Easy Ways to Set Up The Best Live Stream Event

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How to Live Stream an Event, A Step-by-Step Guide 2021 – Trying to convince the popularity of live stream events is probably not needed. The data collected by Grand View Research, Inc proves it all. It is estimated by 2027 that the video streaming market will touch $184.3 billion.

Live streaming in today’s time is the top marketing tool. It is the best solution for companies during COVID-19. Some of the biggest companies that use live streaming include Apple, YouTube, etc. Twitch is currently the biggest live streaming platform, with 9.3 billion watched hours.

The most important feature of live streaming is that it can reach a broader audience. It can broadcast any event worldwide. Above all, setting up a live stream event is a simple process.

Set Up The Best Live Stream Event

The solution to setting the best live stream event is by choosing the correct equipment and software.

Here is the best way to set up live stream:

Types of equipment – The best way to set up a live stream is by choosing the best equipment. The top three include a Camera, tripod, and Microphones—the better the machine, the better the quality of the content.

Streaming solutions – It is a platform that hosts live stream events. A streaming service can handle a massive number of viewers. Thus, it offers a broader audience to reach.

Here is a list of some of the best streaming platforms:

Capture Card – A capture card is essential when live streaming with a camera. It converts the captured video into streamable content. It has to be installed on a laptop or computer first. After that, connect it with the camera, and it’s ready to stream.

It is not needed when recorded from a webcam of a laptop. It is so for most webcams as it is already live stream-friendly.

Encoder – it’s a software that converts raw video contents to streamable digital material. There are two types of encoders- software and hardware.

Software encoders are popular among those starting. It is a program found in most computing devices. It is available at a fair price and is easy to set up.

Hardware encoders are best for advanced broadcasters or big live streaming events. It has dedicated processors with a designed algorithm.

It is faster and expensive than software encoders.

Thus, getting the right encoder depends on how big the event is.

Embed Code – The last stop is to make sure that the audience can access the video. It is an easy process where the streaming platform gives the code. For example, the company gets the embed code from YouTube, which they then copy and link it at their site.

Look out for small details like checking the lightings and venue beforehand. Above all, making sure that the internet is reliable is crucial.

Follow the above pointers, and it will take no time to set up a good quality live stream event.

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