How to Dress for a Company Party

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Like any specific event, the company party has its own dress code, which must necessarily be different from the usual business attire. Thanks to this article, you can benefit from advice and recommendations to dress up for your company party without making any fashion faux pas!

The date of the corporate party at your new job is fast approaching and you still don’t know what to wear? No need to panic! To make a good impression on your new co-workers on how to dress for this kind of event, follow the guide!

Know the dress code of the event

Whatever the reason for the corporate event you are going to attend, first find out what the dress code is for that time.

If there is none, try to find the right balance between elegance and sobriety, without doing too much or too little. This is especially true if you work in a bank or an establishment that requires a certain dress code.

In this case, a cocktail dress or a short evening dress will be perfect. If, on the other hand, it is a communications company where the watchword is casual, there is no need to dress in a princess dress. Many of your colleagues may even come in jeans and sneakers.

For a gala evening at work

If it’s a gala evening, charity event or a large-scale professional event, a chic and dressy outfit is in order.

In this case, you can go all out with a long evening dress or a short one, but accompanied by high heels and a small clutch. To brighten up your outfit with style, don’t hesitate to wear flashy jewelry as long as it matches your dress and hairstyle.

However, avoid as much as possible outfits that are a little too tight or too low cut. In a professional setting, you could be judged for this.

For a professional dinner

An overdressed or sexy evening dress is not suitable for a business dinner either.

Since you are going to have dinner with your colleagues and your supervisor or even your manager could be there, the little black dress is advised. The midi dress is also perfect for the event, but in dark shades like navy blue, fir green or others for the sober and classy side.

If dresses are not your style and you do not feel comfortable in this type of clothing, you can always opt for a pantsuit. You just need to embellish it with trendy accessories to make it perfect for your business dinner.

For a casual drink

When meeting with colleagues, whether it’s a birthday, promotion or retirement, keep it simple.

This means dressing simply, even as usual, with jeans and sneakers. Depending on the level of importance of the event, however, you may want to go a little more formal with a skirt and blouse for example. Throw on a jacket and a pair of ballet flats or loafers and you’ll look great!

Respect the dress code!

Of course, the dress code will depend on the theme of the evening. It is important to take into account the theme and not to deviate from the requirements imposed by the professional context – this is not an evening with friends!

If there is no dress code imposed, chic will be the order of the day. You will need to find an elegant, sophisticated outfit that is not too sexy or extravagant. Don’t forget that the people present at this event will be the same ones you will meet on Monday morning at the coffee machine.

You should also avoid overdoing the sophistication – this is not a gala or a prom. Elegance is all about finesse. So choose plain pieces that show off your style with slim, loose-fitting cuts in all the right places. Accessories are essential, especially for these ladies

Our outfit ideas for a wild party

In this article, we are going to propose to you different ideas for outfits in the spirit of a “company party”.

For women, you can opt for a long or short plain dress, to which you will add a flashy accessory to break the “work outfit” side. The clutch, in particular, in rhinestones or bright colors can give a little pep to an apparently simple outfit.

A mid-length dress will give a touch of boldness to your outfit. If you want to opt for a suit, choose original colors like green or navy blue. This will be a change from the traditional little black dress.

The sheath dress is a model perfectly adapted to the event. However, don’t hesitate to break the sexy side of the “close to the body” effect with a vest or a loose stool, without patterns.

Cigarette pants, in a brownish-beige color that’s in vogue this season, and a slim turtleneck are the ideal combo for smart, unisex corporate party attire. In the same way, a simple pair of pants matched with a plain dark or light tee-shirt and accessorized with a necklace or an untied tie for men can be appropriate for this event.

The bodysuit, if it is accompanied by a jacket and is not too sexy – avoid models too transparent or with lace – will go perfectly with pants.

The pantsuit appears as the centerpiece of this kind of evening. Do not hesitate to choose it, in dark tones, accompanied by a small fitted jacket. It is both a must-have and timeless.

Finally, for men who like sophistication, beige pants will be de rigueur accompanied by a white T-shirt and, why not, colored suspenders.

The tuxedo jacket is also possible but we will avoid the total suit style, too sophisticated and inappropriate for the occasion. It should accessorize a simple outfit, such as a t-shirt with plain pants.

A shirt is also an option. However, prefer the option of wearing it open with a tee-shirt underneath, again to break up the too-classy side.

Bow ties and ties are to be avoided, unless of course, you master a chic-casual style, in which case, we’ll let you do it!

Of course, shorts, pants and baggy pants are strictly forbidden. These are unprofessional outfits that may appear, in this context, neglected.

The dark fitted jacket is the essential evening wear for these gentlemen. Without falling into the tuxedo look, it can still perfect a style originally quite casual.

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