Indoor Positioning Mobile App Development For Retail Stores

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Retail stores are facing a lot of issues these days. Online shopping, which was already gaining popularity, has reached new heights because of the pandemic. Retail stores have to do something or other to pull their customers back. Mobile app development helps businesses in many ways. Retail business is no exception to this. One of the tools that are of great help to retailers is the indoor positioning mobile app. What is this and how does it help the retailers. Let’s find out.

What is Indoor Positioning Mobile App?

An indoor positioning app is an app that is installed on a mobile device and acts as a map to locate a particular shop on a premise. It works on indoor route-finding technology. It uses acoustic signals, radio waves, and magnetic fields, and other sensors to locate a particular shop. The app works with an internet connection. These apps are designed with huge precision for high accuracy. You can locate shops with distances like yards and inches. Moreover, it gives warnings if the route taken is wrong and gives details on alternate ways available.

Is it Different from GPS?

Yes, it is. GPS signals are used outdoors while Indoor positioning is used indoors. The latter is definitely better than the former. This is because GPS tends to get blocked by ceilings and walls. That is why it is not used indoors. Moreover, GPS gets its signals from satellites. It is not reliable since it is as accurate as indoor way-finding technology.

Why Does a Retailer Need an Indoor Positioning App?

Imagine a huge mall where there are lots and lots of stores on each floor. The place is overcrowded. It can be a real challenge for buyers to navigate and find the shop they want to visit. The customers will be pleased when they are able to reach their desired destination. As they are happy with their shopping experience, it will make them revisit your stores when they come back to the mall another day. The customer need not go around the maze of stores and go up and down in the lift or escalator. They can locate your store easily once they add it to the saved locations in the app. As a retailer, you can give notifications on the discounts and other sales promotion offers you make. Moreover, you can attract physically disabled people to the store because it will be easier for them.

Here is another example. This app is also a blessing when the retail store is too big. The customer may not be able to navigate within the store. The app will help the customer to navigate within the store and find his way and also what he wants. When you have an indoor navigating app within your store, you will be able to easily analyze customer behavior. You will be able to know the area the customers frequently visit.

Moreover, you will be able to identify what the buyers are looking for. When you come to know the choices and preferences of the buyers, it is easier for you to satisfy them. The more the customers are satisfied the more will be your sales. The more your sales, the more will be your profit. You can also get valuable feedback from the customers that will help you to serve them better.

Advantages of Indoor Positioning Mobile App

  1. Tracking of things

Retail store owners can keep a track of items that are not easy to track.

  1. Tracking of location

It helps the customers to identify the exact location.

  1. Ensuring safety

The app issues notifications if there is any danger or safety concerns.

  1. Boosting loyalty

It boosts the loyalty of the customers because they get a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience.

  1. Promoting data

Today, data analytics is very important for the successful running of all businesses. As the app enables data collection, analytics can be made easily.

  1. Enabling better store management

When the store manager comes to know the details on the areas visited frequently, he will direct more salesmen there. So, you can manage the store more efficiently.

  1. Increasing sales

Some customers may leave the store when they feel frustrated and are not happy about their shopping experience. But this app gives a better sales experience. This increases sales. Not only that, but word-by-mouth promotion also increases sales.

  1. Satisfying customers

When you see a customer leaving purchasing, you can send a message and ask them to give the reason. If they felt the products were expensive, you can give an instant discount. Satisfied customers are the biggest asset to a retailer.

Functions of Indoor Positioning Mobile App

There are three main functions of this app. They are:

  • Positioning – This function enables the location of a specific place inside the building.
  • Navigating – It shows you the easiest and shortest route to the destination you want to go to.
  • Push Notifications – It sends all necessary messages like discounts, coupons, safety alerts, and many more.

How Does the App Work?

When you download the app and visit a shopping complex, you get a full real-time map. This will help you to navigate the place. Additionally, you will get all notifications. Moreover, it will also show information on the retailer who wants you to visit. You not only receive information on the store but also on products. This facility is available in large retail outlets like Walmart. Of course, you will not get product details for small products like biscuits and chocolates but for large consumer durables like TV and refrigerators, etc.


Indoor positioning mobile app development for retailers is a blessing in disguise. The retail industry can enjoy a lot of benefits. It is the need of the hour for retailers to attract the attention of their customers. It is time-saving and cost-saving for the users. If you are interested in developing the app for your retail business, don’t have any second thoughts. Go ahead and get the app developed. Find the best mobile app development company to develop the app if you want to enjoy all the benefits.

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