Aventri Launches Express Events as the Small Events Business Solution

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It was reported amidst September 2021 that the leading Event Management Software (EMS), Aventri launches Express Events. This solution allows event organizers to manage their event’s portfolio on a single platform – regardless if it is in-person, hybrid, or virtual events type. It simplified the process of comprehensive programs even for small planning teams with supporting staff at any expertise level, from amateurs to experienced professionals.

About Aventri

Aventri is worldwide leading company in back-to-back, data-focused management solutions for in-person, virtual, and hybrid meetings and events. Its wholly integrated platform provides events registration, venue sourcing, logistics, marketing, attendee engagement, virtual delivery, data analytics, and attendee engagement.

This United States-based company has branch offices in Europe and Asia Pacific countries. It employs over 40,000 professionals to deliver, plan, measure, optimize, and promote more than 90,000 events every year. Their online conference platform is used by customers in more than 120 countries.

About Express Events

Aventri launches Express Events to allow beginners in events planning to use models and reduce setup time up to 50%. Even though it was designed to leverage nonprofessional planners, it also can benefit professional planners, to simplify various events including social gatherings, seminars, internal training, and more.

The Express Events conference platform involves four steps as explained below:

  • Express setup feature – It allows planners to create virtual conference or events alike by only using five click. This tool provides several questions to establish the requirements level and then measure the setup back to suit the needs of the event.
  • Real-time activity dashboards – It displays information about the progress of the planning process to the planners and shows the next step to execute. The information includes actual-time metrics on clicks, email opens, attendance, and registrations.
  • Template – It assists planners to establish striking events straightaway. The templates are created and designed to suit various types of events. The planners can select themes and enter details about the events and Express Events will manage the remainder, such as emails, registrations forms, invitation makings, and many more. A novice in event planning can reduce their planning time by half due to needlessness of composing emails, loading images, designing color palettes, dealing with merge codes, and other related tasks.
  • RSVP functionality – It is a new feature that supports immediate registration in this virtual event app by a single click, cutting the required time for registrants to enter details that are already stored in the database system of the event registrations.

A lot of planning groups downsized their groups during the coronavirus pandemic. More and more events are slowly coming back, with a trend of smaller attendees. A considerable portion of the events are planned by non-central events department staffers who aren’t familiar with using the services of virtual event companies.

Considering the shifting tendency in event planning, untrained planners may encounter significant obstacles. While it is true that the infrequent planners could come from top-notch positions such as marketers, sales reps, or executive assistants, there might be a lack of experience and expertise when it comes to using. Even supposedly simple events can turn to be complicated with a wide range of features provided by plenty of virtual meeting platforms.

Express Events is expected to be a solution for these targeted users. Moreover, this online event platform also provides privacy and security toe ensure seamless planning process of in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

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