Technological Event: Must be Reliable rather Than Becoming a New Problem

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In this digital era, many conferences, brands, or concerts take advantage of technological event. For example, those large-scale events seem to be getting used to offering electronic ticket services as a form of convenience for all parties involved.

It’s undeniable that digital marketing has become an inseparable part of daily activities and has always been an option in managing events. However, it should be noted that the application of technology in each event is not exactly the same.

You, as event planners, even risk losing focus when you have to think about the digital aspects of the technological event you are managing when given instructions to do so.

Considerations in Using Technology at Events

Consider the following points so that the expectations of client of technological event companies are maintained and to ensure that all activities in the event will remain effective and efficient.

  • Reach an agreement with the client about the event’s purpose and outcome. Don’t let this most important point be unclear. Moreover, the event that you manage is just showing off the use of new technology without a clear target.
  • Designing an experience of what technology to use. Creating a tech experience has become increasingly common as part of brand activation or even for corporate events. The pressure to provide a freshly new experience is always on the organizing team.
  • The new and the effective. Event planners are always pressured to create something new for their clients. This ultimately prompts them to look for digital solutions that can be added to their event, regardless of technology’s relevance to the event.
  • Cost effectiveness. Borrowing a term from the startup world, you need to consider the user acquisition costs of using expensive technology at an event.
  • Reusability and reliability. Technology investments for events need to consider the possibility of reusability and reliability. If there is an expensive technology, you must agree with the client about whether the costs can be spent on one or more events.

The Technology Used or Promoted Should be Relevant to the Event

The Technology Used or Promoted Should be Relevant to the Event

The pressure to provide a fresh and new experience is always on the organizing team who want to make the event more interesting. However, event planners sometime utilize technology current event simply just because it’s only a ‘technology’.

The technology is supposed to have a clear contribution to the purpose of the event. Even something as simple as a photo booth needs to have a clear relevance to the event by automatically embedding digital frame in photo.

Another example that is currently trending in technological events is the use of VR. The VR experience needs to provide relevant content. It can be in the form of a simple exit survey, to be compared with visitor demographic data.

To sum it up, cultural and psychological as it is an economic or technological event is a prerequisite in carrying out digital transformation since the application of digital culture is more about changing the mindset in order to adapt to developments.

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