Guidelines for Corporate Event Planning: Trends and Tips to Drive ROI

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A Must-Know Guide To Corporate Event Planning – Standing out among the crowd is becoming a challenge, even for experienced planners. The questions to whether you can make your corporate event unique while remembering to maximize event ROI is challenging.

Updating events to the latest trend is also very important in corporate events. You do not want to stick to old designs and themes, do you?

How to Use the Latest Tends and Tips to Drive ROI

Read below to know how to use the latest trends and tips to drive ROI innovatively.

Facial recognition during check-ins

Facial recognition during check-ins in a corporate event is one of the latest trends. As soon as a guest enters the door, instead of using the age-old method with a book and a pen, Check-in apps to recognize guest creates an excellent first impression.

Using the apps to alert the photographers when a vital guest arrives is also a great trick.

Add mental health stations

Usually, you will find a first-aid facility in every corporate event but never a mental health station. As society’s view is changing, it is essential to set a psychological health station. Find a licensed psychologist to provide service at the event. It is a very innovative idea, not proposed by many event planners.

Provide food delivery during virtual events

Every company has their budget list. But when there is a virtual event, most of the time, events happen in the comfort of the home. To make it more exciting and fun, provide food delivery at the attendee’s home. Have a break time where the attendees can enjoy delicious food. It makes the attendees energized and focused.

Provide voice assistance

The inventive idea is to use voice assistance. An NYC wine store used Alexa to give personalized recommendations on whiskey.

This method created a fun and exciting event for attendees. Using voice assistance to checklist guests who arrive is also another way to make the corporate event exciting. There are many ways one can use voice assistance in activities related to business.

Incorporate off time screen

Excess screen time affects our health, physically and mentally. Adding one activity in an event where devices are switched off and kept away is a great way to add in your event list. Studies have shown that adding more hours of screen time lowers the well being of age group 2 to 17. It affects adolescents more than children.

Some of the Creative tips to drive ROI are as follows:

  1. Make a list of media outlets for trade show. Make booths and vendors, as this will help the attendees to make connections.
  2. Share event data with brands. It helps the participants to create even better booths the next time.
  3. Provide and organize a great event experience. It will help and understand what the audience expects. After which you can provide a better, higher, convenient, and valuable event experience for the VIPs and attendees.
  4. Add digital options like live streams, chat groups, downloadable lecture groups for virtual attendees.
  5. Provide space in case there is a hands-on product demonstration.

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