Helpful Events Planner App Options to Cut Down Time and Energy Needed

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More and more professionals in event planning skills rely on events planner app to ensure streamlined organizations and managements. There are various mobile apps available for this specific purpose and they’ve gain popularity as per recent.

This is not entirely surprising considering that the technology of smartphones only becomes more prevalent by days. It’s an increasing trend for the event teams to look for chances to capitalize what event programs can offer.

Based on a poll data by, around 78% event-related businesses that utilize apps report a positive Return on Investment. Event Manager-conducted research also found that 76% of event app developers meet higher demand in 2020 compared to 2019.

Not only to ensure the success of big, enterprise-oriented events, event-related mobile apps also benefit those who still learn about the whole event planning field. For example, apprentice events planner apps are also available.

Unlike paper-based system, using event apps can offer an easily accessible, customizable, and secure platform. These benefits cannot be compared to the conventional manual or even web-based software programs.

So, what is an event app capable to do for your team? Here are some examples of its beneficial features:

  • Handy team management. An event planning team consists of group of individuals such as administrator, event managers, email marketers, onsite coordinators, etc. A simple mobile app can help to allocate the task of responsible person via easy communication.
  • Manage different events simultaneously. Amongst the most prominent benefits of apps for event planning is the ability to run a number of events at once. You’d be able to input data, put a notice related to the events, and automate the chores.
  • Cost-effective solution. Using a custom event planning app typically cost lower (monetary-wise, time-wise, and energy-wise) than producing signage, leaflets, enrolment forms, etc.

Utilizing an event planning app can elevate the experience of managing the event. A smooth-running organizing process increases the chance of achieving successfulness for the project.

Whether you’re looking for events planner apprenticeship or a customizable professional event managing app, it’s safe to say that the mobile application has become a necessity in the field. That’s why various apps below are compiled in lists to help you discover the best one.

Events Planner App

Best Recommended Events Planner App List to Download

Those who work in the event planning industry know that the job doesn’t make an easy career even when adding the thrill of successfully managed event into the equation. Fortunately, the technology allows them to organize in an easier way using smartphone apps.

If you are curious about what software do event planners use, the list below can help to answer your burning question by offering some of the most-used apps by event planning professionals.

  • Localist
  • Planning Pod
  • Strayboots
  • Super Planner
  • Eventbrite
  • Asana
  • Social Tables Check-In
  • Zkipster
  • Certain Arrive
  • MagicPlan

Top Professional and Apprentice Events Planner Apps

Smartphone can serve beyond a device to communicate with your family members and friends. It can even help to make your professional career-life easier, including if you are work in the field of event planning.

  • Slido
  • CrowdCompass AttendeeHub
  • Basecamp
  • PitchIn
  • Pocket Planner
  • Square Register
  • Google Task
  • Planner Pro
  • Evernote
  • Bridestory

Here are some of the best events planner app names that offer a wide range of features that you can use to manage your job in an easier way and minimize your stress level.

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