89 Funny Goat Puns and Jokes That Will Not Make You Meh

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Goat puns are often used by many people to make a joke about someone who is considered as the best. It all comes down to the meaning of the G.O.A.T itself, but way before that, the animal has been used as puns and source of jokes for a long time. If you need to know the jokes and puns around goat, you can figure out more information about it below.

Let’s begin with the meaning behind the word. Goat, we all know, is the four-legged animal that everyone has seen before. However, we can tell the animal has a lot of meaning. Today, there are plenty of meanings around the word “Goat”, and it is including the abbreviation. When you are using the abbreviation, usually these are what you are going to get.

  • Greatest of All Time – Yes, in the most recent time, GOAT means the Greatest of All Time. You can find this phrase numerous times, especially when you are dealing with someone in sport or in rap music. You can tell because usually their fans praise them with the GOAT emoji as well.
  • Tight and Exceptional – Back then before the GOAT abbreviation becomes popular, the slang word goat has the meaning of tight and exceptional. Well, it is not that far off from the greatest of all time meaning, right? And yes, you can use the term goat to describe someone who is really exceptional and pretty much invincible.

Well, considering the goat is very common to be found around the world (in 2019, the animal is bred and cultivated in almost 71% countries all around the world), it is safe to say everyone has seen a goat for at least once in their lives. Therefore, do not worry about making jokes and puns about the animal since everyone will get that joke with ease.

Funny Goat Puns and Best Goat Jokes

Funny Goat Puns and Best Goat Jokes

Of course, there are so many funny goat puns. The jokes are funny and whimsical, and they can make people grin with smile. Of course, do not worry about not being able to use the entire thing on your own. These puns are for free.

What’s a goat’s favorite drink? Goat-arade.

What do you get when you cross a rabbit and a goat? You get a hare in your milk.

What do you call a goat swimming really fast in a lake? A motor goat.

Where do you find a goat with no legs? Right where you left it.

Where does an angry goat write down its problems? On the ram-page.

What do you call a South American, goat-killing monster with a cold? Achoopacabra.

A goat, a drum, and a snake fell off a cliff… Baa dum ssss.

As two hungry goats were eating movie film stock, one turned to the other and said, “I don’t know about you, but I thought the book was better.”

What do you call a goat dressed up as a clown? A silly billy.

What did the goat say when her kids were being naughty? “I need a good nanny.”

What did the goat say when he had an argument with his friend? “I don’t want to butt heads with you.”

What do you call a goat who is a brilliant painter? It is called Vincent Van Goat!

What kind of drink does a goat drink on a dry sultry summer day? It drinks Goat-arade.

Which is a favorite TV show for all goats where goats often showcase their unique talents? The show ‘America’s Goat Talent.’

Which famous musical is loved by goats all over the world? ‘Joseph And His Amazing Technicolor Dream Goat’ is a no-brainer!

What did the little goat say when it was caught playing silly pranks on a large number of sheep? The kid goat said, “Sorry, it was nothing serious. Just kid-ding!”

What is the perfect way to call a goat that is an outlaw? You can call him Billy Goat Kid.

What were the first words out of the mouth of a goat who woke up and found itself on a bus? He simply said, “I honestly have no idea as to how I goat here.”

What is the main reason why the majority of the goats are all from the French musical choir? The obvious reason is that they all have French horns!

How can you identify the history, generation, and family tree of a goat? You can identify it if you look at the goat of arms!

What did the father goat say angrily when the little goat kept disturbing his important work? The father goat said, “For goat’s sake, stop creating a ruckus.”

What did one goat investigator say to the other goat while investigating a murder? He said, “Let’s interrogate the suspects, I’m sure someone’s goat to give something out.”

Goat Puns

What did the angry billy goat fans say when they saw their team losing in the soccer game? One said, “Here we goat again, every day the same old drama.”

What do you call a goat that has a thick beard and always wears t-shirts? You call him a goatee!

What did the goat say in disbelief when he heard that he was not going to get his hard-earned promotion at work? He shouted angrily at his manager, “You goat to be kidding me.”

What did the goat rapper say when he was asked to feature in a shampoo commercial? He simply said, “Nope, I ain’t goat any time for such commercials.”

What did the teacher goat say to her class when she asked them a question? She said, “What happened now? Why are you not answering my question? Did a cat goat your tongue?”

What’s the best butter on the farm? A goat.

What did Scrooge see when he spent the festive season on the farm? The goats of Christmas past.

How does a goat sign his Christmas cards? Season’s bleatings.

What did Bill Murray say when he visited the haunted farm? “I ain’t afraid of no goats.”

Patient: “Doctor, I keep thinking that I’m a goat.” Doctor: “How long have you felt like this?” Patient: “Ever since I was a kid.”

What do mountain climbers share around the campfire? Goat stories.

What do you call a goat who paints pictures? Vincent Van Goat.

A goat walks into a post office and says to the postmaster, “I need to send a telegram.” The postmaster replies, “OK, what is it?” The goat says, “I need it to say, ‘Maa maa maa maa maa maa maa.’” Counting the words, the postmaster tells the goat, “Well, for the same price, I can put four more ‘maas’ for you.” The goat looks at him and scoffs, “But then it wouldn’t make any sense!”

Why did the farmer stop stuffing goats into his truck? There was no more ruminant.

What do you call a goat that enjoys cleaning? A room-baaaaa.

I saw a cartoon portraying a politician as a goat… It was satyr.

What did the young goats say to the farmer when they were caught playing a prank? “Sorry, we were just kidding!”

How do you stop a goat from charging? You take away its credit card.

What do you get when you ask a goat to DJ at your party? A sick bleat.

Where do goat journalists usually work? Bleat Street.

What farm animal is always in trouble? The scapegoat.

What do you call a beard on a billy? A goatee.

How do you stop a goat from charging? Unplug it.

What was the movie about the baby goat who learned martial arts called? The Karate Kid.

What did the goat who was very bored, say? “Meh!”

What do you call a goat who works in a donut shop? A battering ram.

Why did the goat run off a cliff? Because it didn’t see the ewe-turn.

What do you call a mountain goat? A hillbilly.

Why are goats from France so musical? Because they have French horns.

What do billies like to eat for breakfast? Goatmeal.

What’s a kid’s favorite nursery rhyme? “Row, row, row your goat.”

Why is it so hard to have a good conversation with a goat? Because they’re always butting in.

In addition, using pun goat names are necessary here, and you should be able to find some incredible ones. Simply select the one that you need, and you should be able to copy and paste them into any texts, captions or anything you like.

Goat It In One-Liners

Goat It In One-Liners

If a goat grows a beard, is it a goatee?

Here we goat again.

The goat liked to gossip about the things he herd through the grapevine.

Why did the goat’s phone die? Because he forgot to charge the battery.

What do you call a runaway criminal goat? An escapegoat.

The buck pined over his long lost love. The one that goat away.

What’s the optimistic goat’s motto? Things can only get feta.

Whatever floats your goat.

The goat would ruminant over his past mistakes.

How did the police goat get a confession? He interrogoated the suspect.

Who started the argument? The instigoater.

The goat travelled from one end of Britain to the other. Land’s End to John o’Goats.

The terrible billy forgoat his kid’s birthday.

Why was the billy goat a bad manager? He was too egoatistical.

What’s a goat’s favourite quote? No goats, no glory.

Best Goat Pun Collections

Best Goat Pun Collections

These are some goat pun lists for you. You do not need to look around somewhere else because the best jokes and puns are available here.

What’s a goat’s favourite Chinese meal? Chicken Satyr.

What’s a goat’s favourite game? Grand Thooft Auto.

What’s a goat’s favourite sports position? Goatkeeper.

What do you call a goat’s hero? A Billy Idol.

What’s a goat’s favourite instrument? A goatar.

What’s a goat’s favourite animal? An alligoator.

What’s a goat’s favourite designer? Jean Paul Goatier.

What’s a goat’s favourite Eagles song? Goatel California.

What’s a goat’s favourite film? The Goatfather.

What’s a goat’s favourite hobby? Goat Kart racing.

What’s a goat’s favourite song to sing? Bleat It.

What did the nanny say to the naughty kid? “It’s pasture bedtime!”

How does goat’s milk taste? Udderly delicious!

Why couldn’t the goats get along? They kept butting heads.

What did the executive goat’s PA say? “You’ve goat mail.”

Who’s the naughtiest goat in history? Billy the Kid.

What happened when the party was crashed? It goat out of hand.

What’s a goat’s worst habit? Butting in.

What do you call a goat trying to procreate? A mounting goat.

What’s a goat’s preferred beard style? A goatee.

What did the goat say when he looked in the mirror? Halloumi.

Why did the goat apply a bandage to the wound? To stop the bleating!

Who’s the biggest business mogul in the goat world? Bill Goats.

How does the goat get out of an awkward conversation? “Oh no, I’ve goat to go!”

What did the goat say when he heard his neighbours arguing? “Here we goat again!”

What did the little goat say to the farmer at dinnertime? “Pygmy, pygmy first!”

What did the farmer say when his goats escaped? “Oh, you’ve goat to be kidding!”

How does the goat greet his friends? “Hay there!”

What did the betrayed goat say? “How could you fursake me?”

What did the three mummy nanny goats say to their young? “Stop kidding around!”

What did the whistle-blower goat say to the reporter? “Don’t goat me on that.”

What did the billy say to the suspicious doe? “I’ve never even seen herbivore!”

How does the grumpy goat tell his friends to shut up? “Stop bleating on!”

What does the billy say to the badly-behaved kids? “Have you goat anything to say for yourself?”

What did the farmer say to the man who found his missing goat? “You really got my goat!”

What does the rushed goat say? “I haven’t goat all day!”

Now, you have seen all the jokes and puns around the animal. You can also see the abbreviation or the slang meaning behind the animal. In addition, you need to make sure you know exactly what to do or what to say when making the joke. Simply use any of those messages or text, and you can joke around using the goat puns immediately.

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