Why is Staging Backdrops Important?

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You may be so amazed about how people are staging backdrops. Well, we know how important it is, especially in a theater or art performance. Hence, knowing how to make the backdrops that fits is an important aspect and need to be learnt properly.

What is the backdrop of a stage called? It is called as backdrops. According to charleshstewart.com, backdrops provide a great touch to a theatrical production. This is because not only theater, but many events require perfect scenery to hold everything together. Aside from backdrops, you will also need to set the decoration to fit the presentation.

Backdrops aren’t just a block-color drapes that are hung from above. It may also come in the form of wooden board that is painted, or a wide LED screen with moving pictures that support the performance.

Besides drapes, wooden board, or LED screens, sometimes people are also using canvas that’s painted in order to make the staging backdrops. However, this kind of practice is already outdated. These days, people are preferring to use LED screens as it’s much easier to switch from one backdrop to another.

You may wonder what makes a backdrop important to use. This backdrop plays a huge role in providing place for the performers to start performing what they are planning to perform. But that’s not the only reason—there are, still, several more.

  • The backdrop may help to know the time of the performance. Despite what the clock is saying, sometimes performance has a special setting attached to it. This isn’t just for theatrical shows, though. Some songs, dances, etc. may require a special time setting to make it portrayed well. That can be achieved by the help of the backdrops.
  • It gives a proper decoration. Imagine if the only backdrop of a theatre show is just a blank drape. Besides it is boring, it also doesn’t support the settings, especially if the performance needs merrier settings.
  • It brings a hidden meaning. Sometimes, stage backdrop meaning is what you may get with a backdrop. It means, although the performance doesn’t show it explicitly, sometimes stage backdrop is what you can see to get a clue about the performance.

Staging Backdrops Step-by-Step

What do you need to do when you want to get a stage backdrop? First, you need to know what the stage backdrop is going to portray. So, it is important to design something which is suitable to the performance that is going to be on the stage.

If needed more than one, you can list the pictures of what you are going to be shown so you can make it altogether. 

Then, you will need to measure the stage backdrop size. This will be required to make sure the backdrop can be fit into the stage.

What to Prepare Next in Making the Staging Backdrops

Well, the next thing you need to do is to create the backdrop itself. You can have a project staging backdrops DIY or simply hiring someone to work on your stage backdrops. Or, if you are using a LED backdrop, you will need to start making the video backdrop.

Consider getting staging backdrops example or muses somewhere. That’d help you to make the backdrop easier and quicker as you don’t need much time to brainstorm the idea.

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