5 Steps in Decision Making Process that You Should Know

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Understanding decision making process is extremely important. People will have to make a lot of decisions throughout their lives, and sometimes when they make decision without considering many aspects, the decision will be a bad one. It will not bring a good impact to their lives and may affect many things around them.

According to a survey, 48% people often regretted their decision. That’s closely to half of respondents, meaning that decision making steps are indeed important. Remember, life is hard enough when you made good decisions, BUT it got even harder when you made bad decisions. This is why everyone should know how to properly make a decision before hastily taking action.

These are the steps of critical decision making. There are also many steps of them, but it can be simplified into five steps. Learn about these steps and make sure before you make any decision, you should be able to consider all the risks and everything else. Here are five steps you should take before making any decisions.

  • Identify the Problem – The first steps of the decision making process are to identify the problem that leads to you the decision. Make sure you know exactly what the problem is before you try to find a solution and make the decision.
  • Gather Information – After recognizing the problems, one of the most important steps to decision making is to gather as many information as possible regarding to the decision. Find out the impacts of the decision and many things else.
  • Find Alternatives – Other important steps in decision making process is to find an alternative. This is like a plan B situation. You will have to own a backup plan, just in case the original decision does not work at all. It is always good to have a backup plan anyway.
  • Consider the Evidences – You cannot make a decision just based on what you assume. One of the most essential steps in decision making process steps is to consider the evidences. Make sure the evidences are all there and support your decision.
  • Take Actions – The last step among the five step decision making process is to take the action. This is the time to execute the decision and find out whether or not the decision is working.

The Importance of Decision-Making Process

The importance of considering those five steps is to make sure your decision is not a bad one, and it will bring great impact for you and the people initially affected by the decision.

Understanding the Stages Of Decision Making

Understanding the decision-making situation can be done when you are not in any sorts of hurry or haste. When you are in a situation where you need to make quick decision, it is like impossible to consider those five steps.

That’s the important information you should know about the process of making a decision. It is a complicated process indeed, but you should never take it for granted. Remember a decision making process will bring many consequences, and thus you should respect any steps of it.

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