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How can an event run well without invitation? Invitation is as much as important as the event itself. It is the first thing that will come in hand of your attendees or business partners. Sending the best business invitation email is one of ways to make your invitation come as a simple yet precise invitation for the recipient.

What is Business Invitation Email?

Business invitation email sounds familiar for those who host a business event. But for those who just start to make a first step here, might need a little more explanation.

Business invitation email is a form of tool functions as the first glance description to give detail information of the event such as date, location, theme, and RSVP.

Business invitation email doesn’t merely write the detail information of the event. There must be a structure and attractive design to bring it up as a catchy email. Along with that, an invitation email should have a call to action. Don’t make it cold, make it as a calling thing.

Reasons Why You Should Write Business Invitation email

As mentioned before, writing a business invitation email is important because it is the first face of your event in the invited guestrecipient’s eyes. Here are particular reasons to write invitation email for an event:

  • Build strong tone foundation of the event – As invitation email acts as the first thing people will see about the event, it creates the first impression for the recipient. How’s the message delivered, how’s the theme and design of the email, and how’s the wording will express the tone of your event that will be remembered.
  • Create attendee’s excitement for the event – A business invitation email isn’t just a message fully written to invite people. The excitement of the guest will first pop out when they receive the invitation email. So, here’s one of the essential reason to write it, to create excitement, to create an action from the people. You don’t want your invitation end up in a read, right?
  • Give detail information of the event – In formal invitation email for event, the invited attendee must know what event they will attend. Through the invitation email, they will receive detail information of the event at a glance. It leads to a better understanding of the event.
  • Create a memorable passage – Sending invitation email can be one method to remind people of the event which will be hosted in the near future. People might hear about the information of an event before receiving the invitation. Herewith, invitation email function as a reminder for those who might completely forget about the event.

Before jumping to the business event invitation email sample, let’s break down the main structural keys to create the best business event invitation email.

Structural Keys of Invitation Email for Business Event:

Subject line

Subject line is the first thing that will pop out on the recipient’s screen. It is that words which deliver the intention of the sender. So, it’s better come out in short, strong, and catchy words.

No one will ever like to read a lengthy opening on their mail screen. Moreover, people tend to spend their time on the phone and  more than 40% of people like to open their emails through mobile device rather than desktop opened mail that is only 18% of people had done it.

Here are some examples of event invitation email subject lines wording

“Hi Martha! Don’t Miss Out the Business Development Workshop”

“You’re Invited to Dinner Reception”

“We’d love to see you at Apple’s Product Launching”

“Hi Martha! Are you ready for our annual networking event?”

Opening and Closing

If you want to greet your attendees with a short yet precise opening, the opening section is the right place for you to put those words. The function of this part is to give a warm and friendly greeting along with the purpose of the event itself.

For example, you can go with “Please join us to celebrate Catherine 18th birthdy party” or you can go with this style, “Dear, Mr. Jhon, It’s a pleasure to invite you to the 2021 Annual Business Development Meeting”. This style of corporate event invitation wording can be followed by the link of the registration form of the event.

To close your message warmly, you can put a warm message such as “Please enjoy and relax with us”. In this section, you can inform to the recipient that they can freely ask questions by replying the email itself, or you can mention the RSVP information so that the recipient has that one who can be asked for help or information. For example, “Do not hesitate to reach us for question by replying this message, see you!”  Or “For further information, you can freely contact Ms. Diane at +62271113456”


Don’t let it ever slipped from your mind. This section is the most essential part of your invitation email. This is where the detail information of the email should be mentioned, including date and time, venue, or additional information such as dress code or what thing to bring

Making those informations in point per point is such a great idea to make it easy to remember or you can just write it in a paragraph. Other option is you can wrap the information mentioned  through a link, of course followed by the registration section to make it concise.

The structural keys mentioned above will guide you in how to write a formal invitation correctly. Remember that you have to write it in a simple yet catchy wordings. The idea of creating your invitation not only in words but attractive design is one of choice you can have.

Every theory can be better if it’s followed by examples. Here are some business event invitation templates as your inspiration

Business invitation email for meeting

Business invitation email for meeting

Dear [name of the participant],


It’s a pleasure to invite you to [name of event] to discuss the [describe the discussion material]

The meeting will be held on:

[insert date and duration]

[insert venue. Either virtually or physically]

For the material that will be discussed, I have attached the additional documents to provide background information of our meeting. It would be very helpful for us if you read the documents first.

Please confirm your participation as soon as possible by reaching out Mrs. Diane at +18975302


I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Best regards,

[Your name]


What’s good on that email invitation template is that it mentions the main purpose in the opening section, so that the recipient get the main idea clearly. The examaple also mentioned detail information along with mentioning rsvp to get confirmation of the recipient which is important to mention in writing invitation letter for event participation

Company anniversary email invitation

Company anniversary email invitation

Hi [name of your recipient],


We would like to invite you to celebrate our 22nd Company Anniversary that will be hold on  [insert date and duration]. It is such a plesure to invite you to celebrate this joyful event at the [insert venue. Either virtually or physically]

Since you have been our dearest partner in this company, please enjoy and cherish this special event of ours. Please wear your best formal dinner attire. If there is any further question, please reach us by replying this email.


Have a nice day!



[Your name]


From one of the business event invitation templates above, the information of the event can be written along with the opening section. By writing this kind of template, the recipient will get the point at one time reading in the first paragraph.

Seminar or workshop email invitation

Seminar or workshop email invitation

Dear [Name of your participant],


I am writing this email to invite you to attend [event’s name] seminar that will be held on [date of the event] and begin sharp at [time of the event]. This seminar takes place at [insert venue. Either virtually or physically].

Through this seminar, we will address several issues,

  1. [Insert topic]
  2. [Insert topic]
  3. [Insert topic]

If you are not able to make it, please kindly inform us through Mr. Joshua at [email protected] before [date].

We would be glad if you can attend this seminar.


Thank you and regards,

[Your name]


It can be seen from the formal invitation email sample above that mentioning additional information can be done by making them into points. It surely will highlight the topic that will be discussed and lead to good understanding from the participant.

Networking email invitation

Networking email invitation

Hi [name of your participant],


I am [Your name and position] from [Your company name]. I have just read your work and inspired of your writing on [topic]. Therefore, I would like to invite you to grab some coffee and talk further about [topic].

It would be nice if we can meet on [time and duration] at [place].

I hope to hear from you soon!



[Your name]

Charity email invitation

Charity email invitation

Dear [name of the participant],


You are invited to our annual charity event, [name of your event]. We have organized this event on [date and duration of your event]. This event will be held at [venue of the event].

[event’s name] is one of the biggest charity event that runs on [explain the event purpose, vision and mission]

Please kindly confirm your attendance by click the link below


If you have any further question of the event,feel free reach us by replying this email.

Looking forward to your graceful participation.



[Your name]

Formal business lunch email invitation

Formal business lunch email invitation

Dear [Recipient name],


As our companies will be cooperating together to do our newest project, I, [your name and company’s name] would like to invite you to a lunch meeting that will be located on [state address] on [date, time, and duration] to discuss further about it and to know more about each other.

Please confirm your attendance by reaching our reception at [email/contact number] before [date].

We hope to seeing you soon.



[your name]


If you need a reference for corporate event invitation letter sample, you can see through the example above. It might be simple, but it sums up the main purpose of the content of the event invitation email.

Interview email invitation

Interview email invitation

Dear [first name of recipient],


Thank you for your interest and your application to the [job title] role at our company, [company’s name]


We would like to invite you to the next step of [job title] role recruitment, HR Interview, with following information below;

Place                :

Date                 :

Time                :

Interviewer      :

Please confirm your availability to attend the interview by replying this email before [date].

We look forward to seeing you soon.




[Your name]

Sport event email invitation

Sport event email invitation

Hi [name of recipient]’


Here come the day we’ve been waiting for!

Please join us on our  company’s annual sport tournament at [pace of event]. This sport tournament will be held strike at [time of event]

As you have worked hard this year, let’s cherish and celebrate the success of our project by joining this event. To support this event, please bring your sport attire. The schedule of our sport event is attached along with this email.

Don’t hesitate to ask further question and please confirm your attendance by replying this email latest on [date].

We eagerly to meet you soon!


Best Regards,


[Your name]


Trade show email invitation

Trade show email invitation

Dear [name of recipient].


We are honored to invite you to attend our [event’s name] trade show. This event will take place at [venue] and will be hold on [date and time].

[name of event] is our annual trade show that gives opportunity for exhibitors to showcase newest product or offers. For the attendees, it obviously will give thousands information and experiences. Please call [contact info or number] to confirm your attendance latest on [date]

Looking forward to see you soon.




[your name]


Those examples of business event invitation templates are some of the great wordings for your event invitation email. You can modify and rewrite the content of your email to gain the invited people’s attention.

Please note that writing email invitation is not obligated come up in text-based writing. You can combine text and interesting design to get more attention from people.

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