How To Get More People To Download Your Event App

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Creating event apps is becoming more popular each day. It’s because going digital has become the new motto of companies in all the sectors. In fact, there are 25% of the app administrators who believe that a minimum of 50% app downloads are required. This is to ensure a good ROI from the event.

How to enhance the number of downloads for your event app?

Here are a few tips which can help you getting more people to download your event app.

Have the registration and event details on the event app

Invite all the registrations for the event through the event app only. The catch here is, you may choose to close the registrations for a  week or two. Then, reopen it again so that even more people download and use your app. This too, way before the event actually begins. This would ensure increased download traffic for your app. Upload all the information regarding the event right from the timings to the platform. Also, the event passcode should also be there on the app itself.

Keep your Event app updated, user friendly, with a personal touch

No one prefers to use an app that has old data and has technical glitches every now and then. A smooth functioning, interactive event-themed app is something that your attendees expect. Nothing makes the users feel better than a personal touch in an app. Give out suggestions as per their event choice preferences. You might as well go ahead and recommend them a dress code as per their event selection, gender, and age.

Add games and rewards for your users

Incentivizing your registered users keeps them hooked to your app. Also, it encourages others to use them. There are multiple ways to do it round the year. For instance, giving out discounted food coupons or entry passes during the event. Rewarding with non-cash vouchers via lucky draw or some online event also helps.

Sitting idle, the users might just love to fiddle through the small games you inculcate in your app. They may not be of very high gaming intensity. But, even a Pac-Man like the game is enough to engage people for hours. You can have a monthly leader board for the games and reward the winners.

In-app payment and chat queries

Payment is the essential domain of an event. Make it a point to not accept payments from any other source except the event app itself. Ensure and promise the attendees for complete data security and adhere to that. You may use the multiple deposit options, including Digital wallets and UPI.

To resolve any payment related issue, have a number that can take calls round the clock. Have a chat query section for other doubts and questions. Nothing is better than getting an instant reply for doubt than waiting for hours to get a response through Email or struggling with unanswered calls.

Keeping all these tips in mind, you can definitely boost up your event app downloads throughout the year. Also, have a user-friendly experience with amazing reviews from them. Be open to complaints and suggestions, and keep making necessary changes regularly.

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