Marketing Guide: 4 Tips for Marketing Your Virtual or Hybrid Event

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This is the series of short articles on marketing your digital event. Though much about audience acquisition for digital events mirrors your activities for physical events – great databases, solid content, sufficient promotion time, etc. – there are also key differences. Today’s tips are on timing your marketing campaign.


  • Though it’s true that most digital attendees will register in the two weeks prior to the event, don’t plan to start your virtual or hybrid promotion any later than you would your physical event promotion.
  • Digital events are still new and it may take more time to get people excited. You might need five or six impressions to really catch their attention and move them to registration.
  • A physical event obviously takes a higher commitment level than a virtual event. Once registered for a digital event – especially if it’s free – it can be easy to skip it. You’ll need extra time to continue building excitement and desire to attend.
  • You may even need a secondary attendance campaign for all those who’ve registered for your event to ensure they attend. Send slide decks or video previews to keep reminding them of why they wanted to attend.

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