Creating an Event Agency: 3 To-Dos Before Starting an Event Planning Business

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How to create an event agency? How to start an event management company? What status for an event management company? Is it possible to work as an auto-entrepreneur? Where can I find a business plan for an event agency?

Event management agency, definition: An event management agency is a service provider that advises, designs, and organizes various events. The clients can be professionals, public organizations, or private individuals.

From the client’s point of view, using an event agency allows gaining in efficiency, serenity, and price.

The events most often organized are: trade shows, fairs, inaugurations, open days, concerts, in-store events, company seminars, Olympics, incentive days, company parties, sports events, political meetings, Christmas markets, village festivals, cultural events, birthdays, baptisms, bar mitzvah, family celebrations, or even weddings

The legal status of an event agency.

Is it possible to create an event agency as an auto-entrepreneur, or is it preferable to create a company? The choice of the auto-entrepreneur regime may seem a little light, but it is not impossible.

The following legal statutes are possible to create an event agency:

  • The micro-enterprise status is the simplest status but not necessarily the most credible for this type of activity. The auto-entreprise can however be chosen for a smooth start.
    The status of a real individual company: more expensive than the micro-enterprise, and plagued by the system of payment schedules for social security contributions, this status also requires the services of a chartered accountant, which is not the case with the auto-entrepreneur system,
  • The company status is the most suitable for an event company. The different statutes for event management companies

Event-based self-employed contractor: salary and conditions for success.

The income of an event management contractor can vary greatly. Generally speaking, the success of an event agency will depend on the following elements

  • the ability to define a clear positioning: it will be a question of positioning on a niche or particular know-how. Targeting all types of clients or events would not make sense and would introduce doubt in the minds of potential clients. The latter prefer to call upon professionals in their field.
  • the ability to create a network: as an event contractor, you must build a network of partners and subcontractors on whom you can rely:
  • caterers,
  • florists,
  • decorators,
  • videographers,
  • photographers,
  • hairdressers,
  • beauticians and make-up artists,
  • entertainers,
  • wedding planners,
  • artists,
  • event room owners,
  • accommodation owners,
  • artificers, etc.
  • know how to delegate to these different professionals.
  • Your behavior: through your ability to communicate, your interpersonal skills, and your interpersonal skills, you must gain the confidence of your contacts. Your objective will also be to multiply new relationships and encourage word-of-mouth.
  • Your imagination and creativity: many clients are looking for advice and originality. They will appreciate you even more if you know how to propose original ideas but not necessarily more expensive.
  • Your management skills: organizing an event requires significant management and coordination skills. You will also have to follow the budgets, prevent any slippage and anticipate difficulties. Know how to negotiate, optimize purchases, reduce the cost per participant and preserve your margins. Know how to manage risks and be resourceful!
  • Your resistance to stress: event management is a very demanding and stressful job. Some clients may transfer their stress and worries to you, which is not always pleasant. Ask yourself the question of your resistance to stress.

Creating an event management agency requires a lot of qualities and know-how. It will be necessary to capitalize on the references obtained and the customer testimonials, for example by putting them forward through your website.

The steps to create an event agency.

Here are the main steps to create an event agency:

  • Take stock of your desires, your skills and your network,
  • Validate your project with a market study,
  • Define your target and your positioning,
  • Build your offer and your sales pitch,
  • Choose your commercial name and register it,
  • Carry out an economic study: build a business plan Identify a location (if needed),
  • Obtain your financing (if needed),
  • Create your website,
  • Choose your legal status and register
  • Organize a launch event,
  • Find your customers

Some information about the event management market in America.

Creating an event management agency implies knowing the market well. Here are the characteristics and the latest trends of the event industry in America:

  • the events market suffered heavily from the 2008 crisis but has been slowly recovering since 2014 with a growth of about 1% per year,
  • the events market is cyclical and unpredictable, highly dependent on the external environment,
  • the market was recently impacted by the terrorist attacks,
  • the market remains very large: for example, corporate events represent €8 billion in sales per year
  • The market is highly competitive due to low barriers to entry.

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