Top 8 Best Virtual & Hybrid Event Management Platform

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Best Virtual and Hybrid Event Management Platform – These days the internet is full of different virtual events platforms, and it has become even more critical to select the right fit for your event. For creating a successful online event, choosing the right platform is of the utmost importance.

Virtual event platforms are solutions that combine hardware, software, and service to distribute your event to a wide number of audiences at one time. The advantages of virtual event management platforms include capabilities to support the live stream, interaction, and audience engagement. Other cool features of virtual event platforms include registration tools, event marketing, and apps for capturing audience feedback. Virtual event platform providers are also coming up with ways to let the audience attend the event via mobile devices.

Realizing the benefits of building virtual communities, companies such as Microsoft have announced integrating to live tools. The technology giant will enable its professional networking platform, LinkedIn, with Live events tools to connect with online communities in real-time.

Best Virtual & Hybrid Event Management Platform

Replicating the real physical event experience might not be possible, but by choosing the right platform, you are allowing your audience to have a similar experience. There are a few virtual event management platforms that are rapidly growing in 2020. These platforms will enable you to host various types of virtual events quickly and hassle-free.


Accelevents is an all-in-one virtual & hybrid events platform that empowers event organizers and marketing professionals to create authentic human connections and drive sustainable growth. As a leading event technology platform, Accelevents is redefining the way brands connect with their audiences with a user-friendly yet robust set of customizable and interactive features. Attendees can watch keynote talks, attend multiple breakout sessions, engage within workshops, interact with virtual exhibitors, network with groups or individuals, answer polls, download materials, and participate in live chats.


Dreamcast virtual & hybrid event platform creates a virtual environment that is scalable, flexible, and customizable. It has a user-friendly interface that is simple and easy to navigate. We provide a wide range of exuberant features to amplify engagements and boost seamless networking so you can host your virtual/hybrid event without any compromise.

Townscript Live

Townscript is one of the fastest-growing and leading platforms for hosting virtual events. This is the perfect platform for hosting virtual events as it creates the same experience of an in-person event. With this platform, you can entertain different formats such as instant chats, panel discussions, and more. This virtual event platform also provides features for selling tickets easily, Live streaming, analytics, interactive communication, and attendee management in real-time.


This platform offers a robust solution for hosting live webinars and creating interactive videos for sales generation, marketing, and product demo for business promotions. You can also host virtual summits and on-demand video series through this platform. The best part about this adaptable platform is its ability to integrate with your existing software seamlessly.


6Connex, which is a cloud-based platform for virtual events, is accessible from any browser or device. This virtual event platform allows you to host hassle-free job fairs, trade shows, virtual summits, and more. You can also host E-learning programs on this platform.


Apart from enabling you to host conferences, job fairs, and tradeshows, Vfairs provides a wide variety of interactive tools. This platform allows users to browse through contents effortlessly, attend E-learning webinars, and network with exhibitors.


Livestorm offers a complete video communication tool for hosting business video meetings or global virtual events. It is a platform that automatically records your meetings and virtual webinars without the requirement to set-up.


With Workcast, you can easily transition large-scale in-person events into online events. This cloud-based virtual events platform can support up to 50,000 attendees at one time without compromising on customer experience.


This platform is the perfect choice for hosting online meetings, training, webinars, and presentations. It is an online video conferencing tool that lets you connect with people from anywhere in the world through HD audio and video sharing features.


ON24 is one of the leading data-driven live webinar solutions that allows you to create content on the go. Its multimedia features are easy to use, enabling you to create interactive content that engages your audience.  

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