Creative Virtual Corporate Event Ideas: Type of Events Your Team will Love

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Creative Virtual Corporate Event Ideas: Type of Events Your Team will Love – Have you ever wondered why your employees’ work performance strike down? No?

It might be you who fail to engage your team and it turns out as restless feeling, especially during this global pandemic. You need some fresh corporate event ideas for your company to engage your team.

Based on the survey conducted by TechRepublic., a total number of 81% employees in 2020 said that they don’t feel any engagement occurs in their work place. What an amazing number! With this high percentage, it is possible for you to lose your employees soon.

Don’t wait until you lose them. Put a little more effort for them by conducting some corporate events in your company.

Then, why corporate events are important?

Corporate events are used to re build your team relationship. It aims to give your employees reward for their hard working and contribution in your company. Therefore, they will feel appreciated. A plus point is you’ll be seen as a good leader in balancing their work life and entertainment life. Isn’t it amazing to be employees’ favourite boss?

Haven’t planned any corporate events ideas yet? Check these outstanding type of events your team will love during their work from home period.

Team Building Events

Team building is an important activity to hold in every company. It can boost engagement, communication, and relationship between you and your employees and among the employees itself.

Around 86% of employees said that they won’t stay at the company they worked for if it’s not collaborative and lack of effective communication, said SalesForce.

By holding team building events, your employees will have trust in your company in live up their expectations in good company’s environment. Here are some examples of virtual team building events you can try:

  • Virtual Werewolf – Werewolf is known as a game who requires critical thinking to play. It will build engagement in your team. This game can be done virtually and it will be more challenging since the players can’t see each other in physical.
  • Can You Hear Me Now Game – This is such a popular game to play. It can improve your team communication and understanding skills. Choose one person as the speaker and the rest will be assigned as the clue giver.
  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt – Make a lists of things to find or to do and don’t forget to add riddles or puzzles. Your employees who can finish it first will be the winner. It is a perfect game to collaborate your team creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork.
  • Truth and Lies – This game is a great game to know each other and to open up with each other in office. Tell 3 lies and 1 truth, let the rest guess the truth and the lie.

Virtual Art and Music Events

Working at home could be so boring. One thing you can do to freshen up your employees’ energy is by holding virtual art and music events for your team.

According to a survey conducted by University of Massachusetts, 67% companies stated that art activity can improve their employees’ productivity and 77% of them also said that art can build the sense of appreciation in work environment.

Therefore, you can try these type activities to make your employees happy. Let’s take a look.

  • Virtual Painting Class – Give your team a whole new experience through painting class. It absolutely will reduce stresses and will be so much interesting for them who work at home. You can lay a trust on corporate event planners this time. Bartega and Pinot’s Palette can be your best option.
  • Virtual Pottery and Clay Workshop – Reward your employee with relaxing activity such as pottery and clay workshop. It will also increase your employees’ creativity, communication and collaboration skill. You can visit Penguin Foot Pottery and Happy Hands Art & Pottery website to make reservation for your virtual pottery and clay workshop
  • Virtual Karaoke – Who doesn’t love karaoke? Take your employees to go on karaoke at Friday night via Zoom application. Spend your weekend together with your employees. Release stress and forget the work world for a while! You can be your own corporate event planner this time.
  • Virtual Talent Shows – You must have very talented employees and maybe you or other employees’ don’t recognize it. Virtual talent show will be a perfect virtual corporate event to hold. It can be an activity to get know better of others. Prepare the jury and of course the reward for the winner.

Virtual Sport and Physical Events

Office sport can be your attractive way to engage your employees. Why? It gives both mental health and physical health for your employees. Though you can’t bring sport in physical form during this global pandemic. You can still hold virtual sport activities for your employees.

From a survey of 2315 UK employees, activity related with hobby, sport, and extracurricular that was hold by office will make them feel appreciated and happier. It also gives team bonding which can increase team engagement. 7% of them said that it contributes in their healthiness.

Virtual sport events you and your team can try are:

  • Soccer Drills
  • Shooting Drills
  • Wall Volleyball Drills
  • Virtual Yoga class
  • Virtual workout class
  • Virtual Darts

 Virtual Small Fun Events

If your company is in tight schedule and you want to give some rewards on what your employees are doing in a short period during their virtual work, small fun activities will best suit you.

Small fun activities for employees will make your employee connected with each other in a simple but effective way. You can do it virtually and of course with less property. It can be an escape from their restless feeling. Let’s see what kind of small fun activities for employees you can hold.

  • Take your employees for lunch – Who said lunch time can’t be done virtually? Buy and deliver food to your employees’ house and start to eat together by face timing them. Treating your employees will make them feel more appreciated and of course it will boost you relationship.
  • Virtual Board Game – Board game is not game only for children. Virtual board games such as virtual bingo board game, online monopoly, and virtual uno, are also suitable for adult. Prepare some snacks and start your board game tournament virtually.
  • Photo challenge – Almost all of people love to take photos. Make it as your fun activity to engage your team. Ask your employees to take their most creative photo in specific theme. Don’t forget to prepare a reward for the winner.

You can start your virtual corporate events activity from those type of events mentioned above. Use Zoom, Google Meet, or Ms. Teams to facilitate your event. You can establish a team for your corporate event planners or you can use event management company to help you in creating amazing virtual corporate events your employees will love. The Go Game, and Pop Events can be your best event management company options.

Do you have any more creative and effective ideas of virtual corporate events?

Let me know through the comment section below!

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