Awesome Tips on How to Write a Speaker Biography for a Conference

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Attending an event, such as conference type of event, surely will rely its essential part into the speakers invited for the event. Therefore, introducing the speakers to the audience is a must. Then, how? You need to write a speaker biography for conference to give a brief yet proper introduction for your audience before you start to deliver some speeches in your event.

In 2020, around 65% of audience said that they are interested to attend an event due to the high quality speakers provided by the event. Although you have great skills and ability to be a speaker in your event, without writing a speaker biography, you won’t get enough attention of people at the first place.

Why is it important to write a speaker biography for a conference?

  • Give a good impression – Not only giving a good impression of the audience, but also giving a good impression for the event organizer or the event planner. It will make things easier in promoting the speakers in the brochure, website, or other types of advertisement. Make sure you make your template in biography template pdf format.
  • Gain more attention – By writing a speaker bio, you can attract more audience. Before attending a conference event, people will tend to look of the information of the speakers, whether the speakers are credible or not. Therefore, by mentioning your conference speaker bio, you will let people see the ability and capability of you in delivering speeches and materials.
  • Gain the right audience – By writing a motivational speaker bio or conference speaker bio obviously will highlight the main point of the event, especially the theme and material will be discussed in the event itself. Hence, it will attract the right audience with the same background of interest.

If you still have no idea in how to write a speaker bio for conference, this article will give you some insights in writing keynote speaker bio. Let’s check this out!

Tips to write a good speaker biography

To write a good and creative speaker bio, you need to consider several things mentioned below:

Make sure you have relevant information

Writing your biography is the most important part to introduce you properly to the audience. Therefore, you have to make it right and relevant with the theme of the event. You may have many abilities in various field, but mentioning them all in your biography is such a wasting of time.

Write only the experiences and achievements that relate to the topic and theme given by the event. For example you are the speaker of a cybercrime themed conference, just put your experiences and achievements resonating with the topic mentioned.

Make it brief and informative

A conference speaker bio and a motivational speaker bio must be wrapped and delivered in short format to make it easier to be understood by the audience. Three to six sentences can be the right length of your writing around 75 – 100 words.

What should you write on your speaker bio template?

  • Name and title
  • Achievements
  • Experiences

By mentioning those aspects in your speaker bio template, you will draw enough information for your audience that highly get the chance to be read. Make the best short bio example yourself will love after reading it.

Wrap it in the right format

Writing the text-content of your speaker bio information is a must, but you can’t neglect the fact that you have to wrap your content in a creative way. Then, How? You can write your creative bio examples through Canva or Photoshop that will provide you with many theme and color options.

According to a survey,  a content or a post that inserts images will gain 650% higher chance to get engagement rather than a post who only mention text content. Therefore, adding image of yours is such a great idea.

In the end of your bio, you can add a memorable ending by mentioning topic you’ll be delivered or some quotes related with the topic of your event.

After reading the information above, you might wonder “how can i write sample of biography about myself?” Don’t worry, let’s o see what the speaker bio examples or guest speaker bio examples look like in this section below.

How to Write a Speaker Biography for a Conference

Kevin Systrom is an American computer programmer and entrepreneur who is also a co-founder of Instagram. In the 6th Annual Crunchies Awards 2012, he was awarded with the “Founder of the Year”. Moreover, he receive the “CFDA Social Media Award”, in 2015.

He successes in developing the Instagram application as a powerful marketing tool for various brands, including Adidas, Uniqlo, Dior, and Kyle Cosmetics.

Kevin Systrom will highlight the topic of
– How to improve digital marketing strategies through social media
– How to make product branding through digital savvy

This one of short professional bio examples can be your reference in writing your own sample speaker bio. You can adjust and re arrange the position of the image as you like.

How to Write a Speaker Biography for a Conference

Jason Harris is a motivational speaker and a certificated character coach. He is also a decorated combat veteran who value dedication and service of people.

With his dedication, hard work, and determination, he left his poor life and reach his dream in Air Force Academy. He finally made it to an accomplished military career as Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force Reserve as a Joint Mobility Planner at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and the U.S. Northern Command

Through his inspiring story, he now becomes a great motivational speaker who has the passion to share knowledge and empower people to achieve greater success.

The motivational speaker bio example above is one of speaker bio example you can have if you are going to be a motivational speaker. You can add your story in reaching your achievement to highlight the motivation and effort you give.

For the next speaker bio template free, you can take a look at this example of writer biography below

How to Write a Speaker Biography for a ConferenceJ.K Rowling is a British writer and philanthropist.
Best known for her majestic work, Harry Potter fantasy series which won several awards and sold more than 500 million copies.
Rowling is also awarded by several awards such as in British Academy Film Awards, British Book Awards, National Book Awards Children’s Book of the Year, PEN America Literary Service Award, Hans Christian Andersen Award and many more awards.
Rowling also support number of children, women, and health organisations through charities she has

From the keynote speaker bio examples above now you know how to start to write your own speaker biography. Writing biography is so beneficial if you want to introduce yourself properly to the audience. To get more references you have to explore more of short creative bio examples by seeing event advertisement. Choose the best style and format that suit you the best. Break a leg!

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