How Event Tech Companies Can Unlock Growth With IT Staff Augmentation

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The event industry has come a long way since the pandemic times. Technology is an integral element of its core existence in the new normal. Organizing an event is no longer about booking a space, managing attendee lists, scheduling the program, and setting up equipment. It is also about ensuring seamless attendee experiences for the attendees before and after the event. Organizers rely on software solutions and mobile apps to fulfill the objective. Not surprisingly, the line between event businesses and event tech companies is blurring fast.

If you operate in this domain, embracing software apps and tools can make your business seamless and successful. But it is easier said than done because developing these solutions requires extensive skills and expertise. Moreover, you cannot imagine hiring an in-house team to develop and implement them for your evolving needs. The IT staff augmentation model makes an apt choice for event tech companies. Let us explain how it can help your business unlock immense growth for the long haul.

Brings the right talent on board

Event tech is evolving, and businesses need to keep pace with the latest tools and solutions. Moreover, you have to think outside the box rather than pick off-the-shelf software for managing your events. Every time you serve a client, they will have different requirements and expectations. For example, an organization may want a smart chatbot for its app to personalize the attendee experience. Another client may want a software tool with AR features to create a compelling show. The advent of virtual conferences has taken client expectations to the next level. Bringing the right talent on board is crucial to fulfilling these expectations. Staff augmentation gets you relevant resources without delay so that you can get down to work right away.

Keeps your in-house team lean

Running an event business is not a mean feat because the to-do lists are endless. There are always challenges around the corner, no matter how hard you try to keep up with the requirements. You need a team that is always on its toes and ready to take on the challenges. At the same time, it is better to have a lean one because it is easy to manage. Opting for IT staff augmentation is a great idea because you need not extend your team and burden your managers to look after additional resources. Moreover, you can run operations only with the core roles rather than hiring people for ancillary roles. After all, you will not need development professionals at all times, such as when you do not have projects to work on. Likewise, you may tweak apps and reuse them for different clients.

Empower your business with scalability

The event industry is unpredictable, and you can never be sure about projects coming in large numbers or trickling to zero. Having a tech team in-house does not make sense in such uncertain circumstances. They will probably be idle for several months when you do not have projects at hand. Conversely, you may land into a fix when business suddenly jumps and you need resources to develop apps. Thankfully, staff augmentation covers you on both sides by empowering your business with scalability. You need not worry about unexpected requirements, and neither you have to stress about retaining an expensive team without work. You can scale your team up or down whenever you want, even on short notice.

Extend support to clients and employees

Both clients and employees in the event industry are less likely to have a tech background. So they probably need IT support to use technology effectively. The best way to provide it to them is by embracing an augmented team. Think beyond getting people in the software development role and get resources in support roles as well. These experts ensure that your event tech is up and running seamlessly at all times. Clients are happy when you go the extra mile to extend IT support to them. At the same time, your team becomes more productive and confident with tech specialists being there to assist them. Overall, you build a powerful business model with satisfied clients and productive employees just by extending IT support to them.

Ensures long-term cost-savings

Cost is a significant concern for event tech companies as software development can burn a hole in their wallet. You can well imagine the cost of developing apps for every event you organize. The expense burdens your clients as the cost of projects increases. They may even choose another provider if the new budgets do not work for them. But you cannot expect to satisfy the clients with ordinary, off-the-shelf solutions. You must look for a middle path where you can get the best expertise while managing the costs. Collaborating with Staff Augmentation Companies helps you get the best of both worlds. You can extend the latest tech offerings for client projects without burdening your budget a lot. The good thing about outsourcing resources is that you need not invest in infrastructure and office space to get them to work. They can develop remotely and collaborate with your team throughout the project.

Enables you to concentrate on your core business

Organizing conferences and meetings is your core expertise if you run an event management company. You do it the best, even though you may have to offer much more to keep pace with industry trends and client expectations. Although embracing tech is not a choice in current times, you will probably not be comfortable with IT solutions. The good thing about adopting staff augmentation for your IT needs is that you can be stress-free about technology. These experts understand the expectations of your clients and create relevant IT solutions to match. You need not worry a bit about ideating the app features, creating relevant solutions, and implementing them for your clients. Rather, you get to focus on your core business rather than worry about IT expectations and complexities.

Get on-time project delivery

The event industry runs on tight timelines because you cannot expect clients to push ahead of the dates for their conferences and meetings. There is hardly a chance to extend the deadlines when they have events planned months ahead of the dates. It means you must have an app up and running well before the launch of a client’s program. Things can be challenging when you get in-house resources working on the project or hire them just in time to fulfill the app requirements. You may have to settle for less, and it can affect your final product. The worst part is that clients may not be happy with your service, and your reputation can take a hit due to low satisfaction rates. But the augmentation model helps with speed and feasibility as you can get on-time delivery and match the expectations of your clients.

Develop with complete control and transparency

Control and transparency of software development projects are often the most daunting concerns when you outsource developers for your event tech project. Fortunately, IT staff augmentation empowers you with both because you get a team that works dedicatedly on your project. You have a complete overview of the app even when developers are not a part of your internal team. They follow your requirements and timelines right from the start and stay in touch through different stages of the development project. It lets you test apps, suggest changes, and seek recommendations during the development stage. As a result, you get a perfect match to your expectations and client specifications in the long run. You also feel more confident when you have better control over the project.

Expand your service offerings

The event tech space is competitive, and you have to do your bit to stand apart in the crowd. Moreover, the industry has evolving trends, and keeping pace is the only way to stay in the race at all times. Everything boils down to aligning your service offerings to the changing trends and expectations. For example, you cannot manage to survive without offering hybrid services in the new normal. But running the physical and virtual versions of a show requires advanced technology. The best way to fine-tune your service offerings is by finding an IT staff augmentation partner to empower your offerings. You must look for a reliable one that offers expertise in trending technologies. Having them at hand means you can stay one step ahead of the competitors by providing the best services and solutions for your clients.

The event tech domain is challenging, and you have to deliver the best to beat the competitors and stand apart. At the same time, you have to do everything on a budget. The best way to do it is to embrace innovation smartly. You can do it by opting for IT staff augmentation rather than extending your team. It can save you a fortune yet ensure that you have the best offerings for your clients. Not to mention, you can operate and grow with a lean team that takes your business on the growth route.

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