Exit Interview Questions: What Will They Ask to You?

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Exit interview questions will be asked by the company you are leaving. Usually, interviews are done when someone is about to get a job. However, exit interview is also done when you are about to quit. The goal of this interview is for the company to get an insight and suggestions from the soon-to-be ex-employee.

According to research, 70% of the time, the interview is done by the human resources department of the company. 19% is done by direct supervisor of the resigning employee. The rest of survey stated the interview is done by either the manager or a set of peers.

To prepare for this interview, surely you will have to practice, and you need to understand what questions will be asked by the company during the exit interview. These are some common questions, so you know exactly what to expect and you can learn how to answer them properly.

  • What Led You to The Decision to Leave? – This is one of the most common exit interviews questions you will encounter. The company would like to find out what exactly drive you out of their company.
  • How Do You Feel about Management? – It will be such a bad thing for an employee to leave because of bad management in the company. This is why the questions is asked during the interview. They hope it is NOT about the management that makes you quit.
  • Would You Recommend This Company to Anyone Looking for A Job? – Be honest and answer wisely. If you feel the company will be a good place for anyone, not you necessarily, simply say yes.
  • Were You Comfortable Communicating to Your Manager? – Exit survey questions will involve something like this one. If you have personal problems with the manager or anything, this would be a good time to state it. After all, you are leaving the company after the interview.

How to Do the Exit Interviews Best Practices?

The best practice for the interview is trying to be honest. Yes, this interview is like your last encounter with anyone in the company, essentially, and you have nothing to lose, anyway. You are quitting very soon, and thus all you have to do is just answering all the questions as honestly as possible. Your answers should be full of constructive criticism for the company.

Finding Out More the Exit Interview Questions and Answers

If you feel so intimidated by the interview, you should find out more possible questions that may be asked during the interview. You can ask ex-employee from the company or anyone ever experienced exit interview, and learn more common questions during the interview from them.

Preparing for exit interview is probably slightly unnecessary. You just have to be relaxed and honest. Your decision is already made, and you are quitting anyway. The interview is more on the technical side, and the company will have to do that for paperwork. Just understand those exit interview questions, and you will be doing fine.

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