Light for Events: How to Choose the Right Lighting for Event

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Planning to learn about light for events? Then you will have to learn why various types of lights are required in an event, what types of lights are required, and how to choose the best lighting in such event.

As a matter of fact, according to, in many countries, holiday season in December is when lights are highly required in many places. Besides public spaces, homes are also decorated with lights.

Mainly, people are using lights as part of decorating their spaces, aside from having it for its true function—which is to illuminate. Since decoration is the main objective of using lights, the use of decorative lights will become temporary.

As a result, there are many light rentals for events are built as a business. And guess what, it’s a lucrative business! Do you know that according to, the global lighting market size is expected to reach around $163 billion by 2027? Sounds like a lot of money, doesn’t it?

That’s why, be it you want to purchase lights for your own events, or you want to start a lighting business—you need to know what types of light for events you will need. There are many types of lamps which may confuse you while choosing it.

There are several things you need to consider before choosing your spotlight events lights:

  • Know what the main purposes are. Typically, there are three purposes that can be obtained from professional event lighting. These will include illuminating the focus or the surrounding effects, setting the atmosphere, as well as evoking emotions.
  • Choosing the type of your LED light for events Make sure to pick a lighting that comes correctly with the purpose you want to achieve.
  • Work with the nature and surroundings. This is important to note especially if you are planning to put outdoor lightings and work with the surrounding area. Make sure that the surroundings aren’t disturbing the lighting which may disrupt the purpose of the lighting itself.

Types of Light of Events 

Types of Light of Events

If you wonder what types of lights can be found for events, typically you will find several types of lights like:

  • Lightings for conferences and meetings;
  • Theater and stage lighting;
  • Architectural lighting;
  • Stadium and arena lighting;
  • Broadcasting, streaming, and studio lighting.

All of these lighting types will offer different nuance as they are used for different ‘projects’. That said, it is important to know what your events are about and how the setting is in the place.

How to Choose Light of Events Properly

Let’s say you are working with presenters, performers, or speakers. Then, consider asking yourself these questions before you choose the right lighting: how many people will be on stage? Will he/she remain seated or not? What types of performances which is going to be done, etc.

Aside from that, you may consider questioning yourself these questions related to light night events as well. What types of clothing that your presenters will use? Is there any performances which will be conducted in a different set? Plus, what are the width and height of the room? These questions will help you to choose which lighting that’ll work the best for the event.

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