How People Are Attending Events Online: Guide for Attendee

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Online conferences and hybrid events are not new terms, as companies like Cvent have been hosting internal and external virtual events for years.

Over the years, we have become accustomed to the ways of participating in physical conferences and events. Like every other person who is new to the world of virtual events, it takes some adapting to get around this virtual phenomenon. You may be thinking that minus the traveling, online events are the same as in-person events. However, virtual events offer a different kind of experience. You can make the most of attending an online event by following some key practices.

Prepare yourself

If you are going to attend a conference, you make preparations beforehand by packing your bags, planning the transport plans, and scheduling the time. Similarly, you should set a time plan before your online event. Double-check the timing of the session, create the log-in ID, and have your tickets in-hand. The good thing about virtual events is that there will be no queue for registration. But if you do not plan ahead of time, you could miss out on some important things.

Make time for the event

Multi-tasking by attending the virtual event and doing your office work alongside may seem like a doable thing. But this will take away your attention from really important content discussed during the event. The best advice is to mark the online event in your calendar. Block-out any other work and be mentally present for the online event. Distractions will hinder your attention, and you might even miss out on all the best parts of the event.

Check the schedule ahead of time

A schedule of the virtual event will guide you on how to access your way around the event. The best advantage of participating in virtual events is the liberty to attend from anywhere in the world. Make use of the advantage and pick out the sessions you will want to attend. Just like in an in-person event, online events also comprise of fun activities and workshops. To make sure that you do not overlook any important session, cross-check the whole agenda.

Take the initiative and create networks

When you attend an in-person event, apart from listening to the speaker, participating in workshops, and following discussions, you also attend to make business connections. Meeting new people and making contacts is one of the crucial parts of any business event. Just because you are in an online event doesn’t mean that you will neglect the part of networking.

Many virtual events will allow you to network and chat with fellow attendees, so utilize this opportunity. Additionally, you will also come across events with expo halls and exhibitor zones, where businesses provide information on their product or service, demos, and giveaways. Keep an eye on whatever you see and make the most out of every opportunity.


Virtual events are quite different from attending an in-person event, but it is equally as valuable. Before the event begins, make a point to note down the event in your calendar, keep the ticket handy, create your account, and download software if applicable. Once the event starts, don’t try to multi-task, make the best use of meeting new people online, and take the opportunity to create networks.

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