Learn From the Experts: 5 Tips for Live Streaming Your Event

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Once you’ve decided to live stream your face-to-face event, learning from those with experience can save time, improve the quality of your content and limit costly mistakes. Peter Hackes, Vice President of Content and Programs at INXPO, shared some helpful information about virtual event production with Virtual Edge Summit Attendees recently during a behind the scenes tour of the PCMA/VES Hybrid Meetings. The following are five tips from his talk.

Be redundant.

Having two cameras can really save you if one goes down. You don’t have to pay for two camera operators. Just make sure you have a backup camera that the operator can use, in case of problems.

Make sure to have an audience microphone.

An audience member with a strong voice may be heard by your face to face audience, but without a microphone, your remote audience will experience dead air. So also educate speakers that they should remind audience members to use the microphone.

Make sure that those who will be captured on video have signed a release form.

This would include all of your speakers. For audience, you might consider putting up a sign at the door that says something like, “By entering this room you are granting permission to be filmed or photographed for event marketing purposes.”

Remind speakers not to spend long periods of time in front of a projector.

Standing in front of the projector can create a weird, ghost-like image. It makes for a poor visual on camera.

If you have a camera crew anyway, have them shoot a promo.

If it’s a big tradeshow or expo, have the camera crew get the opening of the doors on the first day when there are lots of people. Interview the event organizer, a coupld of sponsors, attendees. Get b-roll of people walking around on the first day when attendance is higher then get interviews the second day to make a 5 minute promo.