14 Amazon Leadership Principles as the Key to Success that Everyone Should Know

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Amazon leadership principles are definitely taken seriously by everyone. As one of the biggest companies in the world, surely Amazon has developed everything, including the sense of leadership that everyone would like to know. They are known as Amazon 14 principles. There are indeed 14 aspects that a leader should do and should have to reach the goal successfully.

Among those 14 Amazon leadership principles, there will be some of them that are explained in details. They are the most essentials ones, and it is believed everyone should try to at least understand them, and use all those principles when they have to lead a team.

Considering Amazon is the most successful customer-based company, with more than 197 MILLION of people using their service, you should trust their principles and try some of their 14 leadership principles anyway.

Amazon Leadership Principles

  • Customer Obsession – When you becoming a leader, especially in a customer-oriented company, you should be obsessed with your customer or your target. They are your base to set out your target anyway.
  • Ownership – A sense of ownership is needed when you want to be a good leader. You own the team for some reasons, and you need to do your best to lead them to the goal.
  • Invent and simplify – Find the simplest way to reach the goal and to bring the best out of the entire team. That will make you a good, reliable target.
  • Learn and Be Curious – The sense of curiosity is needed in a leader. They have to be intrigued by something new and something that has never done before. Playing it safe won’t make you a good leader. It will bring boredom to the team instead.
  • Frugality – A good leader should be able to reach a target and everything else with less cost. They have to be frugal and not spending huge amount of fortune just to reach out the goal. It has to be planned meticulously right from the start.
  • Earn Trust – If you want to be a good leader, you should earn your trust. Approach the team as your peer, not as their superior. Then, you can see what they are seeing, and setting up the goal will be easier.
  • Deliver Results – Eventually, deliver a result. You will be a failed leader if you do everything but cannot deliver any output.

Why is Amazon Principles Important?

Leadership principles are always important. It helps you to build confidence in yourself to be a good leader, and thus telling you exactly what to do when you have to step up as the leader of the team.

Amazon leadership is considered important as it is set and defined by those who have experienced being the leader’s first-hand. They are surely trusted and by leaning on the principles, you should be able to actually be a leader.

Now that you know all about Amazon and some of its aspects in leadership, you should understand more about what it takes to be a good leader. Well, the leadership principles Amazon are going to help you get there way easier than you think.

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