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Event management is a blooming pool as a career choice in the service sector industry. Event planning has become a sought-after career option for young individuals seeking to use their multitasking skills for providing service. You will find various event planning certifications and courses to enhance your event planner resume.

With stiff competition in the industry, you lose out on good opportunities unless you are the best or have the edge over your competitors. So, how do you make yourself stand out or make yourself the best in the industry?

In this highly competitive space, equipping oneself with the latest and best event planning certification can be one of the best things you can do for your career as an event planner or manager. Your probable client may demand your event planning certification on specialized events or the newest management course available, and you might miss out on a great client because you do not have the certification.

This article will outlay the right and pertinent event planning certification that you need to upgrade your career.

Event Planner

The definition of event planner simply put is someone who plans or coordinates all areas of a social event, meets, professional meeting etc. They look at the overall arrangement of the event from planning to execution to catering, coordination, transport etc. This way, with the help of an event planner or event consultant, you can be assured of easy event planning whenever there is an event.

There are several specializations that an event planner needs to possess or specialization courses required for becoming a professional event planner. As per the kind of event planning certification you possess, you will be offered the job of organizing events. Therefore it is pertinent to be aware of the kind of certifications that are good to have to get those event booking.

How do you become an event planner?

To become an event planner, you will require a bachelor’s degree in event management. Further, you will need several extra professional certifications to start working in the event planning business.

Although these extra professional certifications are not the ultimate ticket to getting into the business, it is a means of providing more leverage when you compete. Your clientele may demand professional certification to give you the job, and getting those certifications will supplement your appeal.

Several event planning courses and event planner schools are available to achieve your professional event planning certifications. Enrolling in these courses and taking event planner classes will better equip you with the necessary skillset and make you certified event coordinators.

Availing these professional certification courses

Management colleges, universities and academies offer many up-to-date professional courses by industry professionals. You can get event management certification from such institutes. Besides attending these colleges and universities, one can avail of professional certifications by taking online event planning courses and getting your event planning certification online.

There are also event planning training courses offered to give a practical hand on the business. Training for event planners is also offered alongside event planner training.

Let us now look at more professional courses that can get your event managing and planning game to the next level.

Certified Wedding Planner (CWP)

What is a Certified Wedding Planner?

Certified Wedding Planner means that the industry standards deem the planner. Weddings are endless affairs and one of your client’s most meaningful events.

Weddings are stressful and need meticulous preparation, especially when you have guests and family members who have quite a personality. Wedding planners make sure your wedding events run seamlessly without any glitches. A certified wedding planner will have everything done for you right from your flowers to your location to the food, drinks, services, and even transportation. That way, you can have a stress-free and blissful wedding.

The demand for certified wedding planners is expected to grow by 10% between 2016-26, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The projected estimates show that the demand for the profession will grow.

Certified Wedding Planner courses

The certification courses last from 8-12 weeks of intense training and classes from top industry professionals. Several academies and institutes offer such courses and certifications, and there are also online training courses available.

Event Manangement Certification

What is Event Management Certification?

Event management certifications are courses designed to give comprehensive training and experience for Corporate Event Management. Such certifications provide event planners with a professional understanding of the rules and regulations in the corporate sector.

Event Management Certification courses

Event management certification courses start from the undergraduate level. The postgraduate level will give you a Master’s degree in event management.

Certified Meetings Professional  (CMP) Certification

What Is CMP Certification?

The CMP certification is a certificate of the excellence of the individual in the event management industry. It signifies the highest standard of professionalism in event planning. The certification standardizes uniform practices, promotes planners’ credibility, and enhances the performance of meeting professionals or planners. Due to the increase in meeting participants, the demand for Certified Meeting Professionals has significantly increased.

According to the Events Industry Council, more than 11,000 CMP certified professionals are spread across 55 countries. Earning a CMP will make you elite in the event planning industry. According to research by the Events Industry Council, CMP earns $10,000 more than the rest of the industry professionals.

Certified Meetings Professional  (CMP) Certification exam

CMP programme certification courses are exams to be the best event organizers. Getting through a CMP exam is challenging and hard to crack. So, they require a good amount of study, preparation courses and skills.

In order to get a meeting planner certification or to appear in a CMP certification exam, one needs to have 36 months of employment with 25 hours of education. There is the further exception of 24-month employment if you have a degree in Event Management.

Certified Government Meeting Professional (CGMP) Certification

What is CGMP Certification?

CGMP certification is the highest designation certification for excellence to government meeting professionals. It is a badge of excellence and credibility conferred to event planners. They have a very sound and clear understanding of the government sectors meetings’ rules and regulations and work for elevating government sectors in the industry.

CGMP Certification exam

The CGMP Certification class and exam require you to be an active member of the Society of Government Meeting Professionals (SGMP). If you do not have a 6-month SGMP membership, you will need to produce a one-year work experience in the service sector industry.

Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) Certification

What is CSEP Certification?

Certified Special Events Professionals have the highest designation certification for managing and organizing special events. The CSEP certification is one of the top certifications in the industry. The International Live Events Association (ILEA) manages the CSEP certification so that the planners meet the industry-standard skill and caliber.

The CSEP certification will benefit you by opening you to an elite network of clientele, bringing you expertise in your skills, accelerating your development and career, and approving your credibility.

CSEP Certification Exam

The CSEP Certification exam is another complicated and challenging exam to pass, as the certification itself puts you among the elite. If you are someone who wants to sit for the CSEP Certification exam, you will need to have a minimum of 3 years of employment in the service or hospitality industry.

Corporate Event Planning Certification

Corporate Event Planning Certification is a certification that will give comprehensive training and Event planning education to students who seek a career in the corporate event world. You will be trained to skillfully manage and organize corporate events planning, meetings, launches, businesses, campaigns or promotions etc.

Digital Event Strategist (DES) Certification

What is DES Certification?

Since the Covid-19 situation, Digital Event Strategist certification has become a relevant certification. A Digital Event Strategist will connect people to opportunities, ideas, businesses and clients in the digital space. DES certification will give you the right skill to conduct business and advance your career in the digital world.

According to the survey done by Linkedin, DES is a growing profession and comes under one of the top 10 most in-demand jobs. There are more than 860,000 job openings for the DES. The survey also suggests that’s there is a lack of DES professionals in the US, and there is a huge market for the profession.

DES Certification Courses

For Digital Event Strategist Certification will roughly be taken in a 6 weeks course through an institute or online. You will be taught by experts and granted highly skilled sessions for the overall growth of your digital event planning skills.

Educational Event Planner

Educational event planner coordinate and organize events or meetings for the educational field or for an educational event. An educational event planner, for example, might not have the skillset that of a certified wedding planner. A wedding planner might not know the needs and industry standards like that of an educational event planner. You can also plan to get such courses if you are planning to follow or seek a career in this service industry area.

Corporate Events Manager

What is a Corporate Events Manager?

Corporate Events Manager works in the corporate or private sector of the event planning industry. The corporate events manager will organize corporate events and work for corporates. They look into the arrangement of corporate meetings, book venues, coordinate training, staff training and other aspects of the corporate events. Corporate events include book launches, seminars, conferences, business meetings etc. They manage every aspect of corporate meetings.

How to become a Corporate Events Manager?

To become a Corporate Events Manager, one must have a minimum bachelor’s degree in Hospitality, Business, Marketing, Communications,  or Public Relations. Makes sure you have supplementary event planning and planner courses along with the bachelor’s degree. Having work experience can add to your resume and give you experience. In order to get a recommendation, as well as practical training working as an assistant can help you stand out from the rest.

Let us answer some often asked questions in the event planning industry? If you are someone who is looking for direction and a guide to pursue a career in event planning, reading through these questions will help you.

Is event Planning a growing profession?

Event planning is a professional job that has grown over the years to become a booming industry. You will find the demand for event planners from corporate to government sectors. In the US itself, the event planning profession is expected to grow by 10.9% between 2016-26. Besides big corporates and federal governments, event planners are in demand by small businesses and individuals to fulfill or execute their private events.

Does Event Planning pay good money?

It is projected that there will be an 18 percent increase in the demand for event planners from 2020-2030, and this means the payment for such jobs will only rise.

If you have high designation certification and work for big corporates, the profession will pay you well—even small event planners ring in a comfortable income. The key is to work hard, build a reputation and get a good clientele lineup.

Does work experience matter in event management?

You might have earned event planning certifications, but having work experience will add more credibility to your work resume. Not that certifications don’t matter; having work experience draws more trust variants from the clients.

What are the top industry certifications?

There are several certifications and courses available to adorn your resume. At present, a Certified Special Events Professional certification and  Certified Meeting Professional certification are top in industry demand, and these certifications are also the top certification in the industry.


The event planning industry is quickly evolving with the changing times. The different types of events organizing demand from corporate to government sectors have opened up new courses to cater to the growing demand. For a level up in the event planning career, updating and equipping oneself with such professional courses can render you great opportunities. Make sure you keep adding more certification for the best outcome.

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