Influencer Event, a Way of Promotion Increasingly Used by Event Planners

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Influencer event currently has an important position and role in digital marketing strategies and the results have been proven by brands from various industries. By holding an event with influencers, companies may get benefits.

Speaking of which, what is an influencer event? An influencer event is usually presented by companies, trademarks, or brands with a purpose of making a more meaningful connection level with the influencer.

Is The Procurement of Event Influencers Worth It?

There are many advantages that can be obtained if you organize an influencer event, either individually or a group of influencers at once. These advantages include high visibility to have a broad reach at the first place.

You may also achieve a target market that can be tailored to the needs of your product or brand, and most importantly the originality of the content. You also get double benefits in one time and one event.

The potential that influencers have regarding the ability to create unique influencer event ideas that fits their personality makes the campaign can be done on event site and on social media when influencers start uploading their own content.

If you want maximum reach, then you can invite macro influencers to collaborate. Influencers at this level have a large number of followers and with diverse follower profiles. This means that the campaign you organize can reach the wider community in a more massive way.

On the other hand, if you want to get brand awareness with a categorized target market, for example your product is a health product; you can simply work with micro influencers to hold influencer events.

Many think that if the number of followers that influencers have is small, the campaign does not give good results. Of course, this assumption cannot be said to be true, considering that micro influencers may actually have better engagement rates.

Benefits of Holding Events with Influencers

Benefits of Holding Events with Influencers

Let’s summarize some of the benefits that you will get if you hold an event with influencers.

  • Improved Visibility. The existence of influencers on social media has its own position for its followers. By sharing photos or stories during the event, your brand and product presence will also be seen by the influencers’ followers you work with.
  • Save Time on Promotion. You will save a lot of time doing promotions since there are two things you can get at the same time in one event, offline campaigns and digital campaigns through influencer’s social media.
  • Cost Saving. Once you make an event, you can get a more specific reach considering that the event is held in a certain area and a wider reach with social media campaigns carried out by influencers.

If you’ve never held an event with an influencer, go to an influencer event once to learn. As for how to get invited to influencer events, you have to find out through the information shared on social media and offline.

Besides learning directly when you become an influencer event participant, you can also use the influencer events 2021 as your learning material. Learn them from beginning to end that you can collect through browsing.

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