Virtual Events Platform Airmeet Raises $12M in Series A Funding

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You may have heard about a tech startup Airmeet raises $12M in a financing round in around September 2020. This Bangalore-based company is the house of one of virtual events apps which is currently on the hype. With 2,000% sales growth on the second quarter of 2020 without any funds in ads, what leads people to be head over heels with the software? Here is the answer.

What is Airmeet?

As said, Airmeet is basically a tech-focusing startup who rose $12M in the second quarter of 2020. The company is focusing its plan on creating a virtual conference platform in which people can think of it as one stop service app for any needs of virtual events.

It can be said that the ambition is definitely promising, and it seems like companies—especially in its home country, to believe in its quality rather than disregarding it. Sounds like a great decision, as the online conference platform has tons of services to offer, and it brings a fresh yet nicely done innovation that will help you as users to have the best experience using the app.

Despite the good words, Airmeet is still accessible through browsers like Firefox and Chrome, given that the app is built on top of WebRTC. It’s true that the app, unfortunately, doesn’t have any mobile version. But it can work well on your laptop or tabs or iPads.

The startup which was founded in 2019 (not long before the pandemic) had secured its $12 million from a financing round conducted by Sequoia Capital India. Some participants will include Redpoint Ventures, Accel India, Global Founders Capital, Venture Highway, and Gokul Rajaram (the Caviar Lead at DoorDash).

Key Features

So, what does this online event platform have to offer so Airmeet raises $12M worth of funding? As a virtual event app, it can be said that Airmeet has quite a lot to offer, despite being new in the industry:

  • Hosting large conferences – The recent upgrade of the app will enable you to make Airmeet a platform to conduct large-scale conferences, such as a film festival or a summit.
  • Table grouping – Ever heard of an online event that provides you tables to sit on? Airmeet has it.
  • It offers a backstage – With this, organizers will have its own room to prep for the events and to control what to show on the backstage.
  • Participants-to-participants networking – While it’s easier for people to mingle with other people in a live setting, Airmeet makes a move by enabling attendees to network with other attendees. Hence, you got your relation while attending that event.
  • Working with sponsors – For event organizers who work on the event with the support from sponsors, this conference platform makes it possible to work with sponsor.
  • Interactive virtual events – There are not many virtual meeting platforms, especially one that makes it possible to conduct a large event, to make an interactive virtual event. But Airmeet makes it possible to do.

All features said, it becomes something weird if this company can get the funding and not other virtual event companies. The features being said are great especially for big companies or event organizers that are often asked for help to conduct large events.

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