5 Tips to Organize Private Event Virtually

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Do you need an event to have fun and re-bond your relationship with your relatives or friends during this global pandemic?

Don’t worry, you can start to organize private event as a platform to hang out with them. Let private event brings happiness to you during your quarantine time.

Private event is an event that will be attended by people who are in the invitation list. Therefore, this type of events will build a strong and intimate connection among the attendees. Start from an exclusive private event by Hornblower Cruises to a personalized private event by MBZ International that will be such an amazing event you and your closest people can have.

But, is it possible to hold such amazing private event during this pandemic?

Around 92% of event planners will replace their in-person event to a virtual event, stated Bizzabo. So, bringing your in-person event to virtual event through famous streaming platform like Twitch, Zoom and IBM Cloud Video or Ustream can be the best alternative way.

If you have no idea in what type of private event you should hold and how to organize it, reading this article will help you to find out. Let’s get into it.

Live Streaming Concerts

Rather than having a concert tonight on TV by your own, why don’t you hold your own concert and make it virtual? Virtual concert can be an awesome option to bring engagement between you and your closest people.

Do you have a hidden musician in your family or friend circle? Or are you the musician itself? Bring them or bring yourself to a live concert tonight. Live streaming concert will engage you and your closest people. Listen to your favourite song and sing along with them will bring so much fun. Don’t hesitate to hold your own live virtual concerts.

Then, how?

If you want to be the artist or you know someone who can perform, first thing to do to hold a live streaming concert is choosing the right platform for your virtual concerts. Famous free streaming platforms you can have are YouTube, Twitch, and Ustream. Just pick your most comfortable platform and there you go, you have your venue.

Next, prepare your equipment such as the music instruments and sound system. A research stated that a good microphone or audio quality is an essential aspect to run a virtual event. 70% event planners agreed with this statement and it is considered to be more important rather than video quality.

So, make sure you have a clear and good audio quality. Don’t worry, if you don’t have sound system equipment, you can use your phone and earphone as your equipment. But make sure you choose a quiet place to perform.

After you have your venue and equipment set of course with the list of songs you will sing, you can share the link of your live streaming concert to your audience.

Wait, do you have no time to prepare and to practice for your live streaming concert? Don’t make it so hard, you can book a virtual concert from Classeek or VPC (Virtual Private Concert). You can pick your favourite gender of music and artists provided by these platforms.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s have a concert tonight!

Virtual Art Day

Working from home can be so frustrating since you can’t have physical interactions with your friends or family. Then, what types of events you can have to cope with the stress?

Art activity is reported can reduce the stress level during this global pandemic. 75% of people agreed that having minimum of 45 minutes art activity such as painting, modelling clay, and art tour can reduce stress and anxious feeling.

So, holding a virtual art day can be the answer to reduce your stress level. It will be more intimate and focused if you hold it privately with your friends or family.

Then, how?

Types of event you can have is painting day. You can provide your own equipment, please prepare your painting supplies such as canvass, paint colouring, pencil, and paint brush. It is a simple equipment kit you can have. Don’t forget to deliver it to your audience.

Next, prepare the theme for your virtual painting day. Whether you want to paint nature, animals, objects or abstract painting, prepare it earlier. Make sure you make it short and simple. Give 45 minutes – 60 minutes for your audience to paint. Don’t make it too long to avoid your event to be boring.

Another option you can have is booking a virtual art event for you and your family or friend. For example, you can book a private painting class from Fresh Paint Studio start from $18 – $20 per person or you can book for pottery class by Penguin Foot Pottery start from $100 for for virtual class.

Virtual Themed Parties

Do you start to forget how the party feels?

If yes, it’s time to hold a party!

It’s possible to lift the spirit inside you and your family or friends through a party during this quarantine time. Virtual themed parties is type of event you can consider to hold.

What type of themed parties you can have?

First party you can have is virtual dance party. A period time theme is popular to hold nowadays, such as 80s and 90s. Prepare and create music playlist from greatest song from the era you chose.

Pajamas party is the next party you can have. Ask your audience to put on their most comfortable pajamas and of course hot chocolate to warm up the party. It will be a great idea if you deliver cookies to your audience house. Another party is costumed party. It is a perfect party for Halloween season. Hold a best costume competition to lighten up your party.

You can also have an exclusive wine tasting party with your friends by booking a virtual wine tasting event from InMan Family.

Party is nothing without game section. You can use virtual game planner’s service to enliven the party you hold. Triangle Game Night & Events and Crowdpurr are the options of platform to host virtual game.

After you know what types of event you can have for your private event, here are some tips you should consider to organize private event of your own. Let’s check this out.

Make Sure You Know Your Event

To hold a private event, first thing you should do is choosing a theme. Theme is an essential things to do because it is the first one your audience will see.

Here are some tips to decide your private event’s theme

  • Figure out the aims of your event – determining the aims of your event is essential. It will lead you to what kind of event you will have. If it is a formal private event with your colleagues or non-formal event with your family.
  • Know your audience – by knowing the people who will be in your event, it will make you easier to choose your theme. If it is your family, including children to adult, who will join your event, you can choose fun theme such as costumed party and art activity.
  • Discover the colour of your event – colour is matter. When you want to hold a private event, determining what colour that suits your event will make it easier to find out the right theme of the event. If you like bright and pastel colour, it will lead you to fun and cheerful theme. Moreover, if you like black or earth tone colour, it will lead you to more classic and exclusive theme. Or colour can be your theme.

Find the Right Virtual Event Venue

Since you’re holding a virtual event, virtual venue is an essential thing to consider.

Forbes stated that Zoom and Cisco Webex are predicated as the most popular platform to host a virtual event. About 82% of people use those platforms in 2020. As we can see, Zoom and Cisco Webex can be your best virtual venue options. Other platforms you can use are Teams, Skype and Zoho Meeting.

Then, if you want to hold a live streaming event, you can consider YouTube, Ustream, Twitch, and Instagram as your venue.

Create a Budgeting

Before you run your event, budgeting is one of the most important things to do.

According to a survey by Eventbrite, almost 90% of event planners said that they lack of money in running an event.

To avoid you from the same issue, here are things to consider in making your event budget list

  • Be detailed about the amount of item you will need
  • Know the number of people who attend your event
  • Calculate Food & beverage cost for your event
  • Know the cost of the platform you use
  • Consider the cost of booking an event planner (if you use one)

 After reading this article, now you’ve understood some information of types of private event you can hold and tips to organize private event.

Are you interested to organize private event soon?

Let me know what kind of private event you will hold through the comment section below.

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