The Management Process in Logistics Event: One Determining Factor for the Success of the Event

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In an event, logistics event needs become a very important factor for its success. This logistics service must include competent logistics management and supply chain management. The linkage of logistics with supply chain management is considered a major factor.

It’s the initial steps of meeting client’s logistics event needs so that they can be satisfied. Taking advantage of opportunities to improve services and reduce costs can be done through coordination between the procurement of materials and their distribution.

This is related to supply chain activities indirectly controlled from logistics of event activities. Event planners are very dependent on the smooth running of raw materials and try to minimize inventory by building good relationships with their suppliers.

An event venue has an event logistics checklist with various provisions. The logistics in event management implementation mechanism will affect the overall quality and quantity of the venue, especially in the selection of materials and human resources working on it.

The logistics checklist for an event at the venue has several fields of stage logistics, sound, lighting, security, visitor flow, main gate, logistics media partners, artist room, security, health, and parking. All of those are considered in the event venue.

Stages Should be Done to Achieve a Successful Logistics Event

What are event logistics stages then? There are several stages in the logistics management process which refers to the functions of logistics management including:

  • Planning process. At this stage, a technical meeting is held by the event planner together with the clients in order to understand the logistics needs of the event. After that, the event planner collaborates with suppliers to fulfill logistics needs.
  • Procurement process. It to realize the needs that have been previously planned and approved by clients. The procurement will cover all event needs in terms of logistics, including the procurement of venues, accommodation, consumption, and publications.
  • Controlling process. This process is carried out to control the overall needs of logistics events, so that the event planner knows whether the implementation and procurement of logistics is in accordance with the plan.

Things Need to be Evaluated in the Event Logistics Management Process

Requirements specifications in each logistics must be finalized before the event takes place. Don’t let your team ask about what is event logistics that they have to prepare? It would be fatal if it happens during the event.

Things Need to be Evaluated in the Event Logistics Management Process

To anticipate like the one problem above, an event planner proposes options regarding changes in supply and distribution time to the client. If it has been approved, the event planner can discuss it with the supplier later.

In the logistics management process, they must be more communicative so that the management functions involved in the logistics management process from planning, procurement to control can run well and have maximum logistics quality for further improved event experience.

Good logistics in event planning should be able to answer the questions of “how big is the need for goods and the risk” and “when is the right time to provide and carry out the overall function of the goods”.

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