit from this platform. It offers online event registration, email marketing, onsite event solutions, and many other event management tools and features.


Bookwhen is another easy-to-use virtual event platform. It has a simple and user-friendly interface, making it a popular choice among newbies.

Boowhen provides a wide list of features ranging from custom booking forms, waiting lists, event registration, online payments, onsite support, and many more.

Once you have launched your event, people can check out your event updates on your particular website or from the Bookwhen app itself.

Bookwhen offers a free plan. However, it’s limited to up to 150 monthly registrations, one public page, and one admin.

On the other hand, the paid plan on this platform allows up to 300 registrations, one public page, and two admins at the cost of $15 per month.

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