How to Optimize Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

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Email may not be cutting-edge in 2021, but it’s still one of the most powerful channels for marketers to leverage. In fact, email marketing still has an ROI of more than 4000%—in other words, the average dollar spent on email campaigns leads to over $40 in returns.

On the other hand, the ongoing prominence of email marketing has also made it an intensely competitive field that’s heavily saturated by brands in almost every niche. With that in mind, email marketers need to do more than ever in order to differentiate themselves from the competition and generate more traffic and sales. In this article, we’ll cover three surprisingly simple ways to optimize your email marketing campaigns and achieve the results you’re looking for.

Send Emails at the Right Time

Even if you’re already looking for ways to optimize your approach to email marketing, it’s easy to overlook the impact of email timing. Different audiences have different daily and weekly schedules, and sending your messages at the perfect time could make it more convenient for them to read the email or click through for further engagement.

While every contact list is different, research indicates that the late morning is the best time of day to send marketing emails. The next best option tends to be in the evening after most users have already stopped working and have time to read a message. If you’re having trouble identifying the right time for your audience, run some A/B tests at different times to see what your recipients respond to.

Monitor Frequency

Similarly, sending emails too often can backfire by oversaturating your audience and turning them away. Consider allowing your subscribers to determine their own frequency by selecting how often they’d like to receive emails or opting into particular types of content. Finding the right balance takes time, but it will pay off in increased customer retention and fewer unsubscribes.

Maximize Deliverability

It doesn’t matter how good your emails are if they can’t make it to the recipient’s inbox. Email deliverability is often neglected, but it has an incredibly important effect on your overall results.

Spam filters often pick up on common tactics like overly sales-forward language and an excess of exclamation points and capital letters. While it’s important to focus on sales, these types of language should be integrated naturally rather than being used constantly throughout your content. Cleaning up your list and removing inactive subscribers will also help you increase your email deliverability.

Building better email marketing campaigns doesn’t happen overnight, but these tips will help you make quick, measurable progress. After implementing some new ideas, make sure to check out our website if you’re interested in working with a top FB advertising agency.

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