7 Mobile Event Apps to Improve User Experience and Networking

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Best Mobile Event Apps to Improve User Experience and Networking – With the rise of technology, old traditional ways of doing things are slowing decreasing. The same applies to the business world. You only need to get hold of the right procedure for any networking with your business partners. Here is where event apps come into play.

The event app provides a platform for channelizing your ad campaigns. It also helps you reach out to your audience in a better way. Nowadays, there are various applications available on the market that promises additional features. However, with all the similar aspects on most apps, you may get confused in choosing the one for your event.

Once you understand the goals and your audience needs, you can decide what is the best application is for you. This write-up will help you learn how to improve user experience and networking with the right event app.

Some of the Best Mobile Apps for your Events

Here are some of the best event apps to boost your networking and engagement:


Pathable is best suited for conferences. It lets you connect to your audiences before or after an event and also at any given time during. You can use it not only on your mobile phones but on all devices, including laptops and desktops.

This app provides features such as private meeting scheduling, community discussion forums, private messaging, etc.


In Whova, users can take advantage of the opportunity to channelize banner ads, promotional coupons, and giveaways to gain more traffic. It offers excellent features, including the exchange of business cards in one click, private messaging, scanning business cards, and more.


Attendify allows you to create a private networking platform for your event. In this platform, your attendees can also share posts, messages, comments, and even make their own profiles.


This app allows users to personalize their schedules. Eventbase sends your notifications, reminding you of an event, and its location and time. It also helps you meet your goals, as well as your sponsors’. Some of its features are advanced themes and customized fonts.


Shapr is also a great app used for conferences and tradeshows. The organizers create a hashtag for the event, and the attendees can add it to their activities.

The app is similar to the Tinder app. If you find an attendee you want to connect with, all you have to do is swipe on their profile. Once you have both swiped on each other, you can message and set a time to meet at the event.


With a seamless user experience, Guidebook allows you to create conference apps and connect with the community. Through a drag and drop platform, you can connect with your audience wherever they are.

Cisco Events App

Last but certainly not the least, we have the Cisco Events App. This app helps you get information on the details for your sessions, keynotes, and also connect with attendees. Some of its features include sharing contact information, push notifications, managing sessions, etc.

An event app is one of the most important elements to boost your traffic and user experience. By finding the right app for your event, you will meet your requirements and also engage with your audience better.

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