Democratic Leadership: What is It?

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The talk of democratic leadership doesn’t take you to talk about politics, though. If you are promoted to be the leader of your team, you need to know this as well. What democratic leadership is and its example will be mentioned here. Aside from that, you will also learn whether it is a good kind of leadership style or not.

Well, let’s start with the democratic leadership definition. VeryWell Mind mentioned democratic leadership, which is also known as participative leadership is a kind of leadership in which all members have the same opportunities in helping the team to make a decision. This kind of leadership style can be used by any types of organization—be it private businesses, schools, or even government entities.

That said, in democratic leadership style, everyone can express their ideas in a free manner. Discussion to solve a specific problem is highly encouraged. However, democratic leaders are still required as a facilitator to mediate, control, and offer guidance for the group.

According to researchers, democrat leadership is considered as one of the best types of leadership. Just what it says, this kind of leadership styles is likely to put on productivity, increased team morale, as well as a better contribution from all group members.

So, what characteristics are there to point out democratic leader definition? Here are some insights for you:

  • They make open discussion available – In this style of leadership, it is defined that all group members have the equal right to propose their opinions. Leaders can still convey what they think about the problem, but he/she never imposes that he/she is the rightest.
  • All members are feeling more engaged – This is quite hard to achieve with other kinds of leadership style.
  • Creative approach – The leaders are encouraging creative approach to solve the problem.

The Positive Side of Democratic Leadership

According to the democratic leadership style definition, you can get it that better engagement of leaders and the team members is the greatest advantage of this leadership style. It can also lead the team to solve the problem relatively faster.

Besides, democratic style of leadership can also lead the team to participate better. Hence, the team’s sense of belonging can also improve with this kind of leadership style.

The Negative Side of Democratic Leadership Style

You may have seen such democratic leadership examples somewhere. Do you think this kind of leadership style can go for the worse? Indeed. It can be both a blessing and a ‘curse’. Despite being said that you can benefit from it to make a decision faster, if the leader cannot handle the group right, it can lead to prolonged problem-solving processes.

Aside from that, the decision made cannot guarantee the team that it is the rightest solution. Uncertainties are what you can expect from this type of leadership, since problem-solving tends to reach a consensus with the most voted opinion, not according to ‘the expert’s fact’.

So, democratic style of leadership isn’t only capable to lead only good things. Knowing its negative sides can also help you to understand this type of leadership better.

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