How to Write the Best Post-Event Thank You Email: Thank You Messages for Event Attendees

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As virtual events grow in popularity due to digital technology advancement, you might find yourself taking part in them often. And if you are the host, it’s always important to let your attendees know how grateful you are. Sending a thank you email is the best way. It shows your appreciation and also motivates them to attend your future events.

You can create an email for post virtual-events on platforms like CISCO and IBM. Read on to find some of the best tips on how to create a good post-event thank you email.

Subject lines:

The subject line for your thank you email depends on what type of audience you have. It may be something simple like “Thank You for being at The Event” or a more personalized one where you add the attendee’s name. Including their name will undoubtedly be more effective as the recipient will know that you are not just dispersing automated emails.

How to create the best subject lines:

A subject line might seem like an almost insignificant part of a thank you email, yet, it is the most crucial aspect. After all, whether the receiver opens the email or not depends on the subject line in any case.

Make them brief

According to Litmus, 54% of people use mobile devices to open emails. So it implies that the subject line needs to be brief, to the point, and skillfully written. Keep in mind to first use the most pertinent words.

Remember that subject line represents what your intention is to your audience. So, you must wrap it into short and meaningful subject line within 5-8 words. The idea of adding emoji is a perfect hit for your informal event. Despite making the subject lines catchy, it will create a memorable inbox for your audience. Remember that emoji won’t suit with every occasion, use it only for informal event.

Before you create your thank you post-event email, you should first know what is your intention, is it purely a general thank you email or specific thank you email. Make them precisely, so that your recipient gets your point.

For example:

“Your assisting in Wildlife Caretaker is Valuable, Thanks!”

“Thanks for bringing such big differences!”

The 2 examples above represent a specific event, volunteer event, in your thank you email subject. You can mention your event and what the role of your attendee is in your event.

“Hi Claire, thanks for attending our event”

This one is the kind of that general template people will use. To make it special for your recipient, you can mention their name to make it more personal.

What Things You Need in Your Body Email:

Here are some essential things you should consider in writing the body of your email to avoid scribbled writing.

Express your Thank You in Detail

Start your writing with gratitude in the first line. Before you write down the line, you can’t forget the greeting. Back to the first sentence, you can add one to two sentences which mention your gratitude there. You can also mention your event’s name to make it more detail This thank you note will give the specific information about what thing you are thanked for. Then, your attendee starts to feel appreciated after reading the first line.

Mentioning details about what your attendee’s participation will show more appreciation for the recipient. This kind of specific note will suit best for your formal event.

For example:

“Dear Mr. Wang,

Thank you for taking the time for our monthly meeting today. I really appreciate your advice, hard work, and productivity.”

And for the less formal occasion you can go with,


“Hi Emma!

Thanks so much for coming to my birthday party this weekend. I had such a great time with you!”

Additional information

After expressing your thank you note, next, you can add some additional information of your event whether it is a summarize or result of your event or your attendee’s contribution given.

For example:

“I am happy to report that we’ve reached the amount of fund to provide food for our friend and family in Africa. It’s enough to feed 500.000 children and adult who are suffering from hunger. Your contribution gives a valuable difference for world”

You can take a look for that part of fundraising body email. By mentioning the result of your event and give a little mention of the contribution of your participant. Moreover, it will draw a clearer message for them about what your post-event look like.

Add a Call to Action

What is the meaning of an event if it can’t be a continues event? Some of event need to be hosted continuously. To grab your previous attendee’s attention to your future event, you can ask for feedback about what exact event people want to attend in the future.

Here is a perfect example for you,

“Kindly share your feedback about our “Modernization and Expansion of Gold and Silver Mining Projects in Latin America” webinar here [LINK] and help us to improve our event in the future. Your feedback is precious for us.”

The recipient should be familiar with your name

If you don’t want your Email to be mistaken for spam, make sure the recipient knows the sender’s name. Another point to remember is, avoid including a “no reply” in the title. It may backfire in many places. Firstly, people may not read it at all since they won’t be able to reply. Secondly, getting a robotic thank you note might dishearten the recipient.

The Body of the Email:

The next essential part of your thank you email is the email body. Make it short and sweet. One thing clear to all of us is that no one likes to read lengthy emails. And because of this reason, we are stressing about making the content as short as possible. Make sure that your Email conveys the message in the shortest way possible.

Other than these criteria, it is always ideal to see samples of thank you emails to get some ideas for writing yours. Ask for their invaluable feedback and ensure that you don’t delay sending the email after the event.

After you know how to write thank you email and what things to be considered in writing a thank you letter for participation in an event, now let’s jump to the sample of thank you letter through email.

If you want to send a thank you email for your attendees after they attending your event and still confuse what the email should look like, this article will help you to overcome your problem. Let’s check the free sample thank you letter for attending an event below

Webinar Thank You Letter              

The first example of thank you letter is webinar thank you letter. As the explanation mentioned above, letting your attendees know that you are grateful for their participation is such a sweet and positive action to do. It will leave a good impression and it will increase the chance of your attendees to attend your future event

This is the template of “thank you for coming to my event” letter

Dear [First name of your audience],

Thank you for participating at our [title of your webinar] Webinar. We hope you enjoyed the presentation.

If you missed out or couldn’t attend our section, please click the link below to see the recorded video of our webinar.

Kindly share your feedback about the [title of your webinar] here [link] and help us to improve our event in the future. Your feedback is precious for us.

Thank you again for your attendance. We hope the best for you and success in your future. See you in our next event.

Best Regards,


[Your name]

Adding a recorded video of your webinar will help your audiences who can’t attend your event. It will make your audiences feel more appreciated by including them in your event. It’s possible that your audiences will see your event as a caring event.

The feedback link will also help you to make a better event in the future by understanding what your audiences want.

For the subject of your email, you can use a clear and personal subject such as “[Name of your audience], thanks for joining our Webinar, [Title of your webinar]” or “[Name of your audience], thank you for your attendance”

For this template, you can also use it for your thank you letter for attending seminar you held.

Fundraising Thank You Letter

The next example is fundraising thank you letter. It is so essential to thank your participants of your fundraising event. They come to help you and of course you need to show your appreciation.

It is an obligation to send thank you letter for support and cooperation given by your participants. Making your participants feel more appreciated after they attend your event will win their heart.

Here is the template of fundraising thank you letter


HI [First name of your participant],

Thank you for support and participation at [Your event name]. We hope the best for you and your success in your future.

After the fundraising we held, I’m happy to report that we’ve reached the amount of fund to provide food for our family in Africa. It’s enough to feed 500.000 children and adult in Africa who are suffering from hunger.

We can soon see a smiling face on their face. Without you, we can’t met this success.

Thank you for supporting our fundraising event and for your generous heart. It makes a real positive difference for the world.

With gratitude,


[Your name]


The example above shows the thank you letter of food fundraising for Africa. Here, the letter highlights the real positive impact of the fundraising event. You should mention the positive impact of your fundraising event to inform your participant that your event is really helpful and their donation is not misused. You can change the highlighted sentences with your own impact.

It shows that your participants take a big role in supporting your event. By sending this kind of letter through email, it will give a bigger insight for your participant that either small or big act will give a real impact for fundraising event.

For the subject itself, “You Did It! Thank You, [your participant’s name]” will be a great example. Make it personal and meaningful. Make your participants feel that what they’ve done is precious.

Business Meeting Thank You Letter

Working as employees require them to do business meeting in their daily activity. Especially in this global pandemic, the intensity to hold a virtual business meeting will increase.

According to Forbes, Employee will be loyal and stay around with the company they worked for if they are recognized and appreciated. One of the simple and easiest way to appreciate your employee is by sending them thank you letter after you hold a business meeting.

The continuously meeting can cause a burnout and restless feeling for the employees. Email is one of an essential thing in their work life. Checking emails everyday becomes their obligation and it will be a surprise if they find out there is a thank you letter from their manager or boss.

Besides making your employee happy, business meeting thank you letter will make your partner and colleagues feel appreciated. This email can also be a follow-up email for the next meeting.

Here is a sample thank you letter after business meeting.


HI [First name of your employee or your team],

Thank you so much for taking the time for our meeting today. I really appreciate your advice, hard work, and productivity. I enjoy the meeting very much.

As the result of our meeting, here are the next steps we should take


Once again thanks for the help and advice. See you!



[Your name]


Thank You Letter for Event Organizer

Thank you letter after event attendance is a simple thing you should do after holding an event. But, don’t forget the thank you letter for event organizer. It is also important to show your gratitude to event organizer or event planner, especially if you rely your success to their service.

This action will establish a healthy relationship between you and your event organizer. Perhaps, you can get a discount due to your appreciation. Interesting, right?

Here is one of the template you can see


Dear [The company’s name / event organizer’s name]

Thank you for the great and excellent support given by you and your team in organizing and managing our event, [mention the name of your event].

We experienced a really successful event and we realized it could happen due to your and your team’s hard work, effort, and creativity. Everything is met our expectation and I don’t doubt about your outstanding technical and administrative regulation.

We believe that your company will be the most outstanding event organizer ever. Once again, thank you for the support and gracious team.



[Your name]


Volunteer Thank You Email

Dear [First name of your participant],

We would like to thank you for your assistance with our volunteer event, Wildlife Caretaker. Your contributions are really valuable and precious for the injured animals due to the bush fires.

With the help of your hand, we’ve had finally rescued 350.000 animals during the bushfire and taken care of them since then. This is a big movement to keep rescuing and handling the animals in need.

If you have any feedback for our volunteer program, please kindly click the link below and support us to give a bigger contribution for the world.



[Your name]


Birthday Party Thank You Email

Hi [First name of your participant]!

Thanks to my best friend for coming to my birthday party this weekend. Without you, the party was nothing.

You have been always special for me and i feel so blessed that we are still hanging around. I hope you enjoy the party and of course the cake.

See you!


[Your Name]


Networking Thank You Email

Hi [First name of your participant],

I am reaching you out to express that i appreciate for your coming at [Event name] on [date].

I wish that you enjoyed our networking event this afternoon. I am happy to meet and discuss [topics] with such an amazing person like you. It was so inspiring and refreshing.

I’d love to hear more from you. Let me know if you’d like to meet up again to continue our discussion.

Looking forward to discussing this further

Kind regards,


[Your name]


Career Fair Thank You Email for Exhibitor

Dear [first name of your exhibitor],

Thank you for participating in our [Event name] on [Event date]. It was a great experience to cooperate with you during the event. We appreciate the information, time, and service given for this event.

We would like to inform you that our attendees and staffs experienced a great event with the help of your hand. We won’t be success without your participant in giving detail information of job opportunities.

Thank you for the time and dedication for this event. I hope we can work together in the near future.

Best regards,


[Your name]


Conference Speaker Thank You Email

Dear [Speaker’s first name]

We would like to express our gratitude for your willingness to take part at our conference as a speaker. Your contribution took a significant part in our event.

We believe that the knowledge you’ve shared will help and develop the sector. As we want to forward this great knowledge to our participant who can’t attend the event, we would like to share the recorded material along with the conference speaker biographies.

We look forward to your participant in our next event.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,


[Your name]


Conference Participant Thank You Email

Beside saying “thank you for speaking at our event” to your speaker, your participants deserve to receive your thanks through an email.

To build engagement with your participants, you can send the “Thank you for participating” letter right away after your event has finished. Here is an example of a thank you letter for attending conference for your participants.

Dear [Name of your participant],

We are so glad that you have participated at [Name of your event]. Thank you for supporting our event by attending and contributing.

We hope you enjoy the experience and receive a beneficial information. If you missed out the session we have, please click the link below to see the summarize material given by the speaker.

[Link of your event’s material]

Kindly share your feedback here [link of the feedback page] to help us create a better conference in the future.

Looking forward to meeting you in the next occasion!

Thank you

Best Regards,


[Your name]


Don’t forget to add your best and catchy subject line for thank you email you’ve made.


A Thank You Letter for Client

Another thank you email template you can have is a thank you letter for client. A client is one of the success key for your business in a various aspect. First, without a client, you can’t run your business well. Second, your client is essential  for you to build branding. A mouth to mouth news will be spread easily.

Therefore, build engagement after the post-event is important. Your client will be more excited about your business after they receive your “thank you for letting me know” email.

Here is a template of thank you letter to client after event you can have.

Dear [name of your client],

We would express our gratitude for your trust our company, [Name of your company]. We appreciate your kind appreciation and your good cooperation.

We also appreciate for your recent order, [mention the ordered stuff/service]. We are fortunate to work with  you and we hope we will get the opportunity to cooperate in the near future.

Thank you for taking the time to meet with us and to choose [Name of your company]. We look forward to have the opportunity to work together with you.



[Your name]


Thank You Letter for Vendors

Another thank you email after event is a thank you letter for vendors. If you use the service of vendors for your event, it is necessary for you to show your appreciation through a thank you letter.  It’s the kind if thank you for your help email you should send after someone has helped you.

Let’s take a look of the vendors thank you letter below.

Dear [Name of your vendor’s PIC].

We are writing this message to thank you for the good quality service you have served for our event, [Name of your event].

Due to your service, we could experience a better environment by the good customer service, your detail and precise level service, and the way you conduct a business relationship. Thank you for coming to our event.

We won’t be hesitate to continue to cooperate with you and recommend your service to other company. We look forward to continuing our relationship.



[Your name]


Thank You Letter Post Interview

A thank you post email after you have an interview is such a great idea to show your appreciation for the time they gave and of course to show your existence to your interviewer. Check this one of post interview thank you letter below!

Dear [Name of the interviewer],

Thank you for the great interview session about the [Job title] at [interview date]. I appreciate your generous time in interviewing me.

I am  so excited that the interview went well and I feel like I am a fit to your team due to my current skills.

Thank you again for the opportunity you gave to me in the previous interview. I would feel really appreciated if you inform me about the application status.

looking forward to hearing from you soon.



[Your name]


Besides sending a thank you letter, you can also send a follow up  email along with it. A follow up email is an email or part of email to show a response after attending an event.

After you have read the previous sample thank you letter after a successful event, such as thank you letter for business meeting, thank you letter after networking event,here are some examples of event follow up email you can have.


Conference follow Up Email

For you who have just attended a conference and still get curious about the speaker’s session, you can send them a follow up email to discuss more about it. This post conference email will help you a lot to engage with the speaker. Here is the example of follow up email after conference.

Dear [the prospect name],

It was a wonderful experience to see you at the [Name of event] conference. I really enjoy your session.

I would like to show my interest of your amazing session about [Mention the theme]. I’d really love to discuss more about the [topic] and i’d love to tell you about my ideas toward the material you’ve delivered.

Would you have time at [Date] ? Looking forward to hear from you soon.


Best Regards,


[Your name]


This kind of email can go with a request letter for participation in an event the speaker will attend. Open up your eyes and see every opportunity you have by sending thank you email.


Networking Follow Up Letter

After you learn how to write a networking thank you email, now you can learn how to write the networking follow up email. Check this out.

Hi [The prospect name],


Thank you for attending my event [Name of event]. It was really great to meet you and discussed a lot of [topic]. You are such an amazing and great person a

I noticed your Linked-In and saw that you are working in the field that i am interested for and it is related with the topic we’ve discussed before.

I’d love to meet for coffee and discuss more about the topic in person. Please let me know if you have free time. Once more thank you for coming to my event.


Best regards,


[your name]


Make sure that you also write your subject line of thank you email. What should the subject line be for a thank you email?

Let me repeat it for you, a subject line must be brief, personal, and recognizable for your participant. You can read once more the previous part of this article to understand more about how to write thank you email at its best.

Easy isn’t it? To write your own thank you letter.

Before you start to write your post-event thank you letter, here are some tips before you send yours.

  • Send it immediately after you hold your event – take a quick action after you finish your event because your audiences still feel the atmosphere of your event.
  • Send it in the right time – A data showed that the best time to send email is at 10 am. This data also mentioned that Wednesday get the highest rate of people opening their email. So it’s best for you to send your post-event thank you email at 10 am.
  • Make it personal but still professional – Making your email more personal will build a strong relationship between you and your audiences. To make it personal you can mention their first name in your subject or in the first line of your body email. Personalized email will increase the opening email rate for 50%. Before you send your email, please do double check to avoid typos. Typos will make it unprofessional.
  • Add some additional illustration – adding a creative and informative illustration to your email will make it interesting and eye catching. This kind of illustration will best suit for your semi-formal and informal event. You can also add your event’s logo in your body email.

Making thank you email after successful event become such an easy thing to do after you read this article. So, go get your thank you letter and don’t forget to share your experience in receiving a thank you letter through email on the comment section below

See you!

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