How To Make Your Events Show Up on Google Search

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How To Make Your Events Show Up on Google Search – Google is the more widely used search engine by users on the internet. It is responsible for ranking links to websites if they fulfil various criteria. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) decides the order in which websites are displayed to users. The algorithms associated with this are designed to list the appropriate events on Google with proper SEO.

Therefore, to make your event show up first on a Google search, your website should invest a good amount of time with its SEO.  Here are some useful tips for using SEO to your advantage.


Having a thorough understanding of the keywords used by your audience when searching for events on Google is essential. Finding the right keywords for your event should follow the content, anchor text, and headlines associated with your event. Keyword lists can be created with the help of keyword tools available for free online.

As helpful as they can be for SEO, excessive keywords that are irrelevant can classify the content as spam. Too many keywords are against the guidelines provided by Google and may have consequences for your website.

Site navigation

The UI of your events website should be extremely straightforward and easy to operate. This provides clarity to your users and avoids unwanted clutter on your home page. The information they are looking for should be easily accessible.

Call-to-actions should be enforced because these can positively impact the time spent on your website. This, in turn, is an advantage for your SEO ranking. CTA buttons are effective tools to quicken the process of increasing visibility of your events on Google.

Good quality content

Making the content on your website engaging for your audience is an effective SEO tactic. Original content that is published regularly can create organic SEO and enhance the process. If a link is provided to share the content on your website, it paves the way for your events on Google to be more accessible.

A blog is a perfect example of creating original content that is updated regularly. They also tend to be more engaging and conversational, and this increases the probability of this content being shared.

Use anchor text and meta description

Anchor text is used to provide links to internal or external sites within the content. These links are used by Google to explore new sites and circulate original content. The text used should be associated with the target page to enhance SEO.

A meta description is a snippet found under the title in Google’s search results. This is a brief account of your event, which should include keywords. This has the potential to convince users that your event is superior to the others available. The characters for this description should be between 70 and 156, which creates an ideal length.

Summing up!

Understanding Google’s SEO system is crucial for making your events more visible to your audience. The user experience should be a top priority while incorporating aspects of SEO on your website.

If your users have a satisfying experience with your sites, it boosts the effectiveness of SEO, thereby increasing your reach. The tips described will ensure that your events on Google are recognized without any trouble.

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